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Instagram: Madonna’s New Year Resolution!

My New Years resolution! 2014. Is mine! Bring It! #artforfreedom

Madonna's New Year Resolution

Madonna via Instagram

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates

    looking forward to m’s next album flop.

  • hmmm

    a-rod, jesus luz, brahim, and now another toyboy, Timor

    I wonder if her kids can keep up with how many boyfriends she’s had since she cheated on Guy, and made sure that they took the brunt of the bad publicity by parading them in front of the paps.

    • Incest galore

      I wonder, probably she starts dating Rocco when he’s 21 LoL

  • Nicky Prince of Pop

    we happy new year to all

  • ph

    madge i wish tis year bring you joy and happiness and sucess may you find ture love and own it darling own what is yours and nobody elase own own it

    • guest

      You need to work on your trolling skills, your IQ shows