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Madonna to auction outfits for Hurricane Sandy

Madonna is to auction her tour costumes to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.
The ‘Girl Gone Wild’ hitmaker visited some of the areas hit by last October’s superstorm – which caused millions of dollars worth of damage, particularly in New York and New Jersey – shortly after the natural disaster took place, and is now planning to do what she can to help those worst affected.
According to the New York Post newspaper, the 54-year-old pop star will sell off outfits including the majorette costume and caged basque which she wore on stage during her ‘MDNA’ world tour, as well as numerous props from the set.
The news comes after Madonna’s eldest daughter Lourdes, 16, made an impassioned appeal for people to help residents trying to rebuild their lives after the devastating hurricane.
Lourdes – who visited Far Rockaway in November with her mother to help relief workers box up supplies for locals – wrote on her blog: “It’s extremely important that we STILL do what we can because people still need help. This can be donating to hurricane relief or going down to the affected locations and helping out.
“My family and I went down to Rockaway a while back and the devastation was awful. It looked like the apocalypse and trash, rubble and tree branches were everywhere. We boxed provisions and gave them out to folks that needed them.
“It was actually really awesome to see how many people were there helping out and how many people cared. There has been an extreme amount of progress since the hurricane despite the damage done and it is very inspiring to see the city rebuild itself but there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done.”

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  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Awaited return for leisure Madonna. Success world tour: advocacy
    for LGBT. Rights well? Response to catastrophe for myself been. Involve with charities for relief Hurricane Sandy. Madonna is the publicity which don’t need. Why? Your “Pop” icon the dismal effort.

    Just auction of former customs. Madonna simple donation of cash
    tax. Write off, fully aware of procedure. Madonna next release slated late 2013 early 2014. Read this, Queen along others. Going decry superficial candor Madonna. Just talking without merit since reside. NYC racism towards LGBT residence. Besides legalization of marriage NY state. LGBT face humiliating bigotry from. Racist, NYC Feb 10 2013 Peter Chmeielewski. Call for police protection which. We pay taxes for civil services. Anyhow__Peter was harass with slander. Police officers turn there backs. Towards Peter n partner why? Assumption Gay men are HIV/AIDS positive. Dispute someone attempted steal Peter car. Police taken the report had gloves. Make statement to LGBT were contaminated? Hello, were and how! Wrote this draw illustration of neglect. From Madonna understand not faulting Madonna. Before cast stones internationally focus. Upon your back yard NYC were. Those whom
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    NYC has large LGBT population. Voice of equality is silenced why?
    Homophobic renderings of false assurance. Read this LGBT were
    fighting not. Backing down Madonna are you. Impartial towards
    LGBT empowerment. Either become are part or cease. Using the
    movement NYC LGBT organizations. Haven’t receive any donation
    from Madonna. Please rekindle the feelings Madonna. Assist us

    LGBT always supported you. Entertainment industry we need you.

  • K

    Madonna for president. The reasons:

    1- She is a woman with a vision.

    2- She gets things done.

    3- In her book nothing fails.

    4- She knows the value of money and hard work.

    5- She does not let money alone cloud her judgment and ultimately does what she thinks is the right thing to do.

    6- She takes advice, but doesn’t allow others to dictate to her.

    7- She is a responsible person.

    8- She has earned her own money and doesn’t need to enrich herself with public’s money.

    9- She is the ultimate cross borderline diplomat because she is culturally diverse, thinks and sees things from different angles. She recognizes and can reach out to people from different backgrounds. See her song Bittersweet on You Tube, the one with the video background that was used at the opening of reinvention tour.

    10- Behind the pop -stage, behind the show, theatrics and the celebrity world in which she lives in, there is a very intelligent compassionate, meticulous, articulate, communicative ALFA woman who cares about many things outside of her own boundaries .

    Lourdes is very lucky to have a mother like Madonna and even if she has few of Madonna’s qualities in her DNA, which she does, I am sure she is going to make a great humanitarian person. If one has a mother who is considered the ultimate material glamour, other people cannot influence her easily. I am sure Lourdes is not going to be impressed with starlets like the wig changing caga or soda promoting byonce. That way she can directly map out her own vision and focus on achieving it.
    Lourdes, you are doing great. Keep up the good work. Your mother is proud of you. We Madonna fans are proud of you too because you represnt the things that are good about your mother(planting good seeds)

    • TizzynotsuckingLizzy

      Baffled what response for Madonna. Lately, Ms. Material
      no longer media. Attention understand celebrities are
      equated. By there signature legacy. Madonna basic sexual,non conformed,integrity and allure. These are
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      Promises made from Madonna advocacy. Talk ignored
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      Madonna not. Obligated refrain from speaking without. Allowing participates of organizations of oppression. Bye.

  • Billie

    Ok so this means no second leg of the tour? I guess she’ll be on the road again when she’s 58.

    • Vanessa

      And why not.

  • day4night

    ok, something good MUST come out of that terrible majorette costume.

    • Faggy Dyke

      Lmfao. She should have sticked with the beautiful halftime costume. Well thank god that tour is over, let’s hope she’s working on a good album.

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

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    • Michael Dalton

      Umm, what hell the does essay mean? Understand me not.

      • Oscar Hamptonshire

        Michael your bemusing apparently gotten. Your attention
        when find yourself. I’ll decide to response moron! Creep!

  • the flop phenomena

    girl gone wild hitmaker…since when ggw has been a hit…

    • K

      It may have missed the radio or better said the radio may have missed Girl Gone Wild, but nevertheless it became a hit on the dance floors everywhere. Just like the song Everybody. There is a Club in every corner of the universe and Madonna’s songs will always be played there. The Video for Girl Gone Wild is already a envelope pushing, stylish and classic. When we Madonna fans decide that something is a hit. Then it is or it becomes a hit. We smell a hit from miles away. That is the way it is as it always has been. So learn to live with it.

      Nothing Really Matters, Get together,,,, they became a hit on the dance floor and went on to become classics. They are among the best songs ever produced.

      L haha gaga may score a hit on the radio, but believe me it will not last long and will disappear in the dustbin of the history. Can anybody here remember whoriah’s cry me a river hits? They sounded all the same.
      The onlything I know gaca for is her wig and the horse face because her songs are worthless.

      • dita

        ggw envelope pushing? did I miss something…?!?!

      • K

        Look a little closer & you’ll find out.

  • Eddie

    Why I do admire and respect Madonna’s decision to auction off costumes, etc… to help those poor folks, I can’t help but think:
    Just donate a bunch of money already!

    • Faggy Dyke

      Lol, mte, it’s not like she doesn’t have any. I can’t with these popstars…

    • Vanessa

      She probably does anyway.

  • K

    Good Going Lourdes. Just like your mother, I am sure you will help with good deeds.

  • Swifty73

    Well done Madonna, Hope her costumes raise a good amount of money for those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

    • TizzynotscrewingLizzy?

      Mention libraries and school of arts. Detroit and Long Beach Madonna in 90’s. Forgotten your choice
      no longer. Bother expound on misdeeds no obligation. Madonna leave LGBTQ rights alone. So
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