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Video: Madonna introducing Justin Timberlake on SNL

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  • Roadwork

    Madonna loves awkward moments. That’s when she comes alive the most. It makes her feel alive when things seem awkward, when the audience is uncomfortable, when the host doesn’t know what to do next, and this is when she is at her best and funniest. That energy is very palpable to her. No one else can do that. You know why because she is confident. REAL Madonna fans know this.

    • day4night

      exactly. That’s why i love her acting. It’s so perplexing

  • deolivarius

    She’s getting more and more awkward. *urgs* …

    • Awkward

      Nothing awkward about that. Maybe you’re a little twee ?

  • fb

    the banner at the top of this page is advertising anti-aging creams lol

    • /

      You already said that on another post. Boring, mate ! ;P

  • Beltra

    I had no idea she was going to be on the show last night and when I tuned in to watch Jimmy Fallon I was surprised!! She is amazing and looked fantastic