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MDNA Tour Billboard Boxscores – Part 7

Madonna, Paul Oakenfold
Estadio Atanasio Gerardo, Medellin, Colombia
Nov. 28-29, 2012
90,018 / 90,018
2 / 2
$375.28, $66.23
Live Nation Global Touring/Live Nation Latin America/OCESA-CIE

Madonna, Paul Oakenfold
Foro Sol, Mexico City, Mexico
Nov. 24-25, 2012
84,382 / 84,382
2 / 2
$771.47, $27
Live Nation Global Touring/Live Nation Latin America/OCESA-CIE

Madonna, Gui Boratto
Estadio do Morumbi, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dec. 4-5, 2012
85,255 / 85,255
2 / 2
$403.72, $40.37
Live Nation Global Touring/Live Nation Latin America/T4F-Time For Fun

Madonna, Fabricio Pecanha
Estadio Olimpico Monumental, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Dec. 9, 2012
42,524 / 42,524
1 / 1
$385.64, $28.92
Live Nation Global Touring/Live Nation Latin America/T4F-Time For Fun

Madonna, Paul Oakenfold
American Airlines Arena, Miami, Fla.
Nov. 19-20, 2012
27,976 / 27,976
2 / 2
$355, $45
Live Nation Global Touring

Madonna, Felguk
Parque dos Atletas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Dec. 2, 2012
34,709 / 34,709
1 / 1
$397.88, $46.81
Live Nation Global Touring/Live Nation Latin America/T4F-Time For Fun

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  • k

    Well nobody can dismiss 300 million earning from a tour in 2012.

    If you conceder the world recession, or better said world epression due to wars, conflicts, horrible news, hurricanes, banking crises, housing crises, credit crises and too many wannbees littering
    the market ,,,,, 300 million from one tour is great. Even if Madonna takes a quarter of that home, it will still be one of the highest earning years in her entire career. She deserves it too, because she has worked hard and she has staged a very entertaining show.

    But I hope that next time Madonna picks and chooses the issues she may want to talk about on her tour. Queen of Universe
    Madonna should not act like a poppet of CNN, Pentagon and Obama. I hate all three of them. Madonna you are not an embeded journalist. You are a visionary.

    Russia is a great country with great people and great independent minded president and its is going through transformation on its own terms. People like pussy cat riots are just idiots. And I don’t see
    why Madonna should defend them. I was not for Romney, but president Obama has proven to be incompetent, arrogant, a layer and someone who does not keep his human rights promises. He has made aa bigger mess of America and elsewhere in the world. In the hindsight maybe Rmnney could have been better. Madonna is a very intelligent woman, and I find her support of Obama not very compatible with her at all.

    Dear Madonna.
    Let’s be honest, I want my Madonna the visionary and informed as
    well as the light hearted playful and at times drop dead glamorous musician back. Abandon Obama, pussycat riots and rap craps.

  • LN

    more of those fake numbers

    • Oscar Hamptonshire

      Merci: finally someone aware distorted. Untruths, is so valid
      why debut. Sales were dismal? Besides internationally media
      wasn’t concern. With celebrities since world conflicts. Madonna
      problem Live Nation angered of negative. Publicity from certain
      markets Madonna. Your banned from Russia not okay. Live Nation whom lease majority arenas. Russia first tickets inflated
      Madonna. Response if you purchase exclusive interest. Why not buy my tickets ego best. Of everything? Madonna we no
      what expect 2013 documentary. Tour or live CD then later release 2013 or 2014. LN your not naive only publicity. Appease those critical of horrible sales. MDNA concert wasn’t
      Madonna best. My opinion Madonna your Material Mom. Not
      Hail the “Queen” egotistical were’s. Wannabe’s tell us? Bye

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  • rabbitbunny

    Madonna-Rock Queen of the Universe!!!