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Prince slams Madonna

He may be famously sparing in his words, but when Prince speaks, he speaks with a purpose. The singer revived some long-standing beef with Madonna in a recent interview with Billboard magazine nearly two years after the pair supposedly cooled off their fiery feud.
The 54-year-old singer, who covers the latest issue, speaks a lot about music ownership in the new interview, and at one point even calls the Material Girl out by name when talk turns to his time with Warner Bros. Records.
“It was always about Madonna,” he tells the magazine, explaining why his relationship with the record label went sour. “She was getting paid, but at the same time we were selling more records and selling out concerts on multiple nights.”
Prince and Madonna, also 54, famously tussled in the public eye after briefly dating in 1985 and collaborating on Madonna’s track “Love Song” from her 1988 album Like a Prayer.
“[He] was a little troll,” she said during a 1994 interview, recalling one of their earlier dates. “He was just sipping tea, very daintily. I have this theory about people who don’t eat. They annoy me.”
Prince similarly kept the public feud going several years later, when he snidely compared the number of his chart-topping songs to Madonna’s many children.
“I got so many hits y’all can’t handle me,” he said during a 2007 concert in London. “I got more hits than Madonna’s got kids.”
US Magazine

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  • coffee mann

    Prince is infinitely more talented than Madonna. She’s just a better business person and all her moves are very calculated. But seriously, she’s been doing the same s*%t for decades and it’s old

  • DD

    Who is this prince you guys talk about? Was Madonna on a Disney musical of Cinderella?

    • Nilo Mendo

      You’re an idiot!

  • Colton

    Yawn. Prince is pretty much a nobody outside the US. Such a shame because I think he really is very talented, but he’s also very annoying.

  • Man With No Name

    Prince is one of the Greatest Artists to ever walk this Earth! Madonna is just overrated!

  • Sacha

    Prince used to be popular a long time ago….he should just shut the F..up!! it’s all jealousy!!!!

    • Ryan Abernathy

      Jealousy about the fact he has albums that sold more than some Madonna albums? Or jealousy about the number of plagiarism lawsuits against Madonna?

      • Angel

        Sweetie please madonna os number four on the best selling artist of all time. He’s now even in the top twenty. Madonna has had number one hits during the 80s 90s and 00s and a top ten hit in the 10s. Prince on the other hand, 4 in the 80s and 1 in the 90s. Madonna 7 in the 80s and 4 in the 90s (the amount prince has in the 80)

  • damnitnow

    he sold more records than madonna? where in his dreams? i think this guy lives in a dreamworld. in reality prince had 2 hit-albums and not more……………..oh how angry all this faded 80s and 90s stars are because there are not relevant any more and madonna is still having no1-hits and sold-out tours.

  • Mary Mckendrick

    Sour grapes!

  • Mdolla

    I respect Prince, I didn’t grow up in the 80s but I do know he was part of the 80s triumvirate of unparalleled singers: MJ, Madonna, and him. However I don’t really see how back in the 80s, Madonna was getting paid while he was selling out more shows, or rather, Madonna had much more promotion. I think they equally had the same amount of promotion, it’s just that Madonna UNDERSTOOD that superstar status was a BUSINESS and can’t merely be driven through musical talent, especially in modern times. She struck while the iron was hot and always managed to use controversy to her advantage and combine it in her art. I would have thought Prince didn’t care about being a superstar, but apparently he does and is quite sour about it!

    And hey, I wonder if Prince has had a tour, or a FIRST world tour, as big as M’s Who’s That Girl Tour AT THE LEAST. Her first stop in Paris saw her performing to 131,000 fans in ONE NIGHT. Who’s That Girl Tour sold 1.5 million tickets with JUST 39 shows while Purple Rain Tour sold 1.7 million with 98 shows. I guess Madonna outsold him!

  • coco

    what is madonna doing at the mo??? preparing a new album?? all we get are these uninteresting gossipy news facts! i wanna know what she is doing…

    • K

      You will know, when it is time to know. For now, lets enjoy having fun, playing the gossip game with the haters and
      feed them all the horse S***t they can eat.

  • Marc Velez

    I’m sorry but Billboard shouldn’t publish crap like this Prince interview. Once upon a time, many many many years ago, Prince sold records and concerts but in the last 20 years, Madonna out preforms him in every project, event, concert, album release and income intake. He should have sour grapes, but instead of directing it at a woman who knew how to play the game, he should direct his anger to himself and his management for allowing him to self destruct and ruin his career.

  • Dita

    he’s such a sore fucking LOSER

  • K

    Hi everybody,

    Where I live is snowing right now. I am on my way to the gym. Going to sweat my ass off. The U tube Madonna’s 100 tracks is on and I have got extra energy from her songs. From Give it to me, 4 minutes, Hung up, Girl Gone Wild, Jump, Vogue,,,,,,,, what a magnificent and immaculate playlist. A true song, style and beat feast. I love U-Tube now. It is my new MTV, Madonna rulz the universe.

    And Prince= sour and boring. So are the fattons and L-haha. They never had it and they never will. See you guys later and have a nice sweaty and lovely Sunday.

    • Madonna fan

      Prince is never boring, only if you are unmusical.

  • Overview

    Prince (co-)wrote Like a Prayer.

    • clubkiller

      wrong. he only collaborated on act of contricion.

  • Ezmerallicka

    Prince who? I thought he found “God” and joined the Jehovah’s Witnesses years ago so what does he care? Not very Christian of him to “slam” others. tisk tisk.

  • Kanaan

    He somehow forgets that in the 90is all of them were under the knife MJ, G. Michael, Cyndi Lauper, Prince , Madonna, they were all slamed in the papers over and over again and it was not a coincidence !!!! Madonna was the only one smart enough and strong enough tu survive, and she came out as a winner!!! !!!!! I feel sorry for dude but come on , stop shitting on others . But most of all you are shitting all over yourself and your whole career!!

    • controversy sells

      controversy sells. 1985 – the nude photos published in penthouse magazine, with the help of showing her underwear at the first mtv music awards. 1986 – marriage to Sean Penn and singing about abortion. 1989 – using a black Jesus in her music video with the burning cross. 1992 – the sex book released with nude photos contained within the book. 2000’s onward, she stayed fresh by collaborating with people who are ”hot” at the moment. she’s not that great, she just knows how to sell herself and by directing attention onto herself, something miss lady gaga tried to do but it’s been done before her by Madonna, and it backfired on her.

  • Kanaan

    It’s like madonna would complain cuz they are pushing Gaga, Rihanna ,Beyonce etc. instead of her!!!! Wll she eould never, cuz it’s stupid and pointless! He had some good years but he should stop overrating himself, that is the only reason people are sick and tired of him!!!

    • Madonna fan

      Who is sick and tired of him ? I think he has mjor problems with a label or something and was out of the limelight for that reason.

      No real music fan would be tired of him.

      • k

        I am one of those who is sick and tired of him and other jealous sour apples like him.

      • Kanaan

        I used to be a fan a big one, especially when I was a kid around 1990! So I am speaking 4 myself, and people who are rolling their eyes when U Mention his name! But the main reason is – he could step up a bit, musically! 90 is are over !He is so full of himself and sends such a bad energy that it is hard to lookt at him with some respect ( well that is only my opinion, and some people I know, friends etc. ) :)

  • day4night

    The difference between Prince and Madonna is of course that Prince wrote, produced all his hits while Madonna’s input in songwriting is minimal.

    • clubkiller

      she writes nearly all lyrics and co-produces nearly all songs. that*s not minimal.

      • Ryan Abernathy

        She does not write ‘nearly all her lyrics.’ ‘There are no songs that are credited just to Madonna. And a clutch of them were written solely by others including “Holiday,” “Like a Virgin,” “Material Girl,” and “Borderline.”’

        ‘Madonna’s most well-known songs, the ones that made her famous, were not written by her (such as Borderline, Like a Virgin, Material Girl, Like A Prayer, Papa Don’t Preach, Crazy For You, Open Your Heart, Into the Groove, and Dress You Up), and she is not even listed as being co-author on many of her hit songs (including most of the ones just listed).’

        ‘In some cases, Madonna has received co-writing credit merely for adding one or two words, or only one or two lines, to lyrics that were written by someone else.’

        Before you attack me for being anti-Madonna, I am not. I am far from her biggest fan, but I am a realist. Madonna is a pro at self promotion. She is an excellent business woman, but her lyrics are lacking and her voice seems to enjoy the 12 year old range like in ‘Like A Virgin.’

    • Madonna fan

      She writes many songs.

  • ScottnNYC

    I actually feel somewhat sorry for Prince because he has a huge ego and is very talented…but Madonna’s success dominates the entire music industry because no single artist (male or female) has had the incredibly long, successful and lucrative career that she has. I’m sure that’s why Ms. Elton and her wife are always ranting about Madonna. Jealousy is never a good thing.

    • Roadwork

      your right he is very talented. Doesnt he seem like a slave to his talent. Isnt that Ironic. He doesnt know how to produce modern things.

      • Madonna fan

        That is bull. Besides, how do you define “modern” ? Most if not all of the music in the charts is merely a rehash of past decades, so what is “modern” there ?

    • Ryan Abernathy

      The fact that you insult Elton John speaks volumes about you.

  • Eddie

    I seriously get dizzy reading Oscar’s comments; or at least attempting to.

    • Roadwork

      I just dont have the patience when there that long……….

  • gm

    madonna was making all kind of money fof waner bro she has lot of huge sucess with her ablum most of them was number 1 she was a huge star for wanerbro and she due to get pay for what she ask for tay wasent going to forsaske a huge star like madonna over prince

    • Roadwork

      Is Warner Brothers still around?

  • ph

    when you look at the sucess of madonna tours and ablum she is the envy of a lot of arist how many arsist in tay life time last as long as madonna and can still sell out concert and ablum she demand respect because she piv the way for most of theses arist out today lots of them try to copy her but will never have the legacey in which madonna will have she go down in history wit the liks of elivis presley marlyin monroe the beatles and michealjackson madonna still have fans who was wit her from the beginging of her start and has never lelft her tay are devote she is the oueen of poop and ha myjacisty so all jelous people and arist out there get over it

  • K

    The problem with Prince was that “money” went to his head. Money does have value, but one must not allow it to go to his
    head. A professional, gets out there and tries to earn it as well as tries to convince others that he or she is worth it. Regardless of their directions or styles, Madonna’s albums have always been events. Her tours are tightly choreographed song, dance and style shows. She works with great people and gives them credit too. She is highly disciplined. If I was Warner Brothers and if I was not even a fan of Madonna, I would still put my money on Madonna and not on people like Prince who make one or two good records
    and then they think that they can simply sit on their asses and demand things. No company likes that. Everybody who knows Madonna will attest to the fact that she knows what she wants, goes after what she wants, works hard at what she wants, and works well with her collaborators. Whichever way we choose to look at it, prince is nowhere near Madonna. Madonna has worked with different generations of artist and they were all amazed at her work ethics.

    Can you imagine, If our politicians did that, the world would be a heaven right now.

    • Roadwork

      Like Madonna said,”Im a girl who can run for the bus.”

      • kanaan

        how can he run in high heels?

    • Madonna fan

      ” Madonna has worked with different generations of artist and they were all amazed at her work ethics.”

      As has Prince, and he has put out so much music, that I truly doubt he DOESN’T have a work ethic.

      I mean, I am a Madonna fan but Prince has more talent.

      • freddy

        it’s true that prince is very talented and still a great musician !

      • K

        Real talent has a way of standing out, crossing the borderlines, endure the test of time as well as endure critics.

        Madonna has that. Prince hasn’t.

        Regardless of how much support prince gets in certain friendly circles he never managed to become an international mega star. If I can remember When doves cry, I should also be able to remember his other so called hits. I still live on the same planet. But as far as I can remember his work has been way overrated and his follow up “hits” were nothing compared to Madonna’s hot 100 hits. And I am not even comparing his so called hits with Madonna’s top 10 hits.

        I find Madonna’s voice far more beautiful and versatile than prince’s. Qua showmanship prince is nowhere near Madonna. Qua style and artistic vision Madonna rules them all. It is great that Madonna earned more money. You could consider that as a compensation for all the trash that were thrown at her through the years. Madonna is a truly visionary songwriter who in the recent years has been receiving the credit that she deserved all along, the credit that went to people like prince for stupid works such as diamonds and pearls.

        Yes, in his heyday prince did fill some Arenas and maybe even few Stadiums, but he still was not and is not an stadium act.

        Fed up of being fed that Prince and people like him had talent. He was just a part of a inner circle whom at the time had enough say in pushing him to the forefront. Madonna on the other hand had to knock on many doors before she could get a foot in, and when she got in she worked her ass off to stay in and earn the respect that she deserved right from the beginning.

  • Vladimir Ratnikov

    Dafaq these Oscar comments…Seriously dude

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Doubt with assurance Prince is evious. Anyone including Madonna, Another publicity stunt, from Madonna. Upon, both there talented former. Label mates whom somehow dated. Readers not have knowledge business renders. Need learn Prince once spoke. Of Madonna supported innovative concepts. Late 80’s once informed Madonna. Never disclose my comments to the media. Regarding present is there apparent resentment.

    From Prince tell you what His Royal Badness never went away. Those writing Prince yester year. Forgotten why did last tours sell out? Madonna label LiveNation irate. MDNA didn’t go multi-platinum forget. Tour MDNA sales were dismal amount. Paid acquire Madonna which sold. Madonna is greatest first do understand. Politics during Madonna years. Aspiring singer career was tarnish song. Wise Madonna gotten first of line.Maverick label Madonna bought out. 2005 $386 million why?

    Warners refuse renew Madonna contract. Madonna gotten top of line when. Not kind to those whom assisted. Her care tired of rhetoric, exclusively. Madonna without Freedie DeMann correspondence. Totally different Madonna problem. Fitting in with current trends. Whom not Madonna friends note. Madonna has long career over 30yrs. Which entails fans of many eras. New musical styles didn’t fair well. If Hard Candy 2008 would sold. 6xplatinum in USA and Diamond in UK. Warners going renew contract don’t have. Time waste writing not disgrace. Madonna whom needs trace the vanity lace. Within Madonna face, simple for brats. Writing all this nice stuff apparenlly. Don’t know the music business. Madonna was slanderous behind Prince back.

    Saying Prince is unhappy during time. Just leave career would be over! Relying upon distribution from large cartels. Prince is reclusive still has fanbase. Expose this to Madonnaphiles remember. Use to Be My Playground title 1992 well. Song abundant sales and successful League of There Own 1992.

    Starring Tom Hanks whom sold the pictures. Anyway going select title for Oscar nominee. When Sex Book 1992 release destroyed.This timing Prince gotten Oscar. Purple Rain score 1985 envy among. Those trying achieve acclaim note. Evita if no Sex Book possible final. Oscars going give Madonna Oscar.
    Chances today? What did I say someone younger. Get a chance for Oscar not Madonna. This why there animosity between.

    Obtainment of acquire gain don’t give damn. What teenage wannabe comments. Have to say anyway Madonna former. Tour opposite of MDNA sales eventually. Next release is dismal there going. Part ways LiveNation any situation. Madonna free agent to expensive to sign. Which not unkind Madonna could. Never fulfill selling in USA over 6 or 8 million. Units Madonna ego not that strong. Calling this “Queen” envious Madonna. Acclaim why slander upon Lady Gaga. I never wrote upon this. Same label sake which against. Contracts to harass another arist. Same roster explain this Madonna. Enjoys publciity use any new act. To
    be remembered Brittney Spears and others. Whom sold more
    during first release intimidating. To Madonna only problem these.

    Artist were production products. Madonna artist envy sales wise.
    Lady Gaga is Prince fan share stage. London is real envy Madonna? Prince come back regarding sales 1991. Diamond and
    Pearls excellent seller sold 2013. 28 million internationally only problem Prince. Not incline to tour rather record. Madonna only
    tours because movie titles haven’t Come about both great performers. With ego’s don’t compare them just. Enjoy the music!

    • Roadwork

      Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

    • I tow the line

      Super LOL!!! A verbose google-translator-user Madonna-loving Yoda! What else can ask for life? May I suck your rooster Oscar?

    • Madonna fan

      I doubt anyone understands what you are saying.


        AGREEEEEEEEE! It’s like google translator

  • rabbitbunny

    Prince doesn’t know right from wrong! He is one of many who hate Madonna because Madonna actually gets things done! She is Rebel, Queen, Legend because she cries in her work. For Madonna its all about Love and Music. No one can take that quality that she has! There will never be another Madonna! Crazy for You, Four Minutes, Vogue and Turn Up the Radio are four reasons why Madonna will never give up her crown. She is a Ray of Light/Masterpiece who Lives to Tell and Takes a Bow in Her Life. Prince had his day and time but the Purple Reign is over for him! Madonna Rocks!!

    • Roadwork

      I like how you said “Madonna actually gets things done!”, because thats the truth!

    • Madonna fan

      Prince is a classic and a real musician, he hasn’t had his day, he breathes music. Please stop talking bull.



    • K

      Coincidently all three of them haven’t figured themselves out yet. Not that it matters, but for clarity’s sake I got to confess to you, I still don’t know if Elton has a husband or a wife. Don’t know which name prince officially wants to be known as. Nor do I know when LG is not wearing a wig. Wigs and LG have become so synonymous she should give up touring and do wig endorsement.



    • Dita


    • Madonna fan

      Prince is seen as on of the greats, truly doubt that.

      • Madonna fan


      • k

        = Madonna.

        most of the rest are a dime a dozen.

    • Nicky Prince of Pop

      well, i think Prince is an incredible artist and an amazing musician. Cher i like her as all gays do. both of them are original. Elton envy M but in away respect her. We are talking here about the top of all times artists.

      :) i don’t think Madonna pays that attention to the negativity and rather put her-energy about the positive and making good DVD and Documentary of MDNA

      any 4th single? Superstar will have a global releasing?


  • I tow the line

    I didn’t really get what he said. That Madonna was being paid more even if he was selling more records and concert tickets? I mean, if it is true, then he has the right to say it, but I don’t see how he is slamming her. Either way he should know his place: Prince is a prince, and Madonna is a queen.

    • Kanaan

      He didn’t sell more then madonna, that is a lie!!!! And even if he was, Madonna just signed in, and they did put a bit more to her promotion, he was in 1984 all ready a hit, so of course they did push Madonna a bit more. It is just pointles what he’s saying

  • Luca Adami

    Prince should stop talking and go in a studio to record another beautiful song like Raspberry Beret, Sign of the times or purple rain or many others…his latest tune Rock’n roll love affair is just a copy of 1999 mixed with little red corvette..and in facy he absolutely missed every kind of chart all over the world…now he needs publicity

    • Roadwork

      I hate the song Raspberry Beret. I do like Batdance.

      • Luca Adami

        Oh my God no are so can you say this?…Natdance was the first of a series of a stupid songs one after the other…Prince had some gems like anotherloverenloyourhead or I could never take the place of your man or 7 or money don’t matter and I don’t know why cause everyone has his tastes but to me Raspberry Beret especially the extended version was magical

  • freddy

    well prince doesn’t really trash her, it’s quite funny.
    Reading what madonna was saying in 1994 about Prince , i just say that each interview of her was great at the time cos she was really saying funny things and she was so hilarious. Now she doesn’t want to criticize anybody, and sounds most of the time boring ;-( at least Prince express himself !

    • Oscar Hamptonshire

      Prince appreciates the fame excuse. Us Prince never abdicated or lost control. Of His Royal Funkness okay! Batman soundtrack sold 3 million Germany. Since 1989 2xDiamond France and 2 million sold Brazil. Hello along Hits 1993 Prince always been question for media. Rather demeanor why? Reclusive attitude Prince image. Disputed androgyous Madonna during Erotica. Mannerism was questioned just publicity Prince. Always international fanbase Scandalous 1989. Sold 7 million and 2 million Japan hello. Room for both Madonna concern is the present no long. Guardian Warners to protect the lies. LiveNation is irate dismal sales of MDNA. Remember before Madonna going sign Janet Jackson. When 20 Y.O bombed 2006 deal faultered. Madonna don’t have top yourself. Express yourself many ways leave Prince. Be we seek new release soon. Or another title someday Prince. Fluent French knows prominent entertainment officials. Luc Besson close friends
      Prince scored “Cold Moon” arrangements. Mixature Pop n
      Rock Jazz. Never release in America excellent soundtrack.
      Madonna going back career should. Never release self ego
      admitted herself Madonna. Vanity blinded her, Truth or Dare
      1991. Madonna was sign with French and Italian. Film companies deal never happen stipulations. Warners anyway enjoying myself have. Proficiency which American audience.
      Not aware of finally coming out. After years admire both bye.

      • Roadwork

        Madonna is the highest grossing female act on their bill. Dont be so sad.

      • freddy

        yes you are right and i think this is absolutely great, but it’s just money. i was just talking about the fact she was less into interesting or funny statements than in the 90s.

  • Regina George

    He and Cher and Elton are so sour it’s unreal…

    • K

      You are right. Cher was number 1 in wigs until gaga came along. Elton was and still is number 1 drag queen. And prince
      was a one or maybe two hits wonder(when doves cry 1984 and kiss 1986) since then he has just been complaining. He is the complain ass number 1. They hate Madonna, because Madonna actually gets out there, creates things. Every Madonna record has something special about it. So it is really no wonder that it is all about Madonna.

      By the way Regina, your picture looks like a sweet candy. I got sweet tooth. Yammie.


        WELL SAID!!!!!!

      • Roadwork

        Exactly, for some reason some other “artists” cant grasp Madonna’s ability to mix art with commerce. Even the media does’nt grasp this. Unfortunately, its one of those things that it will be well documented 100 years from now.

      • Madonna fan

        ” And prince was a one or maybe two hits wonder(when doves cry 1984 and kiss 1986)”

        That is so not true. Atleast stick to facts and acknowledge true musicians/musicianship as well. Prince has had numerous hits, was and is a star, an icon.

        Even if he is bitchy (I don’t know), I know he is musically more profound than anything in the charts and a musicians musician.

        Certainly NOT a one or two hit wonder.

        Were you born after the 80’s ?

      • kanaan

        have you heard Cher’s ‘Woman’s world’???It is horrible!!!!!!

      • K

        Hi Kannan,
        I didn’t before, but now I have. Cher’s lyric is so
        over the top. When I look at Madonna, Angela Merkel, Oprah then I already know it is at least partially woman’s world. So cher’s message has already been long been proven by those women. Club is practically my fourth home after my house, work, and the Gym and I can say that the beat to the cher’s song is a gap filler and certainly not a dance floor filler. Cher will never be a club darling. Her voice simply does NOT have the
        sensuality, girlishness and the energy that is necessary to make a club queen. Those combined attributes belong to Madonna.
        Cher lacks the sense of style too. Madonna on the other hand tops off all her dance hits with a sense of style and always leaves a clever subtle message in them too.

        What bothers me about Cher and some other
        singers is the fact that they think they have great voices. They are so full of themselves. While Madonna who at first was dismissed turned out to have a far more beautiful and versatile voice than prince, cher, caca and even Elton. Caca will never have a classic ballad like live to tell. And Elton has a voice that sounds like every sad and drunk guy at the English pub.

      • kanaan

        I know, I agree, Cher does have a good voice ( I hate to talk about the voice) , and definitely recognisable and specific, but the song is so trashy, and her voice ruins it, if Cyndi Lauper would sing it ( I love cyndi :D) it might work, but never the less , tho song is really horrible

      • K

        Some people think that they can label anything as a dance record. Cher is one of those people. But they really don’t have the background, the insight into the dance world, the appreciation, style and attitude to make such records. Dance music is a slippery space. Most dance artist only manage to have few dance hits, because they soon lose touch. Madonna had and still has the right ingredients and she did not lose touch with her club base.

      • kanaan

        the worst thing is that the song will be a hit, and it WILL be a Cher
        comeback!!!! Cuz she is 65 years old and in media she will be perceived
        like ‘cool’ ( u can imagine how cool she is) iconic woman. They always
        talk such bullshit about her, like when they say she had No. 1 hit every
        decade! Witch is a lie! in the 80is she didn’t have, and first decade
        of 21 century she didn’t have! But it is a lie that become the truth! Have you aver seen someone trashed like they trash madonna in media lately???? Can you remember? It was like in 1992. and why? Cuz she is 54 and relevant, and know everybody take Gaga’s side, just cuz they hate madonna’s success

      • k

        Society resents smart and sexy.

        gaga, cher, fatton they are all shallow tasteless factory made. They are not self-made. They have identity crisis. So does the society. So it is no wonder those artists support each other and get supported by those who are jealous of Madonna.

        But never mind. They all resent/ admire Madonna deep down. They look at her with owe. And that is exactly why we Madonna fans love her.

        There is only ONE MADONNA.

        Let the haters eat their hearts out and let cher, caca, fatton go on manufacturing useless songs. History’s trashcan is full of them.

      • kanaan

        p.s. madonna understands dance/electronic music, Cher doesn’t, Madonna is
        always on point at it, Cher never is, remeber ‘Believe’ not a bad song,
        but her poerformance was a laughing stoock!

      • K


        All I can remember from that video is flashing lights and her wigs.

        God, I am glad Madonna did not go the same way as Cher. I take Girl Gone Wild and 4 Minutes over believe anytime.

        To Dance Music lovers, Madonna’s records are like French wine to wine drinkers. Madonna’s record age well and get even better with time.

        Nothing Really Matters enterd in top 100, and on the Club Chart made it to number one. Now it is a true Classic and one of Madonna’s best songs and videos.

        Cher’s Believe went to number one, but now it sounds so dated and so over the top just like Cher herself. She should stick to her overglittery dresses, wigs and tattoos. I don’t think she is a smart woman at all.

  • day4night

    oh Prince that’s so lame. I had forgotten that those two exchanged stds in the 80s.

    • Madonna fan

      You are so boring with your bitter comments. Can you laugh ? I mean, at yourself sometimes, too ?

  • K

    Oh well, little prince, never got to be king(that was MJ). Nor could keep the title prince(this title belongs to JT now). He was and is ugly and was always overrated. He is a jealous rat.

    Nobody in the music world has had a consistent career as Madonna has. Nobody works as hard as Madonna. Warner Brothers saw that and rewarded that. Madonna’s back catalogue of top 10s, number 1s and club hits are all proof of that. They are still selling worldwide. And now that Concert ticket sales matter the most, once again Madonna has topped them all.

    Prince should take a look at Billboard a little closer before opening his mouth and letting his jealous ego take control of it.

    He is right about one thing though, It was, it is and it will always be all about Madonna. She is the ultimate music gold legend and she has long left the rest in the dust.

    Madonna never took anything for granted. While
    others lay on the coach and play the diva game, Madonna gets up every morning
    and works her ass off.

    • Oscar Hamptonshire

      Illogical special K, Prince referring. To political games of celebrities during. Tenure Warner Brothers years Madonna boast. Time act on the roster: now understand. Prince objective__critical of marketing and popularity. Madonna enjoy publicity yes, media clamor. Anything Madonna during golden 80’s and 90’s. Madonna use media entertainment machine. For success Prince former label Paisley Park records. Duration 1985=1993 Prince get off your ego? Or can you since your…grandlioquent! Not implying artistically innovative. No doubt your musical style. Is reverted by some when. Pertains to hits and popularity. Madonna continue remain in public eye. Doesn’t matter both are different.

      Antagonism on Prince behalf both stars during Waner. Years
      Prince contract renewal 1991 $88 million. Movies included
      Graffiti Bridge 1990 hello a bomb. Prince your envious of
      Madonna label Marverick 1992-2005 success. Why Madonna allow artist to become. Independent Prince your
      autocratic complete. Control typical spoiled “royalty” when.

      Became reclusive in late 80’s and 90’s. Seeking undue your
      success with Warner Brothers. Madonna decide reign into
      success Prince. Your Paisley Park didn’t score success.

      Each title bombed why? Don’t try blame Madonna since stoplight. Your up tight Mr. Sexy! Prince detest media there
      ignoring you. Were tired of your opinions on the. Machine that is commercial entertainment. Adamant just retire since have so much. Money whom estate was in foreclosure. Bye



    • Roadwork

      Although, Prince’s shows do sell out. He just never does them on a large scale. I dont why?

      • K

        Good Question. The answer is: Prince is not an stadium act and he does not have the showmanship nor the enormous song catalogue to choose from in order to be able to put on a grand show.

        Celine said it right. Madonna has it all in one place.

      • Madonna fan

        Um, what ? He has played stadiums and has an extensive catalogue, he also knows how to work a stage BIG TIME. I get the feeling you don’t really know much about Prince ??? Very odd

      • freddy

        i totally agree : Prince makes big shows too !! and has numbers of great songs ! well people here do not know what they are talking about !! :-)

      • Oscar Hamptonshire

        Bias and systematic response of Prince. Doesn’t have
        to entice the entertainment. Industry this publicity stunt from Madonna. Upon touring Prince rather record.

        Then have extensive touring commands. Notice this became the standard. Large acts since mid-80’s Madonna. Not touring artist why? Madonna film career succeeded tours. Be few in between would Madonna.

        Be seen as Bette Milder and Barbara Sterisand. You’ll say: lost me there? Dare seek information make I have. Accuracy I’m illustrative writing briefly. Readers lose content of purpose anyhow. Prince saying during roster years. REM ,Van Halen,Prince and Metallica.

        Madonna as female artist gotten audience. Usually bands receive not only Madonna. Gotten this many female artist capable. Selling out stadiums okay!

        Once, again this publicity industry. Say were new Prince recording. Behind scenes: Madonna and Prince good friends. If this accurate Prince would posted. On his website as did prior Whitney Houston. Regarding
        Prince career…no animosity between. Former label whom reissuing his Warner years. They don’t rights of
        Paisley Park recordings. If movies were successful Warners Brothers. Going sign to independent movie deal. 1993 for $200 million reason Prince flim scores.
        Roadwork difference between the two Prince. Was
        sign independently as 1984 only. CEO of Warner group could decline collaboration. Still enjoy both artist
        Madonna. Discography has decline lackluster tiles.

        And popularity fan base which. Madonna failed regarding movies rest is history. This old stuff anyhow
        Madonna just. Promoting years of success Prince is
        laughing. Media hasn’t followed this argument. Bye.

    • Madonna fan

      “Oh well, little prince, never got to be king(that was MJ)”

      Prince makes better music.

      • K

        I did not like everything MJ made. But obviously he had what was necessary to become the king and prince did not. MJ’s combined hits, record sales, number of Grammies from 3-4 albums far out weighted prince’s entire career.

      • Kanaan

        MJ didn’t become huge cuz of the songs!!! Come on!!! It was the children, all these charity work, and he started to present himslef in media as GOD- it’s so weird when I look at it now, when I am 32! And kids went nuts for itand for him !!I am not saying he is not a good artist, but he is not GREAT , sorry, Prince is much bigger talent then him!!!!! Michael music was s bad at the end, it sounded like the washed out or B side ‘History’ or something! And History is not a great album

      • K

        I agree with you. You are right mostly. I mean who was MJ fooling? Many of his songs were corny or childish. No wonder he became a part of the history before his time was up. But he did have a pretty voice for a man, he had some spectacular pop hits/ classics, he could dance and he could put on a intense show. He was a stadium act too.