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Rose McGowan talks about Madonna

Spin: What was your first musical obsession?
Rose: The Ink Spots. Nobody’s gonna know who the hell I’m talking about, but [sings in a smooth, ’30s-ballad style] “I don’t want to set the world on fire….’ That kind of a thing. Also, I became super obsessed with, duh, Madonna. She was very inspirational. She was homeless at one point, as was I, and I remember listening to her and thinking, ‘She could do it!’ I like strong women.
Spin: What else about Madonna inspired you?
Rose: She gets knocked for her voice, but if you try to do scales and you go up octaves, you crack at a certain point and then you skip higher — she sings in that weird sweet spot, and I find that not a lot of people do her at karaoke because of that. Also, unlike Gaga, whose look changes every day, Madonna is quite smart with her image — it’s a new look for each period of her life. You need to keep evolving with your fans, because if you’re different every time you leave the door, where do you go? What’s left? Do you dress like a businesswoman?