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Video: Macklemore & Madonna – Same Love / Open Your Heart (Live at Grammy Awards)

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • sweetie

    Laugh this jerk example LGBT. Fools believe anything Macklemore says. Not Gay well the need hide. Your ass preference is men pose. Nude guy!

  • ScottnNYC

    Very sweet performance from everyone. Madonna look a little awkward, which is so unlike her. Queen Latifah looked absolutely beautiful!!

  • Jeff

    I think it was pretty amazing that she was a part of this experience. wtih all of the people complaining i am not sure what you expected of her since she has no single to work. She did it for the cause. Her and Mary Lambert sounded absolutely beautiful together. Looking for to some new music from M.


    interesting to see that many of you can be pleased very easily with this vocal performance. her next album will be praised by you even if it’s musically uninspired …

  • MTD

    has she lost her voice? at least with open your heart her voice sounds thin. later when she sings the other song her voice is better

  • romance

    she could have done a bit of erotica putting the stick into her pussy


    m’s voice is so weak…she’ll never learn how to sing…

    • Lorx

      She can sing. Her voice got worse in the years and now she’s not perfect anymore, but till the Confessions Tour she always sounded great !

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        what about:

        – voices
        – devil would not recognize you
        – miles away
        – masterpiece
        – i do not give a
        – i f-cked up


      • Lorx

        She performed Devil Wouldn’t recognize you at the S&S Tour and it was a good performance. She never performed voices or i f-cked up. The vocal performance of miles away was poor and I do not give a was good performance, but not vocally (and it’s really easy)
        Masterpiece was good, but not perfect.
        You could have talked about Like A Prayer, Between The Bars or You Must Love Me/ Don’t cry For Me Argentina, great performances.
        Anyway, during the past tours (till 2006) her voice was a 10000 times better

      • Cummbottom

        Agree singing music not of style. Trying fit in, when does. It begin Madonna, didn’t want. Offend nor befriend so called. Anthem or so a joke “LGBTQ__discussed prior. False pursue from many supporters. LGBTQ movement in America myself oppose. Exposing or outing anyone your. Choice if decide acknowledge shining. Rainbow of freedom anyway Madonna. Singing along what happen star exclusive. Style of Madonna problem no hits.

        Madonna you should focus upon. international audience listing to many. No bodies whom going derail. Your career…LGBTQ never been. Influence by so called visual. Efforts of LGBTQ movement were aware. Self awareness many problems ahead. Inquire local LGBTQ center incline. Assist you Madonna at your age. Celebrities reading this
        being with. Donations LGBTQ organizations
        whom eager. Establish solidarity assist us!

  • ava

    omg the grillz are back. open your heart??? my heart started to close after this

  • MAc

    Her Voice was horrrible! It wasn´t good performance :(

  • cooseItNow

    it was fantastic! her voice was great and strong and her outfit looked damn cool. she is really the queen of pop culture. can’t wait for the new album!

  • prayers inside

    her moves are stiff and her voice only sounds good accompanied by the choir

  • Jawan Carson

    I liked it and people who keep on trashing Madonna really just need to shut the hell up!

  • day4night

    she was lovely and understated.

    • Blackout

      Seriously? This is the first time I see you post something positive about her.

  • Reality

    So many hateful comments – Madonna “fans” seem to be the pickiest and bitchiest while the rest of the media reported being “wowed” by the event – I found it amazing and how far the same sex/equality topic has come to be featured so prominently. What better person to include than Madonna…and by the way, get real to those expecting a madonna concert like experience, she simply gave her voice to the cause – excellent.

    • Nicky Prince of Pop

      Gott bless reality.
      liebe grüße

    • ford

      “gave her voice to the cause” indeed. She completely subverted a beloved song of her own to that of a completely insuperior other. Such a disappointment. A star of M’s caliber does not need to suck up to popular fads to that extent. Is this what popular culture has become? Maybe she should have masturbated with a hammer.

  • Frozen

    I can’t believe it, I watched the complete show because I wanted to see
    Madonna and she only sang half of a song. I thought that she was going
    to do something BIG.

    • Nicky Prince of Pop

      oh please, and what are you doing now, b-tching around.
      complaining and drawing negativity. please enjoy and have fun, it was positive performance. have a glass of wein. i wish i can ^^

      i need to go to school after 90min
      blesses and

  • I_Love_Pop


  • Nicky Prince of Pop

    i just love it.
    here i read so demanding comments but about what!
    she have no new album or song to-do.
    and she spry the message of love and equality.

    • Alan

      tbh Nicky I think Madonna has lost her edge a bit and has kind of started to believe her won hype. She still considers herself to be cutting edge which she isn’t. I wish she would just focus on making good music. He has to get rid of Guy Oseary, he only cares about money!

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        when all keep saying that, they believe it after awhile. i think Madonna have good career and she will be back soon to record.

        i hope you can engage your self with happiness and the performance of love and equality.

        enjoy the moment, stop judging.
        if you think only for money, then stop buying.
        simple as that.
        no one see Madonna poor or on the need of money since mid-90s. so your argument is wrong.

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        and Guy O. it is her choice, her life.
        what she choose to-do, is hers.
        her outcomes are up to us to take or leave.

        she as a person is amazing (to me) so i love her and i follow her news and achievements.

  • Alan

    I like it, especially towards the end. Not a fan of Open your Heart.

  • AMadonnaFan

    Yikes… :o

  • Disapproving nana

    lol, “when i was in the 3rd grade I thought I was gay, cuz I could draw…” Congratulations, you’ve all made it embarrassing to be gay.

    • disapproving nana

      Worst Madonna appearance ever?

      • AMadonnaFan

        I think so… I mean, what was the point?

        Yikes… embarrassing

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        yuk is your mind