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Madonna lists Beverly Hills mansion for $22.5 million

Madonna has put her mansion in Beverly Hills up for sale in the Multiple Listing Service at $22.5 million.

During her nearly decade of ownership, the pop icon has extensively remodeled and expanded the estate, which sits behind gates on 1.25 acres of landscaped grounds. The compound includes a 500-foot tree-lined driveway, a nine-bedroom main house, two guesthouses, a resort-size swimming pool and a tennis court. There is a two-story dining room, a gym, a theater/screening room and 17,000 square feet of living space.

Los Angeles Times

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  • pg

    why is she selling all her home am sure she can affort it is she planing on settleing down tis home in la i would put it on rent she have a family would tay going to have

  • Marc Velez

    I think this means she’s making a permanent move to NYC…

  • K

    Why doesn’t LA times report on corrupt politicians, covert wars, poverty and diseases in and out of LA.

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Everyone has different opinion I concur. My advocacy not exclusively. Madonna celebrites whom support equality. LGBT Madonna isn’t “Icon” nor reverted. Some LGBT citizens acknowledge.
    Madonna’s independence of sexual thought. Madonna been circumventive regarding actually. Contributing any LGBT groups especially. Michigan why Madonna not respected. Motownland besides Garden City,MIchigan Madonna. Resents hometown force give Key back. Due Sex scandal of 1985 Madonna. Hasn’t supported
    any LGBT groups besides. ACT-UP due to Steve,Herb and Chris. All
    political Motorcity Pride welcome Madonna. Decline verbal nothing more Madonna. You’ll sell your property shall assist. Those whom supported you during your. Career no artist exclusively gotten. Top without effort those behind. Scense let’s not distort truths. Here bye.

  • K

    To be honest, as a fan I don’t bother with how Madonna or anyone else for that matter spend their money. I know that Madonna is a self made hard working woman who does not like to throw away
    money. So what she buys or sells is her own private business and provocative.

    What I enjoy about these fan sites is actually reading about Madonna’s work, the fans and how they experience it, the work
    affected them, the strong points as well as the points which they would have seen otherwise. These fan sites are actually my way of connecting and sharing views and experiences with other fans. Over the years Madonna has affected many people, the culture and how people see and experience things. I find them so interesting.

    What Madonna does with her money and what we all do with our money and possessions is nobody else’s business but our own.

    I wish everybody bags full of money, but most importantly a lot of love, self appreciation and appreciation of the basic things that we humans tend to take for granted. At the end of the day those basic things are the most valuable.

    • K

      Correction: It is her own private business and PREOGATIVE.

      • day4night

        Prerogative. It would be nice to discuss her music, unfortunately her music is so lackluster these days, nothing much to talk about.

      • K

        We have nothing in common so there is nothing to discuss with you. I don’t share your hate
        directed at Madonna. She and her work always have something interesting for us fans to discuss. We don’t have to approve everything, but she and most of her work remain interesting. You have been visiting this site long enough for us to know that your hate is deep and ongoing.

        Here is some tips for you: if you are not into gossip and you don’t find her work interesting, why are you here then? Go find yourself something constructive to do.

    • ScottnNYC

      Very well-said, K!!! Everyone knows that Madonna is extremely intelligent and a brilliant businesswoman. She has made a lot of money in real estate and she is not known to squander her fotrune in the slightest.

  • InsideShowbiz

    Prepare for the announcement of the Sunset Boulevard musical as the main project for 2013 if the Les Miserables movie is a success.

  • day4night

    what a lovely house. Too bad she has horrible taste in interior design.

  • Patrick Hernandez

    Address is 9425 Sunset Blvd
    Beverly Hills‎ California
    United States

    What’s interesting is that on google maps it lists the property under Boy Toi Security.. Hmm

  • shut up

    Gargoyle will buy it… if she could afford it!

  • Felix

    Are they gonna have it Madonna DNA-free?

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    …Ha ha ha without laughter Madonna. I’m not disputing your financial. Success I’ll continue criticize your superficial. Demeanor towards LGBT groups Madonna I have. Documents from organizations LGBT since 1991 no readers. We have relied upon exclusively. Celebrities argument Madonna using social order. To be
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    • Luca Adami

      vaffanculo: maybe you’ll understand what I mean…and I mean it

      • Oscar Hamptonshire

        A quanto pora infantili madi stupido. Luca contadina questa putlana di grammatical! Cagna sarete in grado di

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      • Luca Adami

        vaffanculo. and stop it

      • Oscar Hamptonshire

        Scarsco sentimenti Luca, e ferito stupido! Cagna
        la mia crepa vagabendo. Luca, mangiare Madonna
        strappare cagna! Non come te spazzatura Cagna!

    • I tow the line

      Yoda? If you are going to write this much, can you at least check your punctuation? It is really hard to understand what your issues with LGBT groups are.

      • Luca Adami

        Yoda wrote better…

      • Oscar Hamptonshire

        Luca cagna invidioso della conoscenza stronzo!

      • Luca Adami

        vaffanculo. again and again