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Instagram: In the blink of an eye

“In the blink of an eye everything can change! Why waste time? #artforfreedom”


Madonna via Instagram

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  • ex-queen

    madonna has become one of the many trash popstars…

  • Tall Artist (studied)

    Back to her roots … 50’s 60’s glasses

  • Latinazza (X-Files Betch)

    Her skin looks like a mannequin’s. Pure plastic. Fartdonna has indeed become a “material” girl.

    • Tall Artist (studied)

      More interesting looking, than the blando face in your avatar. I bet your idea of interesting is Desperate Housewives ! LOL *ewww*

  • Blackout

    Old fugly LOSER

    • lol

      says the ugly country bumpkin

  • bubble attack

    yeah, yeah…blabla…m on instagramm, bubble gum, blubblub

  • Barneyy

    I love that she’s quoting Intervention lyrics. <3 I want another American Life – like album

  • de Sascha

    I wonder