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Photo: Madonna at Beyonce’s concert

Madonna attended Beyonce’s concert in New York last night

Madonna attended Beyonce's concert in New York last night

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  • Vanessa

    I wouldn’t go see Beyonce for free.

  • ph

    well am no fan of beyone brillant how she drope her ablum witout promoting it to sells ablums i wonder if she will have longlasting gavatiy like madonna has you dont lable no one as a queen unless u been around a long time and u made in impact on people lives tis just one acomplisment beyonce has madonna micheal jacksons elivs presley and donna suummer there have been lable names but beyonce a queen i dont no let me give yall a realaity mind blower there s only one queen that her myajastiy tat the queen of pop madonna knew as madge the matrial girl and your madjasity

  • Jeks

    I hope that Queen M “learns” some good things from Queen B. Like not distroy your old hits. Like giving us what we want for once! She can do so much better than MDNA tour. And MDNA tour was really good compared to Hard Candy…

  • Gregory

    Oh, look…she’s with her sister !! Good to see Madonna spending some quality time with her siblings…Merry X-mas and Happy New Year, Madge !!

    • ?

      Doesn’t look like her sister ?

  • K

    I do NOT like Beyoncé. She is not queen material.

  • ogurlpls

    well it seems she has passed on her throne to BeyoncĂ© … she called her the queen!

    • Hot

      She called her queen B, which means ‘second’ apart from the initial of her name. That’s different.