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Rumour: Madonna teams up with Adele

Madonna is hanging up her pointy bras and fishnets as she swaps dance music for a ‘grown up’ album of ballads – thanks to Adele.
Queen of reinvention Madge has asked the 25-year-old songstress, below left, to help her, promising in return to write a song for Adele’s next record.
‘They have met in London and plan a writing session to produce a track for each other’s new albums,’ says a source close to 55-year-old Madonna, below.

Daily Mail

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    masterpiece? already the first line ” if you were the mona lisa, you’d be hanging….” is just plain lame. if she does an album with lyrics like this, WTF?

  • blueson

    In before Adele as February guest curator for Art For Freedom.

  • Modjo

    She should make a new modern cohesive album with futuristic interesting music, something unheard on radio while collaborating with her past major collaborators ( Jellybean, Nile Rodgers, Patrick Leonard, Stephen Bray, Shep Pettibone, William orbit, Mirwais, Stuart price..) …kind of revisiting her past days of glory and creating something new and fresh of that!

  • de Sascha

    I think Masterpiece was a great ballad! If she only had it released as the official first single of MDNA with a proper sweet music video, it would’ve slayed the charts! It was a magic and captivating song out of the blue and a bit different sounding but simple and effective.
    It was out of the blue.
    For example, I never liked any of Bryan Adams songs, appart ” Have you ever really loved a woman(1994)… Masterpiece from Madonna has the same outstanding quality!

    • masterpiece

      I absolutely agree with you. I love “Masterpiece”

    • 555

      between all the fillers on MDNA, Masterpiece sounds like a top song….but just put this song on to another of m’s albums, and you’ll realize that Masterpiece is only a filler too

      • de Sascha

        Maybe it’s a filler for you but it isn’t for me.

  • ben

    basically m can do any kind of music, i just hope she gets rid of this “throw your pussy on the glitter dance floor and stick your finger in”-image.

  • paulhayles

    i love madonna other ablum like ray of light it was a new songs fof her it was electroince something new bedtimes stories was a great ablum to it was more r and b and has ballads as well i also enjoy the evit soundtrack she did somthing wit her voice and sound that was new the dance ablum madge put them to bed thoes days i wan to her more r and b sounds and ballads a muture sounds a more sofe side and emotions wit tis abulm you doing madge madge put your all into tis one your up and down your pain your sarrow your happyniess your love your lost your every thing madge put your pen and paper and write all your gusts out on tis ablum madge


    she won’t do an album with just ballads! but hopefully she is aware that her cheasy-bubble gum mdna-music hasn’t lead to anything…all MDNA singles plus celebration+revolver are easily the worst in her entire career

    • 444

      “Celebration” and “Revolver” are wonderful songs!!!

      • 555

        they are fillers

      • guest

        They are ok.

  • Music

    If Madonna wants to be “number one” again, she will have to make an album as good as the albums “Ray of light”, “Music” and “Confessions on a dance floor” (those were the golden days)

    • guest

      Her earlier music was better.

      • boy gone wild

        No, it wasn’t.
        Those 3 albums were huge hits.

      • guest

        Yes, it was. Huge hits say nothing about music quality. The last few albums she gained more followers with no clue about music; probably people like you.

      • guest

        The consumerculture lamea** crew. Go you !

    • boy gone wild

      You’re right

    • M U S I C

      well, I’d say with Confessions she managed to get away with it. Confessions is the beginning of the musically clueless Madonna. Sampleing ABBA, Madonna, Donna Summer etc…

      • fred

        i agree !

      • Tall Artist (studied)

        No, the sampling was a nod to a time and music many people grew up with … So if you didn’t grow up with it, you don’t understand. It’s like a mega-celebration of an important time in peoples lives … where creativity was on a high … people were singing and dancing in the streets …

        I gather you’re you’re a different generation ?


    It seems that Madonna has started working on her next album and that makes me happy!!!!!!
    It would be great to have a complete ballads album but Madonna doesn’t need Adele because Madonna herself can make beautiful ballads if she wants to, let’s remember some of her best ballads:

    You’ll See
    Time stood still
    Live to tell
    Drowned world / substitute for love
    Nobody’s perfect
    The power of goodbye
    You must love me
    Nothing fails
    Falling free
    Miles away
    Devil wouldn’t recognize you
    Hey you
    Be careful
    Like a flower
    Another suitcase in another hall
    Oh father
    I’ll remember
    Take a bow
    This used to be my playground
    Love tried to welcome me
    Bad girl
    Promise to try
    Spanish eyes
    The look of love
    Crazy for you

    See? She doesn’t need Adele.

    • You’ll See

      I agree with you!!!!


      please remember, that she has lost all her creative music juices…she needs someone to do her stuff now

      • Artist (uni)

        You don’t lose it that easily … sometimes it just takes a hiatus.

    • rabbitbunny

      You’re right COADF! Ballads are M’s Forte-My Faves
      1. Live to Tell
      2. You Must Love Me
      3. Masterpiece
      4. Take a Bow
      5. Rain

  • gh

    she needs to make muture music the dance craz days are over madge i love ballads ablums and who better tan adele her music are more muture and life exprince

    • You’ll See

      I don’t like Adele’s style. If Madonna wants to make an album full with ballads she should work with Celine Dion. It would be great a duet with Celine Dion.
      Madonna and Celine Dion are at the same level, they are true artists and they both have very long careers. Adele is a new singer so she doesn’t have much experience.

      • Music

        You’re right. A duet with Celine would be great!!!!

      • guest

        No. Celine Dion is awful. Adele over her, but I’d rather she’d collaborate with more interesting artists. Celine Dion is so middle of the road.

      • boy gone wild

        Celine’s music is much better than Adele’s and Celine’s voice is far better than Adele’s.
        Adele’s music is boring.

      • guest

        Adele’s voice is far more interesting, and I find both quite boring. Celine’s music is definately more boring, as is her voice. It’s music for the middle of the road people.

        Hi *looks at you* ;)

      • guest

        I mean, Celine is bland.

      • boy gone wild

        I agree. I love Celine!!!!

      • KNOCK

        madonna is a terrible singer,this will show when dueting with celine

      • learn

        Celine’s voice is bland as heck, that’s here one can see that technicality is not all that makes a voice.

      • learn

        here = where

    • guest

      Disagree. There’s a multitude of options. I think her newer fans are not very creative types.

  • ava

    OMG, I love it …if it’s true. Ballads can be easily turned to remixes, so we will get both dramatic, powerful songs and hot remixes. Hopefully she will throw all her dumb outfits and wear something beautiful.

    • Nicky Prince of Pop

      nice comment

  • mrsupermario

    hopefully she finally realized that the young-dancing-queen image is a road to nowhere for her.
    it’s very interesting that in the later years of her career she’s always been most sucessful when she made more mature, silent music with some depth.

    • Nicky Prince of Pop

      she can do both ^^

    • guest

      Her best music has been the upbeat music.

  • mrsupermario

    ummm i don’t think that that’s true because as far as I know adele never write or produce her songs herself – she just sings them. so what could she contribute to a knew album from madonna? maybe a duet?

    • deolivarius

      Get your homework done, Supermario!

  • Reality

    Time to say goodbye to the I’m so desperate to look young and cool look, throw away the hooker outfits, cover up the sagging body and make some meaningful music – no more30 second hits then major flop songs…

    • lol

      One can make all kinds of music at her age, you shouldn’t be so limited to think that is the only way …

  • rotic sit e come alive

    Linus ur a vaginous, sit down

  • rabbitbunny

    I would love a record of ballads-her next logical step. I agree with some bloggers-Parts of Hard Candy and MDNA were tough going although brilliant!!! Her ballds will return Madonna to Brilliance!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Artist (uni)

      A mix would be better.

  • Marcos


    • :/


  • linas

    the ones that love Adele have to go.

  • Beltra

    Wow. I love Adelle. She looks like my cousin Jonna. She seems very humble and like a sweetheart u just wanna eat cookies with and hang. I love the way adelle explains someone like you …..I can imagine myself being about 40 and finding him and hes happy and shes miserable because she lost him. Also…… NEw album alert….I just now peed a little…cant wait for the ballads..WERK BYATCH!

    • linas

      then listen to Adele and get out of Madonna fans site

    • Artist (uni)

      I’m bored by the idea. Collaborating, I mean.

  • F_CK M

    does she eat adels pussy in order to get higher album sales again?

    • Artist (uni)

      Not sure if this place is really for pre-pubescents ?

      You might want to find a site more suited for your pubescent humor ?

  • Stamp for

    Madonna always has collaborated with other artists, not just for their talent but their popularity, as well. I’m glad to see M taking a more mature direction, which is what most of us love about her. (Girls Gone Wild was horrible). But she needs to boycott Israel for me to buy another of her albums. Her support of that country has helped to enable a horrible racist apartheid regime.

  • gm

    adele has a good image about her she donot enjoy fame and has a amagzine voice she a very private person who dont like all kind of attation much iout of all the singers out there i would love any body to work wit her i would pay any money to here her voice the songs today s is just horrible from thease lady who just love being in the spotlight and tay will will do any thing it there ant tarshy no brains or less talant adele stand out from them she beauitful smart and has a voice

  • vulgar vagina

    well, they might end up doing a whole album together. stuart and m also started out only with just one song

  • ph

    adele she is is classy and a true talante she ent all out there she is very low key she so different from these other girls like Britney spears beyonce and rihanni who have to show there croct to prove something wit adele she has a remarkably voice she don’t need to prove she is very talante she is a rolle modle and piteapy of wat a singer should be I just love her her voice and how she hadle fame it relly don’t matter to her if it all over wit take note girls

    • Artist (uni)

      She’s boring, Madonna should find someone more interesting to work with.

      + Please learn to write properly

  • Eman Micallef

    some love songs

  • Eman Micallef

    like new look

  • Eman Micallef

    yes time to see something different form madonna

  • Adam Valentino

    I would Love to change Madonna’s image. She needs to put away the sexy image,the swearing,the fishnet stockings & that red lipstick.I’d love to see her do something different for a change. We haven’t heard a good album from her since “Confessions”.

    • Artist (uni)

      You should change your image first, do you call the photo’s on your twitter “style” ? I’m sorry, but, you can’t be serious ?

  • day4night

    get ’em creative juices flowin’ Maddy & Addy!

    • lick it

      not only the creative juices…

  • linas

    Oh no … When you think it`s bad,it can only get …whatever :/