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Madonna – The Brunette

Madonna - The Brunette


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  • Nicky Prince of Pop

    wow how can i compete with that! :) i simply can not
    she is a hun and adorable

    I watched the Oscars and i wished when the category of Original Song that Maddy was on it last year with her (Masterpiece). She would took the award for sure. the management she have are a bit messy and not following up as it should be. The song must be the first to play at the Credits. and before that (Celebration Greatest Hits) must be corrected by the missing or replacing of names and information in the album.

    Now is the important. I know that there will be a new (Kill Bill vol3) so (Gang Bang) MUST be the soundtrack. And for God sake (I’m addicted) or (I don’t give A) a single before that

  • NYC


  • Adam Raynbird

    stunning madonna i just love it!! xx

  • ScottnNYC

    Madonna looks gorgeous in any haircolor, as everyone knows. When she’s blonde, I think she looks better blonde….but when she’s brunette, I think she looks better brunette. After all, she’s the mother of reinvention and no one does it better.

  • rabbitbunny


  • Niko_sounds

    Watch brahim zaibat on pic with lola on purim party!

  • I tow the line

    Madonna is short for bellissiMA-donna!

  • elisa

    the mystery of madonna was much bigger without Instagram. I don’t want to see her horse, or her making fun with a moustache, and her valentines card. in the past we did not know where she was sometimes for weeks. much more interesting.

    • I tow the line

      there is always a debbie downer out there

      • ScottnNYC

        LOL!!!! So true, I tow….. :-)

    • wacko

      dont wanna see? dont look. simple as that:D

  • day4night

    She looks gut but why so serious?

  • Luca Adami

    No Madge!!!! I want you blonde

  • B*TCH

    she has become too much of an attention seeker lately

  • Roadwork

    Yes Ive been waiting for the brunette Madonna for years! She always looks so striking with black hair.

  • L4jo1e

    Purim Party, Los Angeles.

  • pg

    i dont like it it make her look odd i hope its a wig

    • Thomas

      It’s just a wig :) it’s for the annual Purim party

  • Hinda

    She really should switch back to her original hair color..It brings out her beautiful eyes

  • angelino

    she looks old..old old hag i luv u M go back to blond it gives u power

    • angelino

      and please mariah is planning to come back do smthn and kick her butt..we need a new platinum record

      • I tow the line

        jesus, mariah is so boring. who gives a sh*t? even lady gaga is boring these days… thank god we have Madonna.

      • glitzy housewife

        Mariah has a different demography, no competition.

    • Roadwork

      wow with fans like you who needs enemies. Your comments are vile, your old and haggard in the inside, so I wouldnt be giving Madonna advise.

      • Angelino

        I was just bein frank and sayin wat i feel i luv her and bein a fan doesnt mean u have always to flatter even bad stuff..if u care u shld criticize she is te best and i want her always to look her best so beat it

  • kyoto

    secret Project ,secret album… comming soon….

    • thomas

      Nope, she’s just dressed up for Purim party

  • indonesian

    umma thurman wanna be LOL!!

    • wtf

      The look is older than thurman “LOL!!”

  • *S

    she looks amazing!