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Video: Tom Kelly on writing “Like A Virgin”

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  • ray

    madonna needs to start thanking her old producers from the 80s the people that wrote alot of the songs shes famous for now n now she can still sell out stadiums because people wanna here her old music trust me if madonna had started out with the sonngs shes been singing now she would not have been sucessfull i hate when she says do u remember the rest of the words meaning when she is singing a old song wtf

  • anita nygreen

    Thanks for helping Madonna

    • K

      Hi Anita,

      It was Madonna who helped me with her music, videos and take on life. She helped me to get through the wilderness. I haven’t even met her in person yet.
      If I ever get to meet her, I think she is the most intresting conversation/ communication partner. I would never get tired of her.

  • rabbitbunny

    Ultimately in the Final Act-Like a Virgin-MDNA-is a sad ballad. How Madonna ultimately lost two Best Friends-Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie-done as a sad ballad-In Her Ciccone Voice of MDNA Sadness!

    • art?


    • K

      People don´t have to like everything an artist does. But I find it a pity that sometimes unconsciously and sometimes deliberately people look over some great pieces of art. They tried to dismiss like a virgin but they did not succeed. Thank God and the Goddess Madonna. The world would have been a boring place without Madonna´s like a virgin.

      But unfortunately there have been other Madonna works in de recent years that have been overlooked too quickly.

      I think Hard Candy is the most underrated album ever. At work I have saved some playlist on my computer. Today I have been listing to a play list. Regardless of whether it is Madonna or whoever else, only when you listen casually to an album or song you can judge it on its content properly without any prejudgments. Candy Shop is a pure subversive and funky gem. Listening to it, I got much more done than normal. And from the looks of it, a Candy Shop is waiting for me tonight. It is going to be great.

      I made this playlist two years ago before MDNA tour. Call it a coincident or taste similarities between the artist and the fan, but in my play list Candy Shop is followed by Erotica from the Confession Tour. Then it came Frozen the original album version, Give It To Me and Celebaration. I can’t exactly pinpoint what was playing in my mind at the time I made this list. But now this reminds me of the mysteries in life and how they interrelate and interplay. Candy Shop is a totally groovy in your face song that puts you in a playful mood, Erotica the Confession tour version is simply ecstasy, Frozen is a warning about being close minded and close hearted, Give it to Me is bursting lose and asking for what you want and think you deserve without any hesitation and Celebartion is simply Joy.

      Make that playlist and experience the effect yourself.
      Hey, now Hung Up has come on and nobody is around, so I am gonna get up and shake may ass across the office. It is going to be a great night.

  • I tow the line

    A very good song that Madonna has reinvented many times. I wonder what the songwriter thinks of the MDNA waltz version.

  • kyoto

    well i though madonna wrote that song about her last moment with her virginity i mean a really good sad story to say good bye for it, i made my imagination but wtf ??? i mean come on .. LIKE A VIRGIN HAS BEEN ALWAYS THE SISTER OF BILLIE JEAN. anyway is a good song but Madonna did it so magical way to lose the virginity moment

    • V

      The sister of Billie Jean ? Lika a Virgin is much better

  • K

    Intresting interview. It applys to a lot of things in life as well as to Madonna. Sometimes good things come out of writers block, from bubbling under, from the hard times and deep in the valley. When people take everything too serious things become too stiff/ stale.

    One of the lessons to be learned from this man and from Madonna is their ability to combine fun and seriousness. To me this song was a pop culture revolution and the ultimate postmodernism.

    At the time I came across someone who asked me “how can you take a song like this seriously?” . Well, now the joke is on the person who asked me that silly question.

    Like a Virgin is a music and video landmark and the crowning of queen of universe Madonna.