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Rumour: Miley and Madonna performing together?

From E!Online: Get ready for the pop music world to implode!
I can exclusively reveal that Miley Cyrus’ surprise guest performer for her upcoming MTV Unplugged special is none other than Madonna!
Yes, Miley and Madonna singing together!
Sources tell me that the two were on a Hollywood soundstage earlier today rehearsing the collaboration.
Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged tapes tomorrow (I’ll be there!) and will air on the music network Wednesday night at 9 p.m.
“The performance will showcase a more intimate side of Cyrus and feature surprise guests for an unexpected re-invention of the songs that have defined her career, including several from her #1 critically acclaimed album, Bangerz,” MTV said in a press release last week. “Miley and her fans have always had an intimate and direct connection through her music, personality and no-holds-barred attitude and the Unplugged stage will serve as the perfect platform for her to show viewers what inspires and ignites her music and her passions.”

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  • miley couldn’t get worse

    if m had done outstanding music over the last years, younger audiences would also have recognized her. since that wasn’t the case, now the necessity to team up with teen idols to reach new buyers….since 2006 every year has become more desperate in m’s career. her new album gonna be a flop like mdna

  • adios

    bye bye m

  • ohhhNOOOO

    what’s next? the one thing that’s obviously missing in this super-duber marketing plan to bring “attention” to her is a duet with the much-loved artist called “kesha”??!!!??!?!?

    madonna used to have a legendary status at the beginning of the 2000s after the release of a couple of extraordinary excellent albums, but she and her management ruined her iconic status during the recent years step by step.

    after all this performances i believe that the next album will be another mdna-pop-dance-trash record full of unrelevant and stupid dance-rnb-songs. so sad :(

  • Roadwork

    That’s why none of you are in marketing and Madonna remains relevant year after year in the press constantly….Do you not realize how big the Madonna Britney performance was. It made a whole other generation aware of Madonna and her Iconic status.

    You people got to realize that just watching Live To Tell on youtube over and over is not going to keep Madonna fresh in everyones minds. Performing with Miley is a moment in pop that will go from coast to coast instantly.

    Shes not promoting a concert, shes not promoting an album, shes not promoting a movie.
    Shes promoting herself on a Wednesday in January. Get your heads out of your purist asses and learn how important marketing and self promotion is in this day and age…

    … and how lucky we are to get to enjoy some more Madonna…

    • ohhhNOOOO

      oh come on. surely she does it to get attention. but OMG – she is one of the most iconic, sucessful artists of all time. is used to be on the same level like paul mccartney, bruce springsteen, the rolling stone etc.
      but she’s destroying her whole reputation with this stupid collaboriations and duets she’s making for years now. it started with britney and justin and it’s getting worse.

    • Madonna fan

      I thought her collaborating with Britney and Christina was a really bad choice. Miley is absolute sh*t.

      “Shes promoting herself on a Wednesday in January. Get your heads out of
      your purist asses and learn how important marketing and self promotion
      is in this day and age…

      No, you get some taste (and a better avatar … you look unaware and up your own a**).

  • Frozen

    Is it a joke? Madonna is the queen of pop, she’s a legend, she’s a superstar, she’s a diva, she’s an icon.

    Miley Cyrus is a druggie, she’s an idiot, she’s an alcoholic, she’s a clown, she’s like Lady Gaga.

    What’s wrong with Madonna lately? She’s driving her icon status into the ground. I can’t believe it.

    • Roadwork

      Madonna loves being the underdog and she loves being underestimated….So you my feeble minded friend fall right into her trap

      • ohhhNOOOO

        ummm an underdog who’s performing with the most trashy, most mainstream “artist” of today? okay, maybe u should revise your definition of “underdog”

      • Madonna fan

        Says the guy with no taste.

    • ohhhNOOOO

      sadly enough lady gaga is a true original and artist compared with this inferior cyrus.

  • Reality

    What’s next…Madonna at Walmart signing autographs for $5.00? It seems as if shes doing anything to remain relevant/in the news thus driving her Icon status in to the ground. Sad.

    • Barneyy

      shes trash but we luv her

    • Roadwork

      I think it has more to do with the hundreds of millions of views Miley gets, and the press coverage something like this teaming up will produce…not to mention the millions of fans, radio stations, tv stations
      Oh yeah the icon factor in pop music Madonna brings to the table…

      • Madonna fan

        Nothing iconic about Miley.

  • Barneyy


  • meg

    pop trash meets pop trash, just the decades differ. perfect match

  • rabbitbunny

    If Madonna performs Live to Tell, Masterpiece or Take a Bow, we will cry all over again. She’s the best!!!!

  • L4jo1e

    if it’s real, it’s the end.

    • Roadwork

      For being the great Madonna fan you are, I am disappointed in your small mindedness

      • Madonna fan

        Why are you both topless, not everyone wants to see it.

        And not sure if it’s the end but it’s not a good choice.

  • Dan

    People don’t even know how true this statement is, what kind of song they would be performing or the reason they are doing that. I just see too much prejudice. Hasn’t Madonna taught their fans how to be open minded and accept people, not hate?

    • Madonna fan

      Accept generic bimbo’s ?

  • alex

    why not dueting with Sting? or George Michael? or Robbie Williams? Are they too old for her and she’s the real ageist?

    • Roadwork

      Oh yeah great idea. Now that would be a moment to remember. Madonna and Sting or ohh George Michael.
      Madonna would fire your ass if that was your suggestion on how to be cool

    • Madonna fan

      Why them ? Awkward

  • M R.I.P 2006

    well, i suppose m might be up for some more shitty duets on her next album…another album I won’t buy…

  • day4night

    Twerk it, Mo!

    • Madonna fan

      Twerking has been around since the 80’s, so it IS more her generations dance.

      You cultural-dunce.

  • Jeff

    Guy O could possibly be the worst manager ever. Let’s have a living legend perform with these tragic train wreck. In my opinion this is an all time low for Madonna.

  • Gawan LO

    yes the real and new madonna together!

    • Madonna fan

      New Madonna ? lol have you lost your marbles ?

      Why do you look 80’s btw when you weren’t even born then ?

  • How to keep M hot with teens

    No, just no….

  • Tommy Harmon Jr.


  • Jawan Carson

    Madonna was right when she said 2014 is her year. Lady Gaga’s was 2013 and she sucked donkey balls… Now it’s Madonna’s turn to REALLY shine!

    • Roadwork

      Im glad there are more smart fans like you and I who get it….

      • Madonna fan

        You’re not smart.

    • Madonna fan

      Yeah, but not with Miley.