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Instagram: Madonna is not sorry

“Yes I support P*ssy Riot. Yes I wear grilz. Yes I believe that Jesus, Muhammed, Moses and Buddha were all prophets! YES! I’m not sorry! I’m not your Bitch don’t hang your sh*t on me. #artforfreedom #revolutionoflove


Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates

    Her next album will be crap as well

    • Artist/Designer

      Even if so (which is questionable), SO many good ones to choose from.

      When will your fave ? ;P

  • popstar drowned

    well, Madonna. At least lyrics from your glory old songs still work today. Lyrics from your latest realeases won’t…

  • AL


    • One of M’s Biggest Fan

      AL and your old bag of negative bullshit, is that you? Have you checked the latest records she’s broken?

      Filthy mouth? “The Kettle Told The Pot”

    • Artist/Designer

      You sound like the boring one here, sweetie. Dry as dog p**p.

  • day4night

    she WAS sorry for #disnigga.. poor Madge, her shock tactics are met with indifference these days

    • Hot

      Yeah, that’s why it was all over Twitter, Daily Mail etc.

      Indifference alright. lmao


    MADONNA, POOR THING! Shock people is no longer working 4 u daaaaling! Miley cirus, grammy weedings, Pussy Riot……. oh! madonna, u r triying 2 hard to shock people, but the truth is that nobody care anymore about you!

    • Hot

      Well, lets HOPE you don’t care about her, people that type like low IQ Neanderthals – aka = you – should really stay FAR AWAY from anything style

      *cringe as f*ck*

      Yikes !

    • Hot

      You sound like a total idiot.

  • One of M’s Biggest Fan

    I never comment on anything, but recently I’ve read so much negativity about M that it makes me wonder who is out there writing all these hateful comments? What kind of sick individuals are they? If you don’t like M just move on! Fans like me who have grown with her since the beginning of her career UNDERSTAND that she is not for everybody and that not everybody gets her point.

    RE: pcik, did you ever like her music, do you get her music? She will still be Madonna (The Greatest Pop Star Ever) regardless of you listening to her music. Your comment is so stupid! It would be like saying “I don’t like Beethoven’s music anymore? Really? Why? Good music is good music, period.

    Ava; She is “Basically telling us” Is that what you want to hear? Are you fucking high?

    Barneyy: Trying to hard? What? She is Madonna for god’s sake!

    Why does everybody have the sudden urgency to comment on everything? Because that makes you relevant, because you are young? Madonna is Madonna – we adore her!

    • ava

      Then go listen to MNDA and Hard Candy dying heart fan!

      • One of M’s Biggest Fans

        I think I shall, I think I shall dear – in fact, I always listen to M’s music. And I repeat myself, her music is not for everybody – either you get it/her or you don’t – and you just move on – simple as that.

        If you want to hear a speed racer on drugs, clothes horse wearing Halloween Costumes, wannabes, or drug addicts… go right ahead, you can do whatever your little heart desires, but please don’t bring your negativity to this site. PEACE!

    • You’re Welcome

      ” but recently I’ve read so much negativity about M that it makes me
      wonder who is out there writing all these hateful comments? What kind of
      sick individuals are they? ”

      I’ve had a look who the types of commenter are, this is what I’ve found to be pretty consistent:

      1. Pubescent girls going on soccermoms
      2. Pubescent boys who need another 10 years to grow up, so one wonders why they are commenting on grown women, when those grown women look at men, not boys
      3. Ugly men who get none
      4. The occasional (sometimes fat) Twenster trying to look like Gwen Stefani

    • You’re Welcome

      If you take time and look through negative comments on twitter, then look at the peoples pages and personal pics, it gives one a lot of good insight.

  • fb

    she looks great, so why would she be sorry…if she loves shiny things she should try some multi-earrings like the cover of bedtimestories…instead of grills

  • One of M’s Biggest Fan

    What is wrong with people? I mean, really.

  • pcik

    And I’m not sorry that I don’t like your music anylonger…

  • M

    YES; I also believe plastic surgery makes me a phrophet

  • de Sascha

    It’s always nice seeing some fierce spirit by Madonna. I hope that will reflect in her new album. Do we have to wait another 3- 4years for a bit of new music. We understand Madonna’s very busy with her projects, children, etc.
    But could Madonna not release a good single every once in a while? Like sountracks, etc.?
    It’s really all about the “good” music she used to do! And less about her art projects or movies…
    If she has time to do all that why not give us some coll experimental singles here & there… It doesn’t need to be a studio album that takes 4 years and hastily produced… Like MDNA…

  • ava

    She is basically telling us that she doesn’t care what we her fans think about her…. then wear the stupid grillz Caesar’s palace is calling you

  • Andy Gandy

    Love you Madonna, even though I don’t agree with you on pussy riots or gay marriage(when the hetro marriages didn’t even last).
    I think you are above nonsense inconsistent and ineffective organisations such as amnesty. I think you need to sometimes look at and discuss the human rights violations in and by the USA.
    I love all of your albums and most to all the songs on them. They are gems. I hope and wait for new record, great videos like papa don’t preach, frozen, nothing really matters, American life, ,,,,
    I like to hear them everywhere on the radio and at the clubs, the way the queen needs should be heard.


    Go to the recording studio and start recording a new album now

  • Barneyy

    She’s trying too hard. Gurl we don’t really care.

    • Original

      We do care.

  • ScottnNYC

    I don’t really think that people generally care about these things. Why does she feel the need to randomly say she’s not sorry? Gorgeous pic, though!

    • Original

      How is it random ? Have you seen how all the mass mainstream Basics are talking about her on different sites ?