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Pictures: Madonna on the set of Miley’s MTV Unplugged

Madonna and Miley Cyrus perform onstage during Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged (January 28 2014)

Madonna and Miley Cyrus perform onstage during Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged (January 28 2014)

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  • SDR

    Your comments are so ugly. Madonna performed for you tonight. She has been showing her support! Where is yours????

  • Jellynyc

    The only good thing about this is that at least Madonna brought back the album Music era ! Which is one of her best eras ! Music was her last number one song. 14 years ago

    • Frozen

      You’re right. “Music” is one of her best albums.

      She should release an album as good as “Music”

  • M

    M, R.I.P

    • Paul

      Just when we thought she couldn’t sink any lower!

      • S E X

        this is like m’s new alltime low…what’s next?

      • Vanessa

        No, it isn’t, it was cute.

  • You’ll See

    This is terrible. Where is the true Madonna (1982 – 2009)? I miss her!!!!

    Madonna has been behaving in a stupid way since 2010. I don’t know what’s wrong with her but she’s not the talented artist she used to be.

    Madonna’s decline (2010 – 2013).
    Let’s see what she does in 2014.

    • Cummbottom

      …concur Miley has no talent never. Last as many former
      stars of golden. 80’s and 90’s former era still. Listen to there talent Madonna. Saying your innovative apparently.
      True, title which performed 1985. Desperately, seeking attention of if you listen. Today’s what considered talent.
      You’ll buy my titles Madonna. Going laugh at you did LiVe
      Nation. Just the situation tell you. Of all persons to debut.
      Miley reminds of envy of Madonna. Low budget Britteny sold abundantly. Early 2000’s you got envious. Fake so
      called friendship Madonna. Is Lady ? true your using. Today idols your joke. If your release trend not true. Madonna going be failure Miley of. All people a insult!

      • Frozen

        I don’t understand a word. Your English is very very bad.

      • Cummbottom

        …you said it comprehension is dismal.
        Name compliments you “Frozen” no.
        Intelligence can you lick my crack? Ya

      • Que

        What do you get out of trolling ? Do you live in suburbia and bored out of your nuts ?

      • Cummbottom

        Que without 8 ball this. Your pen influence, anyhow enjoy. Talent of Madonna critical of artist. Worried, about
        trends Miley it was. Horrible artist relying,
        upon no body! Apparently, your reading into limited. Candor before contest or digest. My rendering be independent. Madonna living in suburbia building estates. Without giving back to charities
        which. Talks about never donated Que.
        About play game of pool. Not sitting around on stole. Trying to be cool Madonna looking as fool. Oue buy proper
        candor before. Attempt criticize me bye!

    • Frozen

      You’re right. It’s sad but it’s true

  • I tow the line

    SOOOOOOOOO excited to see this!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEE don’t tell me!!!!!!! Madonna: Do your own unplugged soon please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rabbitbunny

    Don’t Tell Me-one of Madonna’s best ballads!!!

    • Frozen

      “Don’t tell me” is not a ballad

  • Roadwork

    You’re all fired from being Madonna fans. Madonna is the best and Im not afraid to stand alone!