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Billy Joel slams Madonna during concert

Piano Man Billy Joel took a jab at Madonna’s singing skills — or lack thereof — during a concert at Madison Square Garden.
It was the first of his residency shows at the arena, but the 65-year-old singer already had to pull out a spray to help soothe his voice an throat before a song, TMZ reported.
After using the spray he tells the audience, “I saw Madonna use this once.”
“It didn’t help her much,” he continued after a beat.

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  • alex

    I think every singer has limits, things they can’t do. She doesn’t sing many ballads live because she can’t sustain a note for long, however she sings perfectly dance and funk songs like “causing a commotion”, which sounds better live than recorded. But I hate the fact that she has lypsinced sometimes, like whenever she does Vogue. She doesn’t need it, and I love that fluctuation of voice volume because she may be tired, which is not the same as singing out of tune.

  • popdiva

    I think she’s a great singer. maybe not in that common way everybody is looking at. but how could she ever sell so much records if she couldn’t sing and sound well? people love her because her singing reminds them of themselves. most people are just afraid to admit. it became a trend to slam madonna.

  • ph

    her voice was awsome on the evita songtrack there are thousands of singers out there that use ticnolgy to change the way thay sound loke at rihanna beyonce can t sing either at least wit madonna she s a lagen like patti lable says bibmo s who cant sing

  • Don’t Tell Me

    Who is Billy Joel? I’m from Argentina and I have never heard that name.

  • About Face

    It really doesn’t “help him much” to diss another major star. His career must be sagging

  • inside

    if someone cums inside her mouth before a gig, her voice sounds perfect

    • Jami1971

      You’re stupid!!!!

    • fb

      well it makes her happy, so she performs better lol

  • OMG!

    I personally like her voice very much, because I’m not into this
    loud, screaming female voices like adele&co. but nevertheless a
    perfect voice is nothing that matters in the pop scene. pop-music (and
    all sub-genres) lives from good songs, images and cultural impact.

    If someone would like to hear perfect voices than someone should visit the opera – there the perfection of voice and sound is a form of art itself.

    • I tow the line

      you said it!

    • Vanessa

      I cannot stand opera voices, I find them pretentious and extremely gravatating. With Madonna I prefer her more deeper singing.

  • Ron

    Best Female Voice-Madonna
    Best Male Voice- Joe Elliot (Def Leppard)

  • Ron

    Madonna has the best female voice!!! Her voice blows Billy Joel’s out of the water!!!!

  • Frozen

    Madonna sings very well when she wants to.


    I’m a Madonna fan and I work for “Live Nation”.
    Let me tell you that Madonna is going to do a special concert (an intimate one for her fans) in March. She has already put a setlist together:

    1. VOGUE
    2. MUSIC
    5. SORRY
    6. SECRET
    7. YOU’LL SEE
    9. 4 MINUTES
    11. I’M ADDICTED
    12. JUMP
    15. MILES AWAY
    19. DON’T TELL ME
    23. FROZEN
    24. HOW HIGH

  • ScottnNYC

    Just a funny little joke, not a slam. Madonna isn’t the greatest singer but that sure never stopped her from becoming the most successful pop singer in history.

  • de Sascha

    Well, Madonna knows she’s not the greatest singer(quoting from truth or dare 1990) … Nothing new to her and us anyway…

    • Kari Mae

      There’s so many people who aren’t the greatest singers(Gaga, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Janet, Katy Perry, J Lo, etc.) I could go on. Why aren’t the media critics and other stars reminding us about them as much as Maddie?? Because she’s a THREAT to them. Being the best selling female artist is tough. She’s a good singer (not great)like the people I mentioned above. If not she and the others would be a come-and-go artists like Paula Abdul.

      • Datura

        All those you mentioned sing so much better than Madonna that they should not be in this comparison. Especially Cyndi Lauper. The other´s I´d admit are not that good either. Madonna´s voice can be good for some kind of singing. Very limited. And live she just can sing very few songs well. We can accept this and be fans of her. Madonna is not famous because of her singing anyway.

      • Jami1971

        None of them are known for their voices either. Some lip-synch when they dance and use hiccups for whistle register(Michael), some scream and shriek(Cyndi). If you consider that better singing then I must be missing something.

      • About Face

        I think your musical knowledge is “limited”. Please watch more of her live ballads and you’ll know her voice is quite strong. Plus, tell me who sounds perfect singing while their dancing? No one.

      • Vanessa

        She has made some of the best songs and her voice (among other things) make those songs, so I disagree. She isn’t technicality perfect but to me that isn’t what makes a good singer. Madonna should just focus on what works for her, and there are things that work brilliantly for her.

  • castle sand

    It’s a minor jab, perhaps more biting because of her caterwauling, off key performance at the Grammy’s. I respect Madonna going out and singing, but she’s got to do more to make up for it. Not just show up and do back up vocals for Macklemore. She should have sung Open Your Heart acoustically to its own tune.

    • Kari Mae

      Look, we all know she can sound better than that performance or she wouldn’t be famous(foot in pain, out-of-her-range orchestra song). People are negative because of her no nonsense attitude and rebellion. I love how she’s humble about her talents. I don’t get that people throw it in her face. Isn’t that what you do to people who are arrogant about themselves instead?
      Also, Billy Joel is no Luther Vandross or better yet, even Meatloaf can sing circles around him!!!!

  • Jack

    I think it’s quite misleading to say he “slammed” her. That a bit of an over exaggeration. Probably wasn’t very nice to say, but he obviously was joking. It’s funny how some go all out and say some horrible and immature things because of the littlest thing some people say.

  • Marcelo

    C’mon people…he was just telling a sily joke !! Madonna, herself, already admitted she was never a good singer…easy up, folks !!

  • andy gandy

    Billy is just jealous because he never got to be in Madonna’s league. He does not come even close. Madonna has way more recorded songs and live performances that she actually used her voice. How many does billy have?????? perhaps few.
    To me, bill has none. Madison Square Garden?????? That is not Billy at all. Billy should go and find a bar to sing at, maybe hookup with caca and her drunk fans.

    • Maddyfan

      To be fair, Billy has done far more live concerts than Madonna and does sing live all the time. He also has a very huge catalog of music just as Madonna and has been quite successful. In the 70’s and early 80’s he reach a similar peak as Madonna did in the 80’s and 90’s

    • Vanessa

      He was in her league, atleast for a certain segment of the population. He was HUGE.

  • I tow the line

    billy joel and elton john should suck each other’s dicks.

    • ScottnNYC

      Elton wishes!

      • I tow the line

        They are both gross, but not because of their appearances. I like older men and I would totally do elton in the butt, but I think he and billy joel are bitter queens when it comes to madonna. billy joel has criticized her before, when madonna was doing her girlie show. why? they don’t even make the same type of music or the same type of tours.

      • Please

        I don’t think people want to hear about your sexual fantasies.

      • I tow the line

        I know! Specially if they involve billy joel and elton john!!!

    • Kari Mae

      Don’t forget he’s also a lady Gag Gag fan. He posed a picture with her in 2011 at a party for Sting!!

    • madonnamaniac

      Correction.Elton doesn’t have a dick,but a vagina.