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Malawi challenges Madonna’s claim her charity built 10 schools

Malawi education authorities have challenged a claim by American pop queen Madonna that her charity last year built 10 new schools in the poor southern African nation.
“The schools Raising Malawi claims to have constructed were already in existence,” Education Minister Eunice Kazembe said.
“Raising Malawi only built 10 classroom blocks and not schools. People should know the difference between the two.”
In December Madonna’s charity, in tandem with global non-profit buildOn, announced the completion of 10 schools, claiming they would provide education to 4871 children.
“I am overjoyed that my commitment, along with buildOn’s, to help educate the children of Malawi has come to fruition,” Madonna said in a statement issued at the time.
Malawi’s education minister said the country wanted to “clarify any misconceptions that may arise”.
It is not the first time the diva has had trouble with education projects in the country, which is the native home of two of her adopted children.
In 2010 Madonna laid the foundation stone of an academy for girls in Chinkota village, outside the capital Lilongwe.
A year later the school project was cancelled because of mismanagement and local employees sacked.
The academy was replaced by plans to build schools to reach more children.
Madonna’s charity also supports child care centres in the country where nearly one million children are orphaned by AIDS.

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  • Jamie Van Den Bergh

    Out of all the things Madonna is doing. THIS is probably the one thing she wishes she could end.
    I think she just want to be done with it

  • day4night

    the name of her charity has now officially been changed as Ruining Malawi

  • Pablo

    well, Build on is who claimed they built the schools not Madonna, she just said that she collaborated with the proyect, is a misconception of the statement, but who can fly to Africa to corroborate that information?

  • Daughters of Truth

    Oh and… I forgot to mention, a lil more info on this CASE. Tracy Anderson, M’s former body dismorpher, was dating or married to the guy running sh*t in Malawi.. and oh yea, Tracy sold M a ton of equipment for like a trillion dollars. Oh and yeaaaaaaaaa.. Tracy’s boyfriend spent a bunch of moneyyyy on carsss while in Malawi?? Is this correct? See the trend$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$?
    So whose more corrupt?

  • Daughters of Truth

    Hello Madonna, umm, followers?

    so curious how Madonna can tour the world with a planet sized stage, yet cannot get Home Improvement into Malawi. and the ppl she had working for her had fancy cars and golf memberships? Somehow that was possible? lol

    Any of you followers care to comment? And don’t blame Malawi cuz Malawi didn’t buy her employees golf memberships and fancy cars. :) Thaaaanks

  • kyoto

    Give it 2 me Yeahhhhh.

  • Lila

    Ho hum. This is all people talk about whenever Madonna isn’t doing anything; Malawi. BORING. Bring back the 80’s and 90’s Madonna please!

  • K

    The hell with Malawian government.
    To Madonna fans;

    In case you have missed it, check out this beautiful Persian poem red-sang-told by Madonna. It is called ‘Bittersweet’, on U tube. The one that is posted with the opening video of reinvention tour.

    It is so great. The way she sing/reads it, it brings the poem to life.

  • Alex Rider

    See the article in the Huffington Post and you will realise that the minister has made a personal attack against Madonna. This is a shame because Madonna has to be praised, not rubbished, for her wonderful humanitarian action in Malawi.

  • alex

    Though Madonna doesn’t speak about Kabbalah anymore, I remind you that Raising Malawi is an organization run by the kabbalah center, which is a cult just like scientology. They need to cultivate a good image in order to attract followers, so they claim to do some charitable acts though they probably do very little. It’s just like Mother Teresa, whenever doctors healed a patient, those around her said that she actually made a miracle. Then people donated money, and that money was used to raised more fucking catholic churches. Don’t be fooled by cults and religions.

    • fred

      finally one good quote ! thanks

  • Luca Adami

    In Italy we say :”non dare le perle ai porci”…and Madonna should stop help people who don’t know how to say thank you!!!

    • Blackout

      EXCUSE ME? she should abandon helping those poor kids because someone made a clarification (in which he wasn’t a rude at all) and a buncha douchebags don’t want some useless land used on something prolific ? Okay…

  • Adam Raynbird

    in my opinion they seem really ungratefull. poor madonna she is only trying to help them and this is there way of saying thank u ?

  • I tow the line

    BuildOn has already issued a clarification of what they built, and it does sound like these were 2-classroom blocks that pretty much may be called schools since before then the “preexisting schools” were chalkboards under trees.

    • I tow the line

      If Madonna was’t involved, the ministry would be thanking whoever built the schools instead of bitching about it.

    • Roadwork

      plus back in the day, even “schools” in America were just one room

  • Blackout

    Um, he did not say anything bad, so why make a big deal?

    But given the educational lack in Malawi, I’d say a classroom is a university there ,not just a school.

  • Calin Vaquero

    She needs to get the hell out of Malawi, they don’t appriciate!!!!

    • I tow the line

      I see your point, but I think having two children originally from the country makes it difficult for her to quit.

  • Felix

    Madonna doesn’t seem to have the best entourage possible a la Oprah. She desperately need reliable people who will take care of all these affairs properly…Guy, get freakin on it.

  • GP

    U know what??? These malawian authorities and everyone there deserve NOTHING!!!!
    Why are they always so unrespectful, so ignorant and never pleased????
    Go to hell malawian authorities

    • Daughters of Truth

      so curious how Madonna can tour the world with a planet sized stage, yet cannot get Home Improvement into Malawi. and the ppl she had working for her had fancy cars and golf memberships? Somehow that was possible? lol

      Any of you followers care to comment? And don’t blame Malawi cuz Malawi didn’t buy her employees golf memberships and fancy cars. :) Thaaaanks

  • pg

    tere are ungreatful peoplemadonna u dont o thease people noting leave them and there country alone

  • day4night

    oh dear.. what a disaster.. She’s no Oprah that’s for sure

    • K

      Thank god .

      She is The One and ONLY *****MADONNA*****. So to you haters, get on your knees and bow to her maDjesty.

      • day4night

        Whatever. She’s a liar too, apparently.

  • K

    If the Government of Malawi was credible, those people would not have need Madonna’s help to even build 10 classroom blocs or even tents for that Matter. Those corrupt governments have very deep pockets. They should be ashamed of themselves. Instead of thanking Madonna for doing and donating something, they try to dismiss her contributions.

    I think People should take charge of their own destiny. Let Malawians replace their government.

  • Jon

    she’s fuckin’ helping ok!!! some people just can’t say thank you!!

    • Oscar Hamptonshire

      Such temperment? Don’t get, irate Jon it’s accurate. Madonna
      is publicity machine taking credit. For acclaim this my opinion.
      Besides Madonna desire adopting children. Madonna publicist,
      figured using renown. Popularity of celebrities donations would.
      Follow? Apparently this didn’t happen for. Those ridiculing my
      comments lack. Support to LGBT organizations I rest my case!

    • Naouf

      HOW is she helping taking land from poor villagers and not accomplishing anything..remember when she said she’s going to visit malawi every year well we all know how that turned out.

      • Blackout

        Um, yeah because Madonna is totally dying to have some land in Malawi :rolls eyes:

      • Luca Adami

        you are just an idiot

      • Vanessa

        Because you personally know her every move ?

    • I tow the line

      Well said! Like they say, “no good deed goes unpunished”.