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Picture: Madonna and Miley at MTV Unplugged

Madonna and Miley Cyrus perform onstage during Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged at Sunset Gower Studios on January 28 2014 in Hollywood, California. Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged premieres on January 29, 2014 on MTV at 9/8 PM.

Madonna and Miley at MTV Unplugged

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  • There ya go

    I cannot stand Miley, and the performance was cute. Would never had thought I’d say that.

    • There ya go


    • There ya go


  • Frozen

    I can’t believe it. What the hell are you doing Madonna?

    • Cummbottom

      …apparently someone can see the. Intimidation of what?
      Certainly not Miley whom going. Remembered soon along
      Kate Perry. Madonna you stood your ego against. Gwen
      and Lady ? Why false pursuit of appeal to Miley. Well, she is big what? Inaccurate not aboard just feeling. Old Madonna critics laughing at you. For once, can actual see. The damage giving potential fans. Reason not listen to your next. Release 2014 rumor thinking about. Debut
      current non talent as many. Madonna your “joke” without
      speaking. Worst ever non talent trashy. Miley not concept
      just being. Around those so called popular. Your lose bye.

  • L4jo1e

    the only good thing about it is that she seems to look better there than for the grammy

  • maddyocre

    the 80s and 90s m would have asked to shoot her if she ever teamed up with pop trash like this one

  • Tommy Harmon Jr.

    Worst pic of Madonna ever!

    • Excuse Me

      Dude. With your avatar/style you shouldn’t comment on looks.

  • Gawan LO

    no i do think they both are good!

  • ava

    Madonna for everyone! :)

  • Idro

    I love it

  • Elena

    Noooo!! Not Miley! Don’t see any artistic expression or anything unique in Miley’s “art”. Madonna wants to stay popular. But she is popular and will always be. Is that her only way of not be forgotten while she has no album? I’d prefer her concentrate her creativity on some really magic future album like ROL or Music or COTDF instead of that collaboration.

  • de Sascha

    Madonna’s having quite a few tv appeareances recently. Nice to see. Not sure about Miley though…

  • ohhhNOOOO

    oh no, not miley cyrus. it’s so sad.

  • day4night

    i just feel so sorry for her..