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Pictures: Madonna in Los Angeles (January 28 2014)

Madonna with Timor Steffens, leaving a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles (January 28 2014)

Madonna in Los Angeles (January 28 2014)Madonna in Los Angeles (January 28 2014)

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  • Barneyy

    Love the lashes! she looks like herself again :)

  • ScottnNYC

    She looks beautiful…and a lot like Jenna Jameson!

  • E

    She’s sooo pretty without the grillz and fillers!! And who said you can’t have a younger partner?? Men are doing it all the time so why shouldn’t Madonna?!

    • ScottnNYC

      Without the fillers???? Her face is fully plumped with fillers but she looks awesome.

  • Gawan LO

    why she always wears the gloves?

    • wow

      Are you stupid ?

      Have you not paid attention to her career from the 80’s to now ?

      HOW can one ask such a STUPID question ?

      Look at her “Boy Toy” days, fingerless gloves are A STAPLE OF HERS SINCE THE 80’s


    • ScottnNYC

      She has worn the same style gloves since before she was famous. Check out the vintage photos of her as a struggling dancer/singer in NYC from over 30 years ago. It’s her style.

  • Sebastian

    She’s beautiful (as ever), but I have to say hate the gloves and the grillz !! It just doesn’t suit her well…

  • SDR

    I love her. I just do. She feels like home. Thanks M!

  • EA

    She looks hot but he looks like something from the seaside heights section of the jersey shore. She can do way better

  • S E X

    i bet she had a big sushi roll

  • Roadwork

    She looks gorgeous….

    • Jawan Carson

      yeah she does :) by the way babe, are you following me on tumblr?? Am I following you?

  • rotic sit e come alive

    Holy fuckballs I love his jacket

  • de Sascha

    Wow! Is that Madonna! She looks real cool! And on those pics like she asn’t agedsince the 80’s & 90’s! She should maybe always make an effort to look nice… She obviously can if she wants to!

    • Paul

      She is getting more desparate by the day, poor kids

      • Roadwork

        desperate is coming on here every post and saying how desperate she is. You are the desperate one and everyone can see it…

      • de Sascha

        To dress nicely is desperate… If Madonna performs it’s desperate, if she tours, releases new music, blah… It’s all supposed to be desperate attemps by Madonna… She can do what she wants and she is over desperation… All those young kids seem to be desperate for Madonnas attention

      • Vanessa

        No, you are just a suburban f*rt