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Same Love / Open Your Heart is Grammy Awards’ Most-Mentioned Moment on Facebook

On Facebook, 6.3 million people lit the world’s largest social network with more than 13.5 million interactions related to the Grammys. A Facebook spokesperson told Mashable Monday morning that these were the top five moments:

1. Queen Latifah presiding over weddings while Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert and Madonna perform a mashup of “Same Love” and “Open Your Heart”
2. Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons performing “Radioactive” and “M.A.A.D City”
3. Metallica and Lang Lang performing “One”
4. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis winning Best New Artist
5. Beyonce and Jay Z opening the show


Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • Cummbottom

    Readers along “Childern of the Rainbow” not wasting. My time yes giving dimes to. Support LGBTQ organizations you do the same. Experience majority with ideas not complete. Goals I don’t expect those reading. Have my knowledge nor correspondence.. Madonna has these connections to offer. Not encouragement but financial assistance. Still not obligated Madonna gotten. $10 million from Apple for advertising. Now CEO Tim Cook write him regarding. Prosperity of the American LGBTQ society. Reason affluent LGBTQ used by GLAAD. Statistics to appease those oppressing us! Read many letters those admitting. Disappointment on equality lack of policies respect. For critics when study blight of Black Americas! I see charade from politicians why? Economically is agenda of America if we. LGBTQ control source of wealth adamant. Upon, listing what is derailing cause traditions. What receiving morals of society. Okay for affluent teach children use guns! Slander against LGBTQ society were. Not problem self induce bigotry. Example home builder DrHorton couple. Yes men endeavor preview home. Northern California 2013 sales was bias assume. They married to women they became. Abrupt refuse offer salesmanship! Couple is suing the developer yes racism! Were not confused nor lost right. Live life without
    government incurred. Bigotry racism is usually industries and geographical. Southern states Macklemore going endure. Hate yes, Jim Crow upon everyone. Resolution law suits were not backing down! Nor wearing frowns not turning around! We ask this, shall cause personal.
    Respect no traditions now Madonna. You own properties in UK and EU.
    Aware United Kingdom granted royal degree. March 29 2014 later August
    2014 Scotland. Full rights marriage,adoption and employment. No UK has
    protected honor contributions of LGBTQ. Citizens along pro sports allows.
    LGBTQ members not America see. Opposite Macklemore not people of
    America. Quaker racism whom control economics. Segregation and dictate to Congress on policies. Do you expect them to listen you? Nor
    me we must fight to up hold. Are rights defeating elements “Children of
    Rainbow”. Economics so you understand the influence. America is so called effacing society. Or so why the debt! Universities continue receive
    corporate sponsorship. You’ll say this inconsequential no accurate. Problem once before systematic thinking. Eventually means deterred and
    defeat. Attitude we LGBTQ can’t biologically produce. Human admit this
    slander do bother! We must address obstacles those. Aspiring to segregate us fully aware. Of divide lines between LGBTQ front. Ellen and
    Macklemore not the examples. Since Macklemore you stated your not Gay! Going to be reminded also White male. Speaking Hip Hop jargon since this. Not standard for rebellious White America! I’m Danish was the LGBTQ rights easy. No Nordic region doesn’t interfere. Sexuality this getting conservative angered. Internationally polices to allow full equality
    Madonna. Try influence decision of Brazil no Maddy! Passed March 14
    2013 along full rights. When mention your Gay in American. Naïve what media taught them. Were in denial confused always men. Guys inform your wives or girls. Your sucking cock and enjoying it. Then harassing LGBTQ Macklemore do use. Lotion around your anus? Yes, subjective
    annoying say we. LGBTQ stare or dare seduce no. Opposite go to beach or swimming event! Not Gay men married men looking at bulge. What’s that? No Macklemore your former narcotics user! Many hommies suck cock blamed. Drugs all lies your attracted to male sex! incline play a role
    were never going. Find justice with limited few! Knowledge shared is encourage those. Have the facts on the agenda. This “Queen’ fully abreast without stress. Not test or going be undress. By those attempting derail LGBTQ. Movement this what we see government. Going segregate
    LGBTQ issues preference. Women didn’t say butch,transmen or dragking.
    Why? Dividing factor women physiological differ. From men hello gender
    okay! No failure to accept LGBTQ men! David Geffen,Chris Hughes and
    Tim Cook to name. A few ignore us don’t waste. Effort trying show them have own. Personal policies upon united LGBTQ front. Macklemore your
    interviews shall include. LGBTQ policies when convey not exclusively. Your career going hit bottom! Not your anus but musical status. Jaime Jay
    Morgan remake Wild Side 1990. Didn’t sell well America reason Jaime is.
    Proud LGBTQ male no Jaime wasn’t. Madonna favorite “Blu” men to date!
    Now saw Jaime during early 90’s. EU and St.Louis MO yeah opening for
    Today. You’ll say get to it I shall. Audience was diverse Black/Girls and LGBTQ. Jaime excellent performer even cross dress. During set you’ll say
    why is this important. Jaime had looks of Montgomery Cliff (1922-1968).
    His image was himself American media. Destroyed him bought New Kids on the Block. Whom Jonathan Knight acknowledge his freedom. Marketing former success of teen icons. America regarding sexual acceptance Jonathan career. Would never happen androgyny similar. Gender appearance opposite sex your. Personal perception laugh when
    George Michael and Boy George stole lime light. 80’s even Madonna held
    prejudice towards transgenders. Marilyn and Boy George saw Like A Virgin tour NYC. Madonna personnel was homophobic until later. Years,
    allow equality on touring events. Now donating the opposite for LGBTQ cause. Macho America action pictures guys. Don’t show emotions only when. Your male makes you say Oooh Yeah! Regarding sexual climax allow freedom. Youth find inspiration cease trouble. Demeanor society going resent your. Principles were not conformed forget. Those entrenched in so called acceptance. Report actions of bigotry don’t associate with. Those racist if your employed decide. Acknowledge your citizen rights have lawyer. You can’t be fired this discrimination! Have the facts regarding “Wrongful Termination” so you can win! Macklemore do
    Gay men were purple,pink or pastel colors? You tell if dude is sissy by. His intone along lips acting effeminate. Funny those false connotations your. Knowledge reason your inhibited pervert! Don’t go there with me!
    Gay men are talkative to illustrative? No detailed usually attentive. In judgment irrevenant to say psychologically. Gender is reason of mannerism read. My comments Macklemore going endure. So called
    slander your going. Resent it America respect individualism. What ever,
    laugh when prominent businessman. Travel to EU,Canada and UK see
    freedom. Fear social change of acceptance. Children of the Rainbow were disunited by. Income and conservative notions eventually. Going to change? Were civil rights of 60’s same lame. Policies and bigots America
    is reverting. Social justice your laugh Macklemore! Rapp going to be label not fable. Fagg Boy Rapp peer pressure not cool. To retain school teaching lesson. Of confessions of law makers. Contributions of LGBTQ citizens Denmark. Acknowledges those LGBTQ by law America is racist!
    So you tell whom lesbian watching. Ellen you have allot to learn Dragkings. And Transmen forget Butch! Acting mannish or wearing attire.
    You say LGBTQ is exclusively male. Laugh children along Macklemore!
    Women seek equality tired of secondary. Roles lesbians were victims of
    sexual abuse. Moralist whom doesn’t acknowledge sexual. Freedom not choice myth lesbians. Were rapped afraid of men molested. Simply accept sexual freedom lesbians. Hate children impotent were are. Getting this information? Hello, detesting LGBTQ simply respect. Us were not running freedom is now! Time is effort I’m proud to be Gay! Anyday not running away or stray! Madonna enjoyed the lust without fuss. Lip stick
    girls no lesbian sex. Those saying you can tell women. I know don’t talk
    about dating men. Or never married or have children. We do have lives not on your. Narrow judgment look at. These Umich edu,Queertransmen and Blacktransmen. Dragkings can you tell why are. You concern Macklemore wish you the best. Undress for male fans another stereotype.
    Were obsess with nudity well. This Queen has plenty interest. Besides sex once again those. Racist limited view point of sexual. Oppression were going receive are equality. Laugh those attempting segregate. Fight is among us Macklemore assist us. If your advocate not only talk! Go luck!

  • Cummbottom

    Additionally fans opinion Macklemore since. Trying bridge the doubt between. Homophobic America why should you? Clue going happen yes sold marginal. Sales on your secondary release. Now, if you retain your status. Madonna done something anyhow judging. Performance, going label as “Fagg Lover’ no. Children understand comment those detesting liberty. For LGBTQ especially Queer,Transgender and Butch! Macklemore when have interviews going. Reminded your guy lover?
    Subjective not on my behalf media. Going cause the friction or affliction. To your career, do better. Going aboard were being LGBTQ. Not problem read this those. Laughing at us LGBTQ I’m. Gay not staying away from advocacy nor. Rights of LGBTQ Macklemore shall eventually. Appear or LGBTQ magazines as many. Others see males inquire not cool. To listen to so called males. Incline admire those LGBTQ this ordeal. Youth of America if your teenager. And LGBTQ don’t be ashame now understand. Society in America conformed even. Within LGBTQ society there traditional. Standards Macklemore gotten acclaim for song! If eager further inquires contact. LGBTQ society or centers become. Member to empower us never trust. Governmental policies always dividing line. Beware of Macklemore follow his endorsements. Madonna and Ellen support corporations whom. Discriminate against LGBTQ employee’s. Not there fault now understand. There concern profits and publicity!
    Macklemore could endure love letters from. Males no matter the sexual
    appeal? Yeah, show us your golden manhood! Respect you appear concerts for Gay men. Since your liberal Macklemore your. No Parker
    Riley,Drew Cutler,Bo Dean and Dillon Buck. These GAY actors yes those
    whom appreciate. Sexual lust besides Madonna Sex Book. Now dated
    surpass it Macklemore release. Exclusive book sexual idea’s for LGBTQ
    men. Fashion designers of EU,UK,Japan and Australia. Enjoying wearing
    swim attire and undies. No we Gay men not obsess. With genitals, all in the minds. You turn me own excuse me! Macklemore turning me on sexually. Okay! Joking response what same attractions. Convey Macklemore you started not revolution. Lyrics said prior use to your.
    Advantage focus upon audience don’t. Say sexual preference give attention. Those admire you Macklemore appear. Video with male lover
    you know. Answer “Children of the Rainbow” decide. Not sell at American retailers whom? Walmart,Sears and Target why? These retailers slander
    diversity never. Acknowledge there discrimination were going. To win nothing to defend Macklemore. Queer men are biggest losers yeah. Effects the behavior of macho studs. Or so acting behavior then. Sucking down nice long cock! Then denying with hate towards. LGBTQ Macklemore pal Ryan Lewis going. Stop media harassing you “Same Love”. Going bring doubt about your sexuality. Madonna found this hard
    why traditions. Of America odd during Justify My Love video. And Rolling Stone covers bought out Madonna. Sexual allure why should this. Deter
    listener from enjoying art of music. America is peer induce society college. Employment guys when mention Macklemore. Later releases you’ll recollect it’s he. A “Guy Lover” no Fagg! Nothing to get irate response deal. With it as engineer many. Co-workers not aware they have. LGBTQ co-workers yes continue. Hear the racial slurs resolution.
    Should get irate hear this. Contact HR or write EEOC times social. Respect Macklemore have ever showered. With guys? Since your song
    many decide. Not participate reason we. Gay men are peek and seek?
    Fear of what my sexual is personal. Not government interference Macklemore best. Of luck you’ll receive or conceive. Movie offers for so called macho. Roles guys say Macklemore is “Sweet”. Critics shall say, your belittling Macklemore. Cease systematic way of thought women. Journalism are divide many detest. LGBTQ men even late Jackie Kennedy (1929-1994). Icon of beauty and literature: didn’t admire. Openly
    Gay men reason her son Jon Jr.(1960-1999). Discouraged from being actor contrary. Many associates of Jackie were Gay! Sports figures of UK,Canada,EU and Australia allow. LGBTQ athletes struggle among us.
    Madonna oppose the racism you can’t. Why media controlled interest groups. Macklemore notice only male on stage. During performance women shall always. Be ignored in American oppression towards. LGBTQ
    equality when men gather there. Hateful and segregate LGBTQ men. What saying to you if your advocate. Be able to withstand the harassment. Don’t say you don’t care radio. Can exclude you why many.
    Personal in entertainment industry are closet. Factors using “straight” card beware. Lecture just facts not attacking you. Endorse male items, Macklemore enough. Written to awaits your 3rd release. Don’t ignore your
    GAY audience. Have male dancers kissing each other! Mr. Cuttie reminds of Parker Riley and Drew Culter. These stars in male films bye Mackie!

  • Cummbottom

    …regarding so called “anthem” for. Respect and reason haven’t we. Been struggling with this daily. Besides laws enacted bigotry. Going persist you can resist. False assurance someday going. To change simply those. Not
    incline to accept social change. Going be eventually discarded. Economically United States of America was leader. Innovative business
    dominance no longer. Traffics and trade policies so. Employment and
    cultural policies shall. Accept chosen few what to do? Lobby with state level dept of labor. Experiencing discrimination Macklemore. your song.
    Going alter the racism let’s be. Specific whom majority homophobic. Staunch conservatives not because of solidarity. Fear having to cultural accept. Non American cultural traditions especially sexuality. Insults going to continue Macklemore. Yeah, recourse song brings attention. Of gratitude to love? So vague other words using. LGBTQ further your career oooh my dear. I fear your lack of respect towards. LGBTQ written about artist sharing. LGBTQ if your spokes person Macklemore. Equality for all hold forum. LGBTQ as many artist not Madonna! David Beckman models male attire. Not afraid to show his respect. LGBTQ men your a joke! Macklemore have ever drunk from another. Guy’s “coffee cup?
    No not eluding to beverage yes. LGBTQ jargon admit you have. Male following couldn’t you use. This enhance your career as Mark Walberg.
    During Markie Mark undies for Calvin Klein. Laugh men nothing to defend. Men whom wear briefs are sissies! Myth and American insecurities about. Sexuality laugh this rumor if purchase. Attire or grocery
    show alone your Queer! Oooh my dear, I have nothing to fear! Going cry tears never Macklemore. If want make statement or cult. Purpose entertainment do all male nude book! You enjoying your freedom doesn’t.
    Imply your homosexual as lyrics! No Macklemore your contradictor to youth. Hero were? Saying Hip Hop justifies acknowledgement. LGBTQ your most repugnant source of music! My opinion Macklemore your trying. To displace others in rat race. Hip Hop what ever reminds of. Sexy
    Vanilla Ice whom “barebacked” Madonna in Sex book. Bought LGBTQ
    following not saying were. Engross in sexual content but nudity. Sells
    Macklemore it’s not graphic since your a liberal. Or are you? Mr. Hottie
    look good mid-rise brieds on. Showing your manly stuff! Handsome face,
    still Macklemore offer. More to LGBTQ society going make. Exclusive songs or performances for LGBTQ. Elton,George and Jody Watley have!
    Saying “Same Love” bought what? No Jody’s Intimacy tour of 1994-95.
    Excuse toast of LGBTQ EU culture. During 90’s Ms. Watley performed
    donated. LGBTQ cause always shown gratitude. LGBTQ audience listen
    to song Man and Woman 1993. Jody recorded version for LGBTQ, lyrics either women and men. During the tour majority audience was LGBTQ. Macklemore can you dig this not anal. Fans appreciating your music not judging. Them sexual orientations okay victim. American racism entertainment industries! George and Jody were “icon” EU,UK and Australia. During 90’s okay Ms. Watley played 30 cities and Denmark. Can you beat that Macklemore? Started nothing remake “Making Love”1982. Which bombed well America not ready? Laughing have every seen Black male. Whom qualified as CEO of American Hedge fund? Okay! Racism is alive! Allow men to kiss your handsome face? Your fake!
    Beware “Children of the Rainbow” define. Lines of diversity in America
    especially. Queer,Transgender and Butch why? So called those established within companies. Don’t expect them show gratitude. Nor awareness there not obligated. It going defeat solidarity of LGBTQ. Movement growing into conformed model. Being socially accepted Macklemore going write. This common slander of diversity. Limited knowledge of LGBTQ equality because. Personal ordeals admit this Macklemore. I could see you didn’t want. Others to participate with song!
    Which not great Madonna,should. Demanded singing alone Macklemore
    non White. American LGBTQ face most bigotry culturally. Economically,
    I’m Nordic heritage my Denmark. Allows full rights especially adoption.
    Queer,Transgender and Butch wise up. Fellow advocates fight is among us. Macklemore your been associate with homophobic. American media
    which GLAAD other advocates. Can’t change we need are on. Exclusive channels there for all viewers. Not sexually induce morals. Not loose were
    trying make. You out in both on contrary. Heterosexual example is prefect fit? Macklemore behinds “bed” sheets non musical. Executives informing you become aloof. From LGBTQ scene why? Teenage girls find you sexual as guys. Believe me Macklemore if debut. Magazine covers showing your body if that. Going to sell your cute would. Or could date you absolutely! This Queer fully aware of handsome men! Macklemore
    best to your career don’t stop. Now continue on supporting LGBTQ.
    Events decide have press interviews. Allow LGBTQ organizations voice as. George,Elton and Lady? Macklemore excuse Ellen whom hosted. Oscars remarks on transgender see. You’ll never get clear answer. Regarding Ellen if reading your waste. To LGBTQ using movement for.
    Rating we inquire for assistance. Interviews always your straight business. Interest blocks Ellen see in Macklemore. And Ellen there commercial image LGBTQ. Ellen endorsed JC Penny ads along wine.
    Note: didn’t convey lesbian image? Bias what does a LGBTQ women.
    Appearance Ellen do actually detest transgenders. Or Queer men? Stop
    reverting these celebrities empower. Movement solidarity Macklemore
    wondering. Not about you and I joking! Career going rapture decades?

  • Cummbottom

    Disguised with the “charade”also. Parade tired of so called solidarity for. Publicity nothing more understand criticism. It’s only song what is wrong! Those whom supported the event doesn’t. Fully understand the bigotry entertainment. Industry majority of executives whom? Banking class along lawyers would. They have exclusive…LGTBQ artist. No is the answer does it matter. Else were no matter Macklemore. Saying indirectly his audience is confuse.

    Psychologically, inept person basically teenager. Fighting social exclusion wow this. Sung prior what is new Macklemore. Defining the title encourage those not. Being specific upon dealing with segregation! Basically I did’t nor many LGBTQ advocates.

    Comprehend so called,”Hip Hop”anthem! Were being harshed not so besides. American media has bought to females. Yes, the market suburban children. Sexuality not crisis okay to lesson. To woes of LGBTQ since were. Abnormal so childish Macklemore what more to endure…tired of limited. Knowledge of LGBTQ didn’t assist us. Expected American media support LGBTQ society? Dreaming!

    GLAAD mentions employment progress. Towards LGBTQ citizens
    statistics are inaccurate. Not facts or exact cities San Francisco.
    Los Angeles,Chicago,NYC and Philadelphia. Traditional companies recruite whom? Image of heterosexual candor yeah, this adversity!
    Many among,LGBTQ society enjoy. Reading appeased,journalism
    continue. On all lies whom getting. Wrongfully terminated 45% in
    America? LGBTQ especially men either. Queer or transgender
    Macklemore you started? What not hardly only fools believe you!
    Gay male don’t need your self pity. To bring me so called Out the closet! Have you ever dated or sucked. A guy? You’ll never tell us!

    Closet American entertainment allow. The experiment to evolve yes. Were afraid of ratings when Beyonce. Madonna debut on Superbowl many fans. Decide not preview the concerts! So before anyone give credit. Same Love as__intrepid song of. Praise going laugh at you racism. Is among us I know your. Always bringing up stuff which is apparent. Which should caught before damage.
    Lingers going hail support to Macklemore. Whom,doesn’t fully acknowledge his male. Audience yeah, cutie and sweet mouth.

    Yeah, turning male heads Macklemore. Why are you defensive not Gay? What did I say are going. Stay away from LGBTQ publications. How about, Macklemore posing. Okay! Manly
    goodies as David Beckman whom. Supported LGBTQ audience your hero. To some especially “Twink” whom. Sinking into doubt if your reading this. Deal with social ills contact. LGBTQ centers or respected LGBTQ professionals. On you concerns were never.
    Going be socially accepted were. Minority without economic dominance write. Entertainment companies besides artist do they.

    Favor equality for employees read. Human resources jargon…dismal
    public. Relations is “written” vague matter. Detest this attitude from
    media. This is a exhibited of whom? LGBTQ person learn to look at them. Continue on not running away nor stray! As they say, any day! Ellen Degeneres hosted the Oscars? LGBTQ advocates elated?
    Younger LGBTQ cities prefer heterosexual. Not openly,LGBTQ
    employees why. Homophobic attitude once,before Macklemore.
    Going quell the indifference of preceptions. “Children of the Rainbow
    take a bow! Along Madonna drop this clown. Frowning upon him
    using cause. To empower his career what. Ever Macklemore liar!

    Not hardly, reason charaded once. Prior okay to preview a LGBTQ?
    Ellen is a puppet why? Rating and share holders allow her. To remain on airways what happen. To LGBTQ televsion in America?
    Now you understand Ellen gives. Tip to pizza guy nice try! Ellen never donates to LGBTQ cause. Nor Madonna what happen to. Long
    Beach LGBTQ housing and Bernal Heights. LGBTQ library and center both. Decline Madonna your friends example. LGBTQ rights
    Macklemore didn’t seek to be. Overshadowed by Madonna a joke!

    Hip Hop going to stop your career! Madonna go the your musical roots! Ellen your a “icon” for LGBTQ. Friends of the “Crummy Crew”
    whom. Sold the not properities but LGBTQ. Lobby out without supporting us giving us. Nothing to discuss or trust not. Much to gather Macklemore do favor. Your male LGBTQ fans Mr.Cute Lips!.
    Anyway encourage you support LGBTQ. Organizations those with
    merit not false. Assurance Ellen your so fake ideal. Gay sell out!!!