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Video: Brahim talks Valentine’s Day Plans

Madonna’s boyfriend, dancer/model Brahim Zaibat, walked the runway at Wednesday’s Jeremy Scott Fall 2013 fashion show at New York Fashion Week, where he revealed to ET his Valentine’s Day plans with his girlfriend of two years.
“Go out, have dinner or something like this, watch a movie — like everybody else,” he said. “Valentine’s Day for me is every day. There is no one day for love. If you love, it’s every day.”


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  • Marcos

    I think he is sexy!

  • Daniel

    he is cute, very cute and adorable.. but he’s not a model

  • pg

    i wonder if he and madonna is have great sex is he put her in 4 type of postion

    • kyoto

      wtf ????

  • ScottnNYC

    He’s gorgeous, hot and seems like a sweet guy.

  • Blackout (reloaded)

    Omg, the comments here are hilarious!!

    • Wtf

      “Kim Kardashian is the most flawless creature on earth. She is literally perfection *__* oh and Kanye is ok :/”

      Yours are, mate lol

      • Blackout (reloaded)

        Those are mostly the comments I post. There’s nothing wrong with entertaining yourself with the internet lol

  • victor

    I love him! He is the sweetest guy she has ever been with

  • I tow the line

    AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! He is so cute!!!!!!! Looking better as he ages.

  • filler galore

    gift card for a new face lift would be a great idea!

    • I tow the line

      And I will give u a gift card for for a new brain, u jerk. A cheap one will be already an improvement over the bean-sized one you have.

    • tamara


    • ScottnNYC

      LOL!….but I don’t think she needs a gift certificate for anything. She pays the bills and makes the rules.

    • haddy daddy

      Poor thing. And you want us to chip in for you ?

  • day4night

    wow..he’s not allowed to speak. Madonna will be pissed. Those two aren’t in any way romantically engaged, it’s just PR. Zero chemistry.

    • Daniel

      day4night is still around and still just as delusional as ever!! Pretending like you know the inside life of Madonna is rather ignorant to me!

    • guest

      Madonna has never come across as the type who would do that.

    • guest

      Madonna has never come across as the type who would do that.