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Madonna is Billboard’s Top Money Maker!

1. Madonna

Thanks largely to her blockbuster MDNA tour, the Queen of Pop reigns at No. 1 on the Moneymakers list for a second time. (She first crowned the tally for earnings in 2008.) MDNA was last year’s -biggest tour ($305 million gross), and the No. 10 top-grossing trek of all time. The 88-date tour earned Madonna an estimated $32 million in 2012. The globetrotting tour also supported her MDNA album, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and generated $1.5 million in physical and digital album sales for the artist. Her first studio release under a 360 deal with Live Nation, MDNA was released and promoted through Interscope, with U.S. sales buoyed by a promotion in which tour ticket buyers had an option of receiving the album as part of their purchase.

Madonna is Billboard's Top Money Maker


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  • K

    I love the $Madonna$ picture on this thread. So perfect.
    caca eat your heart out.

  • pa

    madonna made more money tan that i undrstand her tours alone brought in billons dollars she should bring home close to 100millon dollars tat figure is wrong she is the top selling female tour arist so i bet it around in the 115 millon dollar range if her tours is grose almost 400 million there is no way she will get 34 6 millon dollar if that or tat just the us leg along wat about the uk leg of her tour

  • K

    The only real Queen who earns her own money and doesn’t cost the taxpayers any money.

    To me Madonna hasn’t changed a bit. She is still the hardworking driven girl, doing her thing the way she wants, giving most of us inspiration, something to remember and something to think about.

    And mark my word MDNA the tour and the album too, will be copied by the copycats like gaga and future copycats too

  • rabbitbunny


  • ph

    i think she would buy 3 or 2 houses for her bighest fans i am one of them i want one wat u say madge hit me up 4236597

  • ph

    madonna u earn it wit all the had work it pay off i thing u wort more becasuse madonna is the only female arist in history who tours gros over 300 million no other arist in history can genarte as much money as madonna when it comes to tours she is the queen congrast madge the queen

  • all

    wow shes the best:

  • Masterpiece

    I would love to have all the money she has.
    Madonna, could you buy a house for me and my family please?
    I’m one of your biggest fans.
    I wonder what she would do if I asked her to buy me a house.

  • Joe Jennings

    I love it! Meanwhile Lady Zerox waits for a hip replacement. HA!

    • ScottnNYC

      “Lady Xerox” LOL!!! But her medical issue isn’t anything to joke about.

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        Are you sure ?

  • Dita

    Congrats M! Hope You’ll always be No.1 in everything You do!
    Queen of The Universe <3 M (X)

  • Luca Adami

    Good news!!!! and can I say that MDNA the album was a very very very good album?…becuase this is exzctly what it was..and what it still is…i’m still listening to it…so stop criticizing so much…and sorry for my english…

    • k

      Your English is fine and gets better when you use it more often one step at a time. I agree with you that MDNA is a great
      album. That is exactly what it is. People should not criticize something when they don’t know what it is, what it means, what is indented to say with it, and the whole picture. I think all Madonna studio albums have been great to excellent. She has never had a mediocre album. Mediocre are mariah, tom, dicks and harrys, and other copycat gag and other wannabees. wannabees,

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Madonna offer gratitude, for those. Yes, groups of interest matter.
    Whom acknowledge your advocacy. LGBT awaiting financial assistance were not. Supported you tours gross appropriate. To
    appease LiveNation whom expect. Abundant sales Madonna, you’ll
    never. Receive acclaim as prior tours. Revenue generated due: high
    ticket sales! Anyhow LGBT organizations expect donations. Madgy!

  • I tow the line

    I am glad she is on the top spot because maybe she will use part of that money to reinvest in her own art (I am a fan of her film efforts as a director) or in new schools (or classrooms) in Malawi. But truth be told, who really cares if she is in the top 10 or top 20? I think her tour should be celebrated as the awesome show it was, and her album should be celebrated as an underrated, excellent album that deserves being listened to.

    That said, Maddy, please don’t rest on the laurels of your success and learn a lesson or two from the touring experience you just had: Yes, it was successful, both critically and financially. Yes, your show was awesome: Amazing visuals, ok to good vocals (except for the parts in which you lipsynched), inventive reinterpretation of classics (Like a Virgin and Open your Heart were WOW!), and you gave your all in each performance. But one thing bothered me: Why start the shows always SO late? We are talking of two to three hours late. Could you please try to organize things so you are only 30 to 1 hour late? People have to work the next day. And public transportation may be hard to find at such hours.

  • L4jo1e

    That means she touched only 10% of the total gross of the MDNA Tour.. I expected she touched at least 20%..

    • Roadwork

      THis is only her income from American leg of the tour.

  • Lucy McFadden

    These are clearly preliminary earnings figures as total tour revenues have yet to be tallied (ie Sticky and Sweet she earned $110 mil out of the 400 million dollars). Her tours have always operated in the 40% profit margin minus support % (ie Live Naiton, managers lawyers etc.). Perfume, clothing line, licensing, and shoe collection are all doing well. She is a money making machine.