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Rolling Stone: The Greatest Super Bowl Halftime Show – Madonna

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Madonna had a very ambitious tour plan for 2012, and the single best way to promote it was a Super Bowl halftime show. She went all out for the performance, bringing in Cee Lo Green, LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. and even acrobats. The set was wall-to-wall hits with her pretty flaccid new single “Give Me All Your Luvin'” in the middle. M.I.A. tried to perk up the song by sticking her middle finger up on camera, which didn’t exactly thrill Madonna or the NFL – though next to Nipplegate, it was a pretty tiny scandal. The next day, tickets went on sale for her world tour and sold out everywhere.

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  • Kanaan

    Did B beat Madonna ????? The ratings I mean!? Viewers…

  • no risk no fun

    the last outstanding madonna album was american life, everything released afterwards is just ok to laclustre. she has become less challenging, adventurous and really playin safe. to me it looks like she is scared to take risks regarding an album.

    • Kim

      Not true. There’s some good stuff that came afterwards. Classics.

  • day4night

    Vogue was amazing but it went downhill from there.. But where is Madonna? I need my fixx..

  • Gio

    Madonna was the best

    • Sam

      She IS The BEST

      • kyoto

        and will be forever. Amen

  • jeD

    The performance was AMAZING!! But even the show couldnt propel GMAYL. Hope her next album is more artistically charged and not just a mix of producers and lyrics and not really taking her time on the project. That’s what annoyed me about MDNA. Not saying I didn’t like it, but for a Madonna album, it kinda felt flat to me, like something was missing. The SB show was fantastic. She showed everyone how its done!! :)

    • kyoto

      jeD it looks like Flat because her projects didn;t get the time enough to produce better song better image better sense of these particular era (that doesn;t mean it was horrible or so lackluster) but ,every projects last year was really rushed and maybe the lacks of many sense to shine her own album like MDNA or Hard Candy ,was missing. these era are really hard for her ,you know when you have to catch new generation and not losing your traditional fans base ,it’s not so easy to explain but i’m sure she made them the best but not enough as she did with ROL COADF ,LAP,Erotica OR even True Blue However Hard Candy and MDNA got a Great successful on sales with tours and some merchandises. finally it was a great year for her but we know as the fan who we are , we are still appealing some Smarter ,brilliant and Unique Songs which everybody loves it. IMO she deserves a great nice Rest with her family this year and then looking for the new vision Music as she used to get becuase she’s an artist and i know she’ll surprise us one more time. that’s what we love her so much and remember none gonna stop her. have a nice day

      • jeD

        Completely know what you are saying, and like I said she really didn’t take the time on this album, too busy doing other things and that’s great. Music is her life its in her blood. And I hope she takes some real time off. If that happends I’m sure her next “Vision” (like you say) will be spectacular musically and artistically. Thanks for the comment Kyoto. ;)

  • immaculate b-side collection

    the whole mdna thing is just rubbish and plain boring. gmayl a perfect b-side song

  • ph

    madonna superbowl bol was the best half time ever try top that wanabes copy cat the tour was brallent it was very sexy i cant wait to see it on dvd i will also like a bonus track of the mdn tour back stage the queen of pop the queen of tour i think madonna will go down in history as a great female preformer in the world

  • Roadwork

    Madonna has been sweeping these Rolling Stone Polls! They just cant get rid of her can they. Maybe they should realize Madonna is the Queen Of Pop Forever! You think she was just kidding when she said she wanted “To Rule The World!” She was serious and she has been focused on that ever since. Why do you think we love her so much, because Madonna fans know the real thing when they see it. We can sense bullshit, we can sense unsincereity, we can sense pedestrian talents,
    Madonna fans are smart, talented, open minded, progressive, stylish, enlightened and thats why we love Madonna!

    • K

      What a great word “pedestrian talent”. It is so to the point and descriptive of these wannabees (gagas, jennies, desires and pasty’s) as well as many of those has been stars(cher, el-fat-ton) who never managed to retain the attention.

      Madonna got to rule the world and she is still ruling it. Only the buzz around the things that she does is enough to make the haters nervous and active. That is the proof that Madonna is still ruling the world. People will always be interested in Madonna because she is an interesting living legend.

  • rabbitbunny

    Madonna’s performance was brilliant but Give Me All Your Love was really an enticing tease for the rest of MDNA-her saddest, riskiest and bravest artwork. Underneath the marching band, there were tears and sadness as only Madonna can do it! Hop On Rabbit Madge!



  • I tow the line

    I thought it was amazing!! But how would I know it was the best? I have never care to watch any other halftime. Madonna makes the people come together, even those of us who don’t care about the super bowl.

    • kyoto

      yeah but remember she’s an American Legend after all and the Super bowl show was her ultimate debt, anyway i really enjoyed the show. finally is the one of the best SP halftime show among with prince ,the boss ,the Rolling stone and of course U2. you can see that she’s the best solo female artist of all the time. Congrats for her ,she deserves it

    • K

      Exactly. Madonna’s performance was the only time I watched the super bowl( I watched only the halftime when Madonna was on) I did not even bother to know who was playing
      against who or who won.

      I only know that Goddess Madonna WON.

      What a great way to say: I am home, fit and fabulous and ready to go/ ready to show others how it is done. And that she did. She out sold them all.



    • K

      It was a live broadcasted show a massive scale. And she pulled it off perfectly with style, grace and Queen attitude.

      Regardless of whether we approve of the direction she chooses to take, Madonna has never made a bad record. All her records are diamonds. She is the best recording artist ever. Because all her records are made with care. That goes for her last two albums too. At the school where I work, the teenagers loved 4 minutes and GMAYL. We Madonna fans
      have grown up and we may now prefer the deeper side of her music. But Madonna needs to tend other demographics too. So her choice of first single may not have been a bad idea after all. I think her record company needs to do more on radio promotion though. I am glad Madonna keeps the lighter side as well as the darker and deeper side to her


      Madonna crosses borderlines and that is what we love her for. Otherwise she could have become another Horiah carry, el(fat)ton, tanya, tom, dick and harry by now.

  • Madonna

    Even when they are giving Madonna the credit she deserves, they cannot do without insulting her! I just can’t stand Roling Stones! Old bitter bitches!

    • Regina George

      I fail to read where exactly they insulted her.

      • I tow the line

        When they said GMAYL was a flaccid single.



      • I tow the line

        It is a matter of taste; I do like it even if I agree that it doesn’t represent what lies underneath (that is, an excellent, dark, misunderstood album). Although I agree GMAYL won’t be remembered among Madonna’s best singles, it fit in the superbowl performance pretty well.

      • K

        Actually it GMAYL is different from what is
        out there right now and very different from the rest of the album too. It is matter of taste. At first I did not like it. But now I really like it. I love the video for it too. She looks so hot and carefree. And that wow wow ass of her is just perfect. It is the playful Madonna.

        I love the inescapable beat of Girl Gone Wild and the stylish video for it. It is actually unlike vogue. Vogue was in a softer Hollywood Classic mode. Girl Gone Wild is Ultra Bold, as stylish, The sound/ the base is more punchy, the dances are more complex. This song and video are the true Postmodern

      • vogue

        ggw is a piece of trash. vogue had an instant impact at the time.

      • saxxx

        oh come on. that’s true – even fans must admit, that gmayl was a bad first single choice! and overall mdna-album was nice but far away from being a true outstanding work, unfortunately.

      • I tow the line

        I am not just saying this because I am a blind Madonna fan: I truly think MDNA is an excellent album, the best she has had since Music. Confessions is good but a bit overrated. American Life is interesting and has some gems. Hard Candy has a number of good songs. But MDNA is consistently good, has a pretty identifiable sentiment behind it (her lash out against Guy Ritchie), and some of the most interesting musical experiments of her career: the violent techno-ballad Gang Bang; the deceivingly simple but sonically layered I’m addicted; the bluegrass-infected, melody shifter, ironic but poetic Love Spent; the hypnotic, beautifully written Irish hyper-ballad Falling free; the operatic rap-rock song I don’t give a; the frank, bad-mouthed but precious I f*cked up; the herectic, psychedelic I’m a sinner; the abrasive, marginally misogynist disco stomper, Some girls, etc. “Far from being outstanding”? More like far from being appreciated for what it truly is, a dark, daring pop masterpiece.

      • saxxxx

        of course it’s a matter of taste. but for me, mdna is an excellent dance and bubble gum album and not more. i love to hear it, but it somehow really misses true soul and heart. even the slower numbers like love spent or best friend lack some kind of “true artistic involvement” – and i think you can hear taht.

        that’s ok! but i really hope that her next album shows more substance, because i’m really bored by all this dance-stuff that’s released nowadays. oh how i miss the good old times where a silent, dark, soulful album like ray of light was able to chart high worldwide…………unfortunately these days seem to be gone.

      • luca

        you are right about the horrible times we are living musically speaking…but MDNA is not bad at all…Love spent is full of soul…and I’ve fucked up is not bad at all…after one year and having listened the whole album repeatedly for at least seven monyhs I have to say that I really liked it…except for Girl gone wild that I find nboring

      • Kim

        More like, Rolling Stone writers have flaccid sausages. They are mingers, too, right ?

      • I tow the line

        hahahaha! you crack me up!!!!!!!!!!

      • Madonna

        Well, lets see, if you read between the lines, you will see how sneaky they are! According to Rolling Stones, the reason of Madonna’s success with the MDNA tour is because of Super Bowl. As if she couldn’t get that large of an audience without its aid! It is not a direct insult, yet an insult nonetheless!

      • Faggy Dyke

        It’s true tho, the superbowl helped her ticket sales in the US a lot. That’s what she should normally do before a tour. Live TV promo. Compare the europe numbers of this tour to the S&S tour and you’ll know what I mean.

      • Daniel

        And how the effing f**k would you know that? I could bet a million dollars that even without the effing super bowl Madonna would still gather as big of an audience. I have a simple argument to support this: she gathered more people in Europe than she did in USA!

    • K

      In an odd way, that has kept Madonna and us fans stronger. She just goes out and does what she wants to do, the way she want it done. And we fans stand by the Queen.

    • Felix

      You do realize it refers to “Rolling Stone Magazine” right?