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Guy Oseary: Madonna to start working on new album soon

…as U2 readies a new album for late spring/early summer and a reunion with longtime label Island Records, Madonna is preparing a return to the studio for the follow-up to 2012’s MDNA (“She’s eager to get started,” Oseary says), while he’s poised to take on an even broader role with Live Nation under Michael Rapino (No. 4). “We have a lot of great ideas and plans for the future. I’m excited for us to get started soon.”

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  • Phoenix10567

    I hope the Cowboy/Cowgirl hat is a glimpse of the new album! Madonna should rock it with the guitar!

  • Frozen

    If Madonna wants to be “number one” again, she will have to release an album as good as the albums “Ray Of Light”, “Music” and “Confessions On A Dance Floor”. And her next world tour should be as good as the tours “Sticky & Sweet Tour”, “The Confessions Tour”, “Drowned World Tour” and “Blond Ambition Tour”

  • egis

    Guy Oseary will spoil it all.Madge doesn`t listen to her own instincts anymore that`s why she flops..

  • Marcos

    It’ll be a dream came true if she works with Patrick Leonard!

  • rabbitbunny

    It will be her best yet! Madonna will cry once more!!!!

  • de Sascha

    I hope she is doing something different this time.
    MDNA was better than Hard Candy in my opinion.
    But both albums weren’t really smooth.
    I hope this time she gets it right. No rush!

    • Madonna fan

      Hard Candy was better than MDNA

  • newera

    make a great new album and stay away from mainstream DJs

  • ???

    as long as m plays it safe, we will get outputs like confessions, hard candy, celebration+revolver, mdna…in short, not worth listening…

    • Frozen

      “Confessions” is one of her best albums.

      “Celebration” and “Revolver” are wonderful songs.

      “MDNA” is a bad album (it has some good songs but in general is a very bad album).

      • Frozen

        I forgot to say:
        “Hard Candy” is a very bad album, it is one of her worst albums but it has some very good songs: “4 minutes”, “Give It 2 Me”, “Miles Away” and “Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You” (the rest of the album is terrible).

      • Madonna fan

        The Beat Goes On is good

  • please wait 10 years

    please m, no new album. enough with your uninspired musical outputs. duets etc.

  • artis

    great, but please NO more djs in the new album!!!!! not one silly song again. find true musicians, edgy and unknown, don’t play safe. DARE!

  • Jeff

    Her last two albums have been “ok” hopefully she has gotten the hint and really makes an effort on the next one. Regardless, I am always excited for new music from her

  • rotic sit e come alive

    Guy oseary is going to work for live nation? Hasnt he worked w. Her for many years? Or is this in addition to being hrr mgr?

  • glmky

    m does good on tours, yes true. but her musical output over the last 6 years is very, very weak. and I wonder how long people will attend her concerts, when musically the focus is on her bland, weak music, spiced up with some old hits…

  • Cummbottom

    Possible reunion with Patrick Leonard whom. Eager to write songs with Madonna. Besides former productions so many. Talented writers producers whom talent. Could enhance Madonna, ego yeah. Apparently there hesitations with LiveNation. Come on Madonna why hide it. Guy your former CEO/President of [ Maverick Records__great. Idea during resigning era of 90″s. Okay can’t recapture former glory. Madonna if you listen not self vanity. American media is tired of you. Believe your latest incidents didn’t get. Attention besides you’ve made. Contributions to the arts not LGBTQ society. Fans
    expect quality title not some. Trying become latest fad admit this.
    Seeking favors of Timberland producer! A laugh this “clown” why.
    Fans frowning of productions Madonna. Time for new title 2014.

    • gtfo

      Why not spell like a human, instead of a troll-ish wannabe with short attentionspan into verbal diarrhea ?

      • Cummbottom

        What is this response? Elucidation__simply don’t wast my time. Purchase a life or something trash!!

  • over and ou

    fire guy o. !!!

  • WOPIiii

    late spring/early summer this year? :O

    • pendant

      Wishful thinking. Probably in Nov., maybe with a tour in the new year. I hope she doesn’t rush it like MDNA. She sort of sounds like Guy Oseary’s slave.