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Official: Madonna and Boyfriend Brahim Zaibat Break Up

The 55-year-old pop star and her boyfriend Brahim Zaibat have broken up, a rep for the singer confirms to E! News. No word on why Madonna and the 25-year-old dancer went their separate ways, but some are speculating the couple ended their three-year relationship because of busy and conflicting schedules.
Zaibat, who worked as a backup dances during Madonna’s recent MDNA world tour, is currently competing on the French version of Dancing With the Stars.
Madonna and Zabat’s last big red carpet appearance together was at the Met Gala in NYC back in May. The former lovebirds walked the carpet together in coordinating punk-inspired outfits and posed for pics as a couple.
The duo was also spotted last week at an NYC Kabbalah center.
Before Zaibat, Madge dated model Jesus Luz. She also has daughter Lourdes with ex Carlos Leon, son Rocco with ex-hubby Guy Ritchie and adopted son and daughter, David and Mercy.
Meanwhile, Madonna recently visited Haiti with her ex-husband Sean Penn. Penn invited his ex to tour the nation with him as part of his J/P Haiti Relief Organization’s earthquake relief efforts.
Madonna’s posted tons of pics of her family trip to the Caribbean island. “The Prime Minister Of Haiti! Laurent Lamothe, A man with a vision and a big heart! @jphro #revolutionoflove,” she captioned one pic of her and Lamothe.

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  • Madonna’s Cunt-Lips

    I have been waiting for this day for a very long time. I always used to hate Brahim snug fúcking face whenever he would walk around with Queen Madonna.
    He had this expression of arrogance and affluence like he and Queen Madonna were some sort of “power couple” like Brad and Angelina…..uhhhh NO!!
    She didn’t even take you to ONE red carpet event. He must’ve knew his place at some level.
    I knew she would keep until the end of the tour and eventually he’ll fade away once she grew tired of his åss.
    I don’t know why, but I just HATED this guy so much. Because he acted like he was in Madonna’s inner circle, and dude you need to watch Truth or Dare and see the blonde black dancer.
    That is what YOU were in the MDMA Tour.
    I have been waiting for this day for a very long time.
    Christmas came early for this Madonna fan!!!! :D

  • gm

    am sure by the end of tis year m will land her another hotter looking toy boy lets face it wit brahim he made a name for himself and some money by him being her toyboy no love lost I here in the press tat sean penn are hooking up tat don’t seems like madge type he is way to old for her madge said she don’t like old men

  • B.L

    Just M-Evolution.

  • vit ea

    I also saw it coming in pulsing squirts….white and hot

    • Zue

      Only intelligent hot people should type things like that.

  • ph

    every body saw it comeing no aftacttion on his behalfe at all i saw more charmastry between her and her ex jesus luz and guyritchie tan him all madonna needs to do now is drowned herself in work by going to the studio and work on an new ablum sean pean is a no no tat will be a big mistake madge madge u will find ture love

    • Zue

      Comma’s, please.

  • day4night

    i’m sure Brahim will miss the daily visits to the Kabbalah Centre. And Madonna is now free to hook up with Rocco’s friends.

    • fb

      Are you being sarcastic? (…I’m being sarcastic)

  • Freddie DeMann

    I bet Madonna and Sean are back together !! Now they’re older, mature, evolved human beings. Maybe their relationship will work out this time around because they are both parents (Sean has 2 children and Madge 4) and they can do a new movie together, a new version of “Cheaper by the dozen”…LOL LOL LOL

  • just beat her up

    now, let’s see sean penn round 2. LoL I bet her house in NY gonna be a big fight arena…

  • Grandma with $$$

    who’s gonna be her next victim? poor next toy boy, but well at least the guys get some profit out…

  • Roadwork

    I almost feel sorry for Madonna’s ex boyfriends like Brahim. I mean how do go from hanging with Madonna back to your regular life. Im sure she showed him things that made his head spin. I love Madonna for that. If she doesn’t feel loved, if she doesn’t feel taken care of, if she doesn’t feel protected, she moves on. Good for her. She don’t need to settle for second best. She practices what she preaches. Sorry Im not trying to make puns, she has such an archive it just happens.

  • luca

    Madge and sean together?…it would be great..a love burning tbrough the years..

  • day4night

    Poor Madge she got used and dumped. Again.

  • Danilo s

    “All the single ladies, all the single ladies
    All the single ladies
    Now put your hands up”

  • Alex

    Madge + Sean Penn back together?
    Please be true! :)))

    • Marianne

      You must be crazy. He usted to beat her………