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Pictures: Madonna at the Grammy Signings

Madonna attended the Grammy Charities Signings in Los Angeles (January 25 2014)

Madonna attended the Grammy Charities Signings in Los Angeles (January 25 2014)

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  • Bart Willemse

    Love Madonna!

  • Truth or Dare

    MDNA LoL

  • de Sascha

    Kudos to Madonna! She can look great if she wants to… She looks buff in those pics! She’s up to something… No matter what people say &write about her, well, usually not so nice things, she’ll be cheered at the grammys….
    Especially during her performance… It’s been a while!

  • Sebastian

    Actually she signed all the 4 + the guitar. Those itens will be on a Grammy charity auction to support new musicians and struggling music schools and music institutions….

    • Cummbottom

      Madonna actually considering offering. Donations note:
      wasn’t financial. Just selected items Madonna. Offer believe the article Madonna cares. Dare assist aspiring
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  • Nicky Prince of Pop

    I am setting see the Grammy for the 1st time ever live.
    Only for Madonna… it will be i think 23Uhr in Deutschland:

    USWCBS 20:00 – 23:30 (time 210 minutes)

    The 56th Annual Grammy Awards Galas+Preisverleihungen

    Festivities at Staples Center in Los Angeles honor
    excellence in the recording industry scheduled performers include Daft
    Punk Kendrick Lamar Imagine Dragons P nk and Nate Reuss LL Cool J hosts.

    • Nicky Prince of Pop

      And i wish Madonna will perform a mega-mix of her songs. Last time she were in the Grammy was 2006 (Hung Up).

      This year she have not yet a new single or an album to promote. so this is in away wired. But i am thrilled to wait and to see her again ^^

      • L4jo1e

        lol you will be disappointed, she will performs the song ‘same love’ with macklemore and ryan lewis.

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        .It all became a silly game, some things cannot be bought

        I got exactly what I asked for, wanted it so badly

        Went running, rushing back for more

        I suffered fools so gladly

        And now I find I changed my mind

        I found a new religion

        Face the truth

        No substitute for love

        I will wait for you

        No substitute for love

        I travelled ’round the world, looking for a home

        I found myself in crowded rooms, feeling so alone

        I had so many lovers who settled for the thrill

        Of basking in my spotlight

        I never felt fulfilled

        And now I find I changed my mind

        I found a new religion

        I’ve had a change of heart

        I’ll make a brand new start

        No famous faces, far off places, trinkets I can’t buy

        No handsome stranger, heady danger, drug that I can’t try

        No ferris wheel, no heart to steal, laughter in the dark

        No one night stand, no far off land, fire that I can’t spark

        ‘Cause I’ve climbed the tree of life

        And that is why, no longer scared if I fall
        I’m not religious

        But I feel such love

        Makes me want to pray.

        (and madonna is one love ti me)

  • Truth and not much DARE

    can’t wait for another hideous performance of hers. m def. knows how to F*ck up her career

    • Angelino

      S*ck it


    what’s that? selecting the worst album out of the 4 on the table. but her choice is right, mdna…LoL

    • Angelino

      And u r so stupid lol

      • ELUX

        how uptight…sometimes irony hurts

  • a

    david has grown