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Instagram: Madonna with Haiti PM

The Prime Minister Of Haiti! Laurent Lamothe, A man with a vision and a big heart! @jphro #revolutionoflove

Madonna with Haiti PM

Madonna via Instagram

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • day4night

    Young face, old hand

    • E

      So? She´s 55!

    • Marianne

      What do you expect? She looks great. NeXT time post a picture of your self and write your age, so we Can jugde.

  • E

    She´s cute!!

  • ph

    wat is madonna next project is it an ablum or a flim if it is another ablum it should be more r and b love ballate and pain sadness and joy if it a movie it should me more about pain and suffering or a line of fashion wit cloths shoes bags beauti makeup wat next madge

  • Vanessa

    Looking cute and doing good.