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MDNA Tour Billboard Boxscores – Part 8

Madonna, Laidback Luke
Estadio River Plate, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dec. 13, 15, 2012
89,226 / 89,226
2 / 2
$328.01, $51.25
Live Nation Global Touring/Live Nation Latin America/T4F-Time For Fun

Madonna, Laidback Luke, Facu Carri
Estadio Chateau Carreras, Cordoba, Argentina
Dec. 22, 2012
48,133 / 48,133
1 / 1
$244.70, $30.59
Live Nation Global Touring/Live Nation Latin America/T4F-Time For Fun

Madonna, Laidback Luke
Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile
Dec. 19, 2012
47,625 / 47,625
1 / 1
$632.24, $28.45
Live Nation Global Touring/Live Nation Latin America/T4F-Time For Fun


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  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Well opposite, MDNA sales were dismal. Gather tour renowned for
    those incline. To attend the common logic. Anyhow Madonna doesn’t
    acknowledge failure. W.E movie failed to make statement. LiveNation
    not bemused on sales of release. Madonnaphile: wasn’t good title
    possible new. Release with standards of musical excellent. Madonna
    to readers if next release signature. Title Madonna on top again only. Problem contract entails movies Madonna. Bought rights renown book titles. Shall new tour evolve only next. Film becomes a
    first time block buster. Anyway Madonna has appeal prefer former.
    Concerts there nothing get excited about. MNDA is pass time for present Madonna. Rest release new title late 2013. Good luck bye.
    Do us favor Madonna fire William Orbit. Send him into space washout!!!!!

    • K

      I only understand your Good BYE. I hope you keep your word.

      Get something straight though before you go: “NOTHING FAILS”. Not in Madonna’s book, and not in our(fan books). We do what we think has to be done. We make the most and the best of it, and go on to the next step in life. Failure is for
      people who waste their times and have no vision. It is for faint hearted and those who think of retirement by the time they are 35.

      Like it or not, Madonna has made more money after 40. By the time she became 40, she had already made a solid back catalogue to go on earning from, made many more great records, and has earned the most money where it was to be earned(at the stadiums and arenas)

  • K

    “It is good to be home” what a great way to ditch the stuffy old England and go back to the new world(her own continent). From north to south from Canada and US, to Mexico and Colombia, to Argentina
    and Brazil, Americas love Madonna.

    The cash register and the music bible Billboard are the proof of that.

    • Ava

      Ever heard of the global village ? England is no more stuffy than the US.

      • K

        Hi Eva, I like your name. I have heard of the village. But every once in while some part of the village needs to be freshened up a little. England stinks just like Buckingham palace and that costly royal family with unearned gold spoons in thier mouthes. White house stinks too. But at least they get to change guards every 4 – 8 years.

        By the way, Madonna went global when like a virgin was released, became certified global queen when True Blue came out, was crowned as the queen of the globe with
        the Who is that Girl world tour. So she became global long before the Globe became a village.