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Madonna is still the Queen of Super Bowl!

Queen B couldn’t topple Madonna’s record for Super Bowl halftime ratings. Beyoncé’s halftime show megashow, which occurred in the 8 – 8:30 PM ET time slot, scored a 48.2/71; that’s down from the 48.1/72 of Madonna’s 2012 halftime performance.

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  • Stephan Harcrow

    Madonna had 116 Million Viewers…on the same telecast 111 Milion watched the Superbowl. The old saying still goes…”You don’t know what she will do…you just want to be there when she does it!” THANK YOU MADONNA!

  • Jfresh90210

    If the NFL were to let Gaga perform at Halftime then Madonna will NO LONGER be the Queen Of The Superbowl.

    • kyoto

      hahahahahah NICE JOKE

  • mloverdog

    Madonna is always the best! And these facts. But why we care, what Perez talk? I don’t care his opinion.

  • You’ll See

    Any news on “The MDNA Tour” Blu Ray and DVD?

  • Marc Velez

    Final numbers are in…Beyonce drew in 100mil viewers according to Deadine and SB Nielsen Nation, that’s far short from Madonna’s 116mil viewers…Neither the game nor Beyonce came close to Madonna’s record…That’s a huge drop in viewers, the NFL must not be happy!!!

    • Jfresh90210

      I personally think Lady Gaga deserved to play the halftime show. If Gaga were to play it I will bet anyone on here that she would get more viewers than Madonna did.

  • ScottnNYC

    I still think Beyonce was AWESOME!

    • Oscar Hamptonshire

      Madonna publicity machine all celebrities. Use this cause regarding Beyonce. Battle of labels so understand. Madame
      Beyonce endorsing Pespi yes. $50 million surpass Madonna
      endorsements. Beyonce not rival for Madonna. But Janet whom getting married to billionaire. Hasen’t release new album 2008.
      Younger artist get more publicity. Madonna your fighting not
      fans LiveNation. Best of luck release new title. Rest tour again.

  • pa

    i notice live nation anoch her tour in may madonna did the same thing did the superbowl and went on tour but the only thing madonna tour was hit i she calling herself queen carter but there is only one queen who rule the tours is madonna beyonce is noting but a cop cat

  • day4night

    oh wow that’s huge

  • K

    Madonna’s performance was watched by more viewers than last year’s and this year’s superbowl itself. Madonna was watched by more than 114000000 viewers.
    This year’s Superbowl(the game itself) was just slightly higher than the last year’s viewers( for the game but not the halftime).
    As a Madonna fan, i hate the game superbowl. To me Madonna has bigger balls than all those guys on the field put together. Madonna is a legend. The game and other starlets including prince come and go in the dustbin of the history..



    • K

      Thank god and the goddess, I stopped drinking soda/ Pepsi long time ago.

      Unfortunately due to some celebrity endorsements(byouunce)
      the unaware kids in the poor inner cities neighborhoods are going to drink more colas. I find it strange that the first lady of the united states on one hand wants to teach kids about healthy organic food, and on the other hand declares that she is proud of

  • Io

    I cant understand what the numbers mean. Can anyone explain please?

    • patrick

      it is a bit confusing. this is from wiki:

      Share is the percentage of television sets in use tuned to the program. For example, Nielsen may report a show as receiving a 9.2/15 during its broadcast, meaning that on average 9.2 percent of all television-equipped households were tuned in to that program at any given moment, while 15 percent of households watching TV were tuned into that program during this time slot. The difference between rating and share is that a rating reflects the percentage of the total population of televisions tuned to a particular program while share reflects the percentage of televisions actually in use

    • K

      By Liana B. Baker

      Mon Feb 4, 2013 6:26pm EST(Reuters) – “Sunday’s close Super Bowl contest between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers failed to beat last year’s game in total viewers, CBS Corp said on Monday.

      An average of 108.41 million viewers tuned in, compared with 111.3 million a year ago when the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots on NBC. CBS said it was the third-most-watched program in television history, behind last year’s Super Bowl and 2011’s match-up between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers, which garnered 111 million viewers.”
      Now it seems that even the game did not pull the same kind of numbers as the game last year.

  • ph

    madonna show was more better and the show rating was low

    • I tow the line

      what did you mean?

  • rabbitbunny


  • K

    No living artist is in Madonna’s league. They are all just playing
    Catch-up to Goddess Madonna. Madonna Rules. Beyounce will not have a significant surge in concert tickets sales.