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…and the Oscar goes to Altuzarra

...and the Oscar goes to Altuzarra


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  • rabbitbunny


  • Anita Nygreen

    I never seen green leader, than on you, and on the pillows, in the train, which goes to Gutenburg, in Sweden.
    Take care

  • Nicky Prince of Pop

    I watched the Oscars and i wished when the category of Original Song that Maddy was on it last year with her (Masterpiece). She would took the award for sure. the management she have are a bit messy and not following up as it should be. The song must be the first to play at the Credits. and before that (Celebration Greatest Hits) must be corrected by the missing or replacing of names and information in the album.

    Now is the important. I know that there will be a new (Kill Bill vol3) so (Gang Bang) MUST be the soundtrack. And for God sake (I’m addicted) or (I don’t give A) a single before that


  • kyoto

    Natasha Fatale looks so gorgeous ….

  • kanaan

    great look, luv it…

  • day4night

    That’s a fun look. But why does she host an Oscar party? A Razzie party would be more appropriate..

    • kanaan

      cuz she has won some

    • Blackout

      cause she has two oscars for what she does for a living? Singing.

      • MFan

        yeah, but she didn’t get to keep them, unfortunately – cause she didn’t write either of them

      • Blackout

        Well they were covers, so of course she was not going to keep them. I think Academy Awards are a lil bit biased when it comes to her, if it weren’t for her vocals those songs wouldn’t have been the same. They’ve been around for 60 years yet Madonna was the first one to win an award with them, so she definitely deserved to take it instead.

  • freddy

    That’s an homage to the fabulous betty page, i love it

  • ????????????

    bleh!!! – what is she on? horrible look

    • Suave


  • maaaaq

    fantastic! cool! luv her – she’s so full of positive energy :-)