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Madonna’s Blond Ambition on Q Magazine’s 10 Greatest Gigs of All Time List

from Q Magazine (March 2013 Issue)

Madonna's Blond Ambition on Q Magazine's 10 Greatest Gigs of All Time ListMadonna's Blond Ambition on Q Magazine's 10 Greatest Gigs of All Time ListMadonna's Blond Ambition on Q Magazine's 10 Greatest Gigs of All Time List

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  • Roadwork

    That Like A Virgin performance is just a masterpiece. Thats when I started dreaming about Madonna. This is the Mythological Madonna. The performance, the costume, the musical arrangement, everything was perfect. I hope she understands what this image means to the mass public. This is how people like to think of her. She needs to build on that, and remember that the public likes to think of her as the Mythological Madonna with awestruck reverence.

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Deliriousness, of Blonde Ambition tour critics. Assume just: mediocral
    production wrong? Madonna gotten_besotted with theatrical. Concepts only fraction of songs conveyed. egomania of beauty Madonna reverted sexual. Melodramatic theme of sexual thrust yes.
    Critics just thought, Madonna would. Continue style of former tours.
    Note: Madonna message to tour critics. Wanted audience diverse
    Madonna as woman. Gotten tour support as rock bands and male
    singers. Only flaw of Blonde Ambition was. lack of video screens in
    larger arenas. Why? During 80’s and 90’s audience didn’t. Mind watching video screen take account. Digital technology wasn’t there.
    Madonna introduce to touring promoters. Women can receive acclaim as others. Production of Blonde Ambition influence artist. Still
    Madonna bought fashionable style each. Tour never emulated bye.

    • Oscar Hamptonshire

      Madonnaphiles this performance gotten Madonna. Acclaim the
      discography didn’t convey musical. Expression of the tour but
      total production. Gotten the audience excited Madonna. Presently, reverted attraction on concert. Venue go Madonna!

  • ScottnNYC

    Blond Ambition will probably be her most iconic tour but, creatively, she hadn’t yet peaked. Drowned World and The Confessions Tours were absolutely incredible on an artistic level. The best of the best. But, she was never more famous or fierce than during Blond Ambition, so it makes sense that it made this list. IMO, the only ‘bad’ tour she did was Reinvention but that was at a strange part of her creative life.

    • I tow the line

      I concur with you in that the Reinvention is her weakest tour, but any other artist putting a show like the reinvention would have been lauded. I think each individual number in the reinvention was really good, but she didn’t really find a narrative arc that worked that well for all the blocks. After the darkness/exuberance of the beast within/vogue, nobody knows me was a good segue way, but frozen was totally misplaced. I think the best block was the one with hanky panky and deeper and deeper, and then the one with into the groove; I couldn’t connect with the war-related one, even if I truly loved America Life and the songs included in the block. But the others didn’t really have a flow and hung together more like a playlist. The girlie show, confessions, sticky and sweet and the MDNA tours are all great examples of how this narrative flow worked better, particularly in confessions and MDNA tours. Her masterpiece may be the Drowned World Tour, though. I can’t think of one misstep in that show, and it just hangs together so well, and it also helped that the albums being promoted (ray of light and music) were brilliant.

  • JM

    Girlie Show was her best IMO. All her shows are amazing but the best is dependent on your individual opinion.

    • I tow the line

      The Girlie show was so amazing!!!!!

  • day4night

    She was at the top of her game back then. It’s been a slow but steady decline since that. But you still get to see a glimpse of her old glory every once in awhile.

    • Oscar Hamptonshire

      Concur, reason critics,fans and productions. Revert “Blonde
      Ambition” tour, wasn’t so much. Madonna’s best concert tour,just immaculate. To become political correct without. Neglect what sold this tour innovative was. Theatrical, efficient choregraphically_musical introduction. Of innovative style, of Madonna whom. Seeking Blondest boldness illumination. Image Madonna wasn’t trying emulate former. Celebrities this envy among those devoid
      logical. Insight, Madonna captivated critics upon. Stardom!

      Regarding, hair coloring a joke! Remember the tour within 7yrs. my dear. Madonna continue becoming artistically, ingenious. Character was “vixen” or siren of beauty. Too many implausible upon the concept. Of the tour what sold Blonde Ambition. Madonna was alluring had plenty media. Attention Oscars 1991 whom, the Blonde Goddess?

      Madonna…stole the show gotten acclaim within 7yrs. Madonna interest with arts not basic. Concert tour shown Madonna was sincere. Conveying artistic, excellence wow, this 23yrs. Ago Madonna, time assist the LGBT organizations. Since we taught the arts!

  • Alex Rider

    Certainly an unforgettable tour but others, like the last one, are also huge.

  • I tow the line

    the blond ambition is groundbreaking. she may have peaked then, but she hasn’t come out of that peak. she is in a league of her own. she is peerless, and what she does in concert is so unique. she was still pushing the boundaries of creativity and musical spectacle in her MDNA tour. she just gets better and better, and so do her shows.

  • L4jo1e

    Her most iconic tour, everybody will remember this one more than the others.