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Rumour: Madonna to perform with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at the Grammys

According to LA Times journalist, Madonna will perform with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at this year’s Grammy awards.

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  • Over&Over

    Madonna will be miming playing the piano.

  • lip sinc shop

    has she even got enough voice to sing the female part? LoL oh wait, better lip-sinc

    • kanaan

      she is not britney or Beyonce who did lip- sinc the anthem then lied that she didn’t and then did admit hahahhahha..Lady gaga also lip-sincs sometimes

  • new era


  • Amazin gluten

    So is she just going to sing the female voice in the chorus? Man, the music biz is so counter-productive. Their idea of music is to destroy it. Chop it up into little undigestible bits and pieces; easier to pass that way. Kudos to Madonna for surviving in such a mess. This song is swerving awful close to Lady Gaga gay lameness territory. As a gay man, I don’t need a straight rapper telling me that I’m alright.

    • L4jo1e

      you not but maybe others yes. you’re not the center of the universe u’know

  • de Sascha

    Hopefully she just doesn’t hum along. I want her to show off her good moves like when she is on tour! Or DARE!

  • MDMA

    God forbid she performs with real artists like Beyonce or Paul McCartney… She would rather chase trends and work with someone who is “hot right now”…