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Fight for the right to be free! Fight Fascism and discrimination everywhere! Free Venezuela the Ukraine and all political prisoners in Russia! Free the hypocrisy of Instagram – Free Nipples! #artforfreedom. #revolutionoflove

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  • Andy Gandy

    I didn’t like censor. But recently I have realized that sometimes censor is not much different than editing something for final consumption. The sex book was an arty project and properly close wrapped .
    I don’t mind nude art when it serves a purpose and actually delivers a message. But we have to draw the line somewhere. Not everything should be readily accessible and visible in the public.
    Female breasts are sexy and erotic. But Women are not objects and should not be threated as such. It is nice to look at it at an art exhibition, but when it is displayed left and right everywhere it simply desensitizes it.
    I think the Video for Girl Gone Wild actually says something. It is a great work of art. But come to think about it, it is not for mass consumption and in de hindsight now I understand why It wasn’t played on MTV.

  • Vanessa

    Hot picture.

  • Andy Gandy

    I don’t mind people expressing themselves. I don’t mind people not being on the note, pitch or picture perfect all the time. But I think anybody who says something, about anything should at least make an effort to make some sense. Anyone can do things to make the news. But that is not art nor good political judgment. How about combating bigotry in the USA? How about banning Israel? How about making a clean house on capital hill? How about not pulling back a video like American life from the airplay? How about imposing sanctions on countries like Saudi Arabia instead of helping their dictators? How about allowing people in countries like Syria decide for themselves instead of arming the Aquida rebels in that country simply because US and Isreal don’t like the legitimate Syrian government?
    How about looking at the fact that in the United States many people still don’t have access to proper healthcare or basic education, and affordable housing for poor while in a developing country such as Venezuela they do have that? How about the fact that in the so called land of the free(the usa) the government keeps spying on everybody, while Russia is going the other way by making an effort to increase democratic values and respect human rights while upholding their laws and public order. In the US there are plenty of laws but a lot of disorder. That is why US is far from a functioning democracy.
    So dear Madonna, how can you even have an opinion on something if you don’t know enough about it. You have been a great expressionist musician show girl style Icon. But lately you have almost abounded putting your heart in the music, the worse part of your MDN show was the long and rude political speeches, and style wise you are far less immaculate than you once were. You are not the deep thinking stylish, musical Catholic girl/ woman we fell in love with. You sound like a mouthpiece of OhshitBma and you style is becoming more the cheap Byounce than the Great Madonna. You really have lost me. You have been hanging around the rich and useless for too long. Try some simplicity, go back to you core values. I miss Everybody, Holliday, Papa don’t Preach, True Blue, Like A Prayer, Nothing Really Matters, Yes Who is that Girl, Hung Up,,,,,,, and yes even Hard Candy which you did little to promote on the radio. I love Girl Gone Wild video and Dance single, but I whish that you had released and promoted Love Spent as the first single from your MDNA album.
    Please take some time off from all these shitty activities and come back with a great new album like the great Madonna should. Politics are not your thing. At least not in the current format. You were more political when you delivered them in a subtle way through your lyrics.
    I hate instagram. It tastes like the cheapest fast food.

    • nicky

      So for you is better if she shut up her voice ? and don´t say nothing ? …..Gosh ….. people … wake up !!!

      • andy

        No. I am for freedom of expression, but not for uninformed expressions that make no sense at all.
        I think this time Madonna needs to wake up. There is no need to jump on every silly cause.

    • Vanessa

      Instagram is all sorts of things, not all is the cheapest fast food, and Madonna’s certainly is not.

      A bit of differentiation goes a long way.

  • m

    well, at least these instagram postings are in line with her latest music outputs, ….just cheap

    • andy gandy

      Very true.

    • Artist/Designer

      The image is not cheap at all. If you think that is cheap, then you honestly have no cultural education. That is kinda sad …. especially then wanting to have an opinion.

      Please educate yourself (I went to art and design uni, so don’t give me no speech).

  • edgardo

    Andy, that was a good comment; be careful though, if you speak your mind about the woman who likes to open her legs to express herself, you might get banned from the site.
    Madonna wants to open her legs on instagram, Madonna wants to have a revolution about whatever, when in fact we should have a revolution against her being vulgar, about her cleaning her filthy mouth. She represents the biggest female artist of the US and yet she wears grills, keeps opening her legs, she thinks she is expressing herself “AGAIN” when she actually is embarrassing herself and our country.

    • Andy Gandy

      I saw Madonna as a great Icon, an artist who told the true. Now I think she is becoming just like other artist. She sounds and talks like the state department officials, she looks like Hillary Clinton, Dresses Like Byounce, and lies like Obama.
      I don’t recognize Madonna in Madonna anymore.

    • yomamma

      la loka wetback is alive yet ….. india huarachuda deja ya de molestar !!! but you´re here commenting about who you wish to be … but you´ll never be bitcha !!!

    • Jesus Christ

      You sound like you haven’t evolved from the oral stage. Are people like you for real ? I always think you are trolls …. then I realise people like you really exist.

      Good lawd if you are not a troll, grow the f*ck up already and get out of your South American village for a while !

  • Andy

    Oh God, Madonna stop the nonsense please. Inform yourself politically before you speak. It is easy to shout free, free, free, but the causes of the problems are often hidden and ignored. You can’t change anything if you don’t address the causes. I have known you to be a very smart woman/ artist, but your recent activities about “human rights” are anything but smart. If you talk about Venezuela, Ukraine or Russia, you should first talk about the atrocities as well as instigations that are committed by the US government. You should dare to talk about Israel, and Saudi Arabia too. I have been your fan since day one(your first record) but I am beginning to rethink my standpoints about you being a visionary.
    You talk and express yourself much more thoughtfully through your music. Please go back to the studio and make a Great Record, before even this fan turns your music low and out.
    There are extremists elements in Ukraine, just like in the USA. In the US the government and the police services get on their tails and combat them. But When the governments in other countries do that, countries such as America immediately begin to cry and label them as human rights violations. America has political prisoners on Guantanamo bay too. But I don’t hear you saying anything about that. I am sorry Madonna, you are beginning to sound silly, uninformed and one sided. Or are you saying these things because Guy(an Israeli) has asked you to do so? Is this about getting more airplay from biased media groups which are embedded with the us government and are often run by Jewish-Israel corporations?
    You should really go back to your roots, to your music making art. You were even a better actress than a politician. Does that say something to you? You know almost nothing about the world politics and the US government’s secret projects. Ditch Oshitbama and go back working with people like Nile Rodgers and Patrick Leonard.

    • Marina

      this comment has true. a simple russian woman absolutely agree with it.