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Video: Miley ft. Madonna – Don’t Tell Me/We Can’t Stop (MTV Unplugged)

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  • fuc%ers

    why is it that m only attracts ass kissers lately? but hey no wondering here, that’s the kind of people you attract when you make albums such hard candy, mdna …


    m serioulsy has to re-invent herself. new hairstyle, less fillers, new music, a whole new concept in general. otherwise her next album will flop too. some re-hash of her old music, styles and tours won’t do this time.

  • VIT a

    that’s just another awful post-confessions m moment. fan numbers on the decline m, as your last album sales show. be aware of it!

  • cum inside

    the two should do a hot pussy eating video together


    when she released ROL m managed to record music that impressed all kinds of generations of people. that#s the problem with her releases nowadays, she tries to be hip by teaming up with crappy artists, rather than focusing on the quality of her music

  • Andy

    She seems to have fun here. It is a fun performance.
    But I love Madonna standing alone front and centre.

  • Modjo

    Why doesn’t Madonna do au unplugged on her own? She has a huge back catalogue of wonderful songs that can be reinvented very well in an unplugged way!

    • Patrick

      very good point. she needs to go back to being a musical artist. her last couple of albums have been so electronic and dare i say overly-manufactured. she has soul when she wants to have soul.
      so many of her songs would sound great in an “unplugged” format. maybe she’s not keen on singing a whole set live without autotune. i think the last time she really did something like that was with that MTV American Life special which was phenomenal.

    • Frozen

      I agree


      because she can’t sing!!!

  • kyoto

    oh madonna you really surprise us everytime “the shocking girl” has never gone , im glad seeing you on stage and have fun with new artist, i just wonder how many generation ahead will know your name your music , your persona, your legacy, im sure you did it again!!, that younger girl from NYC in 1983 is still living inside of her. thank you for everything and be sure when i have childres , they will know about you. greetings

  • de Sascha

    Really nice & sweet! A lot of these days young stars such as Rihanna, Miley & the likes adore Madonna and want to work with her.
    What happened to Madonna from the 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s…
    Guess what: It’s 2014 ! ! ! Of course she’s not the same anymore… But she’s obviously she’s still sexy(if she chooses that look!)
    It’s easy to say Madonna is over… I’m sure she will haver her lucky number 13 number 1 hit in the united states sooner or later!
    Times have changed and so Madonna(as she always did).

  • You’ll See

    This is terrible. Where is the true Madonna (1982 – 2009)?

    I miss her!!!!

    Madonna has been behaving in a stupid way since 2010. I don’t know what’s wrong with her but she’s not the talented artist she used to be.

    Madonna’s decline (2010 – 2013).
    Let’s see what she does in 2014.

    Madonna is the queen of pop, she’s a legend, she’s a superstar, she’s a diva, she’s an icon.

    Miley Cyrus is a druggie, she’s an idiot, she’s an alcoholic, she’s a clown, she’s like Lady Gaga.

    What’s wrong with Madonna lately? She’s driving her icon status into the ground. I can’t believe it.

    • ava

      she is doing it for purpose, and the purpose is getting a new generation of fans, the youngsters. her crowd from the 80’s and 90’s doesn’t pay the bill anymore

      • lol

        She’s a billionaire.

      • lol

        She’s a billionaire.

      • H

        but she fails to convince her long-time fans, and fails to get the youngsters…

    • Vanessa

      The duet was really okay, much better than the Nicki Minaj and co stuff.

  • E

    Btw Madonna is so hot here!!! She should dress up more often:) But on the other hand it’s nice that she can be relaxed and without make-up aswell… Oh and skip the grillz and the fillers if you wanna look your best!!!

  • E

    I was very skeptical when I heard that Madonna were going to perform with Miley but it actually turned out very well!!! Hope she makes a mature album this time… Don’t tell me is such a great song compared to 4 mins, GGW, gimme all your luvin etc.

    • tryer

      4 minutes is a great song!!!!!!!!

    • Vanessa

      I was suprised too. It was cute.

  • Nicky Prince of Pop

    yyeeehaaa ^^

  • Calin Vaquero

    Bitter bitches are going to hate!!! Just fabulous, love you M!!!!

  • titty

    miley should have crapped m’s tits from behind…

  • Paul


  • imaddicted

    I actually enjoyed it pretty much, but hope M realizes she is much better off alone soon. And does a mature, well produced album.

  • Marcos

    Pretty good! Better than her little grammy performance! M looks amazing! Love it!

  • day4night

    watched it again.. it’s still an embarrassing tonedeaf hot mess

    • Vanessa

      They aren’t in sync, not tonedeaf.

  • Please stop

    that’s like dumb & dumber

    • Tetris

      featuring “dumbest”. that’s you. :)

  • majo

    fantastic :)

  • day4night



    sooo happy! New blood for Madonna!!!!!

  • I tow the line

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ADR

    Love it !!! Love,love, love!