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Udo Kier on Madonna, Sex Book

“She had seen My Own Private Idaho. I was in New York and I was told that this photographer, Steven Meisel, was doing this book with Madonna. So I went and met Madonna, and she said, ‘Do you want to do a sex book with me?’ She wanted me to play her decadent husband. We shot in a nightclub with naked men, riding on naked men. Then I went home to LA, and I got another call from Madonna in New York, asking if I would be ready to do hardcore. I said, ‘Of course!’ So I went to New York again and said, ‘How far can I go?’ She told me to do whatever I wanted. And you don’t say that to me. Immediately I went around and there were these high heeled, provocation shoes, and I asked if I could put champagne in one so it looks like piss and hang in a sling and drink piss out of the shoe. She told me to go ahead. We had a good time!

At one point I had to lie down while she stood over me, wearing a short skirt, and of course she wore no underwear. A journalist in Zurich asked me many years later, how it looked under the skirt. I said, ‘Very organised.’

I wouldn’t have done it with anybody else in the world. A lot of people asked me why I did it, but I just said, ‘Do you know how many people would be jealous, when they see that book?’ That’s why I did it. Then we did the video where I’m her guru, ‘Deeper And Deeper’, and then that was it. I haven’t seen her for many years. As an actor you never keep in contact with people if they’re more important than yourself. They’ll think you want something. And I don’t need anything.”


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  • Cummbottom

    Sex Book taken out of context? Or so many just observe
    externals. Forget this hidden sexual statement. Madonna
    appreciate respect within LGBTQ. Media not associate this or any. Antics of

  • Nicky Prince of Pop

    Nice story to reed ^^

  • ScottnNYC

    What a cool guy. He’s absolutely right…who would have told Madonna ‘no’ if asked to be in her book? He’s part of her history and he looked hot in Sex and the Deeper and Deeper video.

  • idro

    Anyway Sex is not a sexy book .
    It s a Sex book

    • middle of the road people

      There is sexy in it. Tony Ward and Madonna PHWOOAAAR !!

  • idro

    That book and this woman made and makes the difference now and then

  • day4night

    SEX is SO unsexy.. total boner killer

    • middle of the road people

      Only to mediocre f*arts

  • Vanessa

    A hot man, not all these pubescent grown-ups these days. Where did 1) charismatic 2) creative (and not “tumblr” artists) 3) MEN go ?