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Instagram: Madonna for Peace in Syria

“Peace In Syria! Peace in Egypt! Peace in Russia! Democracy and freedom for all! The Revolution Of Love is in our Hands!”

Madonna calls for peace in Syria

Madonna via Instagram

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • no to war against Syria

    Obama is a war criminal.
    Stop Obama. He supported and armed the rebels in Syria.

  • predictable

    m desperately trying to be in the media…

  • a

    Symbolism could be a new art

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  • day4night

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  • j

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  • ED


    • zelda34

      She tried decades to help him but he never got away from drugs. She is not his mother and has an own family. He spoiled it alone.

      • day4night

        sure he’s a nasty old drunk but she should help him nevertheless.

      • day4night

        she gives horrible example to her own children.

      • Marianne

        Being a sister to an alcoholic my self, I can only say that you get to a point where you realize, that what ever you do, you cannot help some one who will not help them selves. Giving him money or pay anything for him (except rehab) is supporting his addiction. It is very sad, and it is hard to live with. Trust me – I know. The only thing I can to, is to be there, if he ever reach his own limit and realize he has a problem. Any AA group will tell you the same.

      • day4night

        well, she’s certainly not ‘there’ for him. A lot of trauma in that family..

    • Felix

      Oh you mean by giving him money and then he can buy more booze? Or better yet: confine him into rehab against his will. You obviously know nothing about having an addict in the family.

  • ed

    Of course she needs to say something so she stays in the media.
    Shut up Madonna, put your grills on and shut up!

    • vasidis

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  • rabbitbunny

    Agree with you Madge!!