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  • laser treatment

    yes, beautiful shot…but her face is so overdone it hurts to watch.

  • armo

    this is not madonna! this is another woman’s face!

  • Roadwork

    Madonna looks amazing! Her gaze reminds me of La Isla Bontia and The Power of Goodbye.

  • Idro

    She has prfctly made a visual resurrection of her beloved artist Ray .Love It

  • Idro

    Sherpa hascisc prfctly made a visual resurrection of is beloved artist Day . Love It .

  • Raggedy Annie

    Yes, she’s beautiful !! I just wish she change her hair like she used to do back in the day…brunette, red head…even the crazy colors she used during her Pipi Longstocking phase…

  • day4night

    she looks like a hypersexual wax figure. And her bathroom is just too tacky.. all that $$$.. why Mo, why?

    • Artist/Designer (uni)

      Tacky ? It’s classical. Gotta love people like you who can’t tell the difference between tacky and classical. Says it all lmao

  • life

    hey m! it#s time to wake up from this dream…

  • Angelino

    She is not madonna anymore she is a plasticonna..i love her bt sry i dnt agree with wat she is doin to her face she ruined it i feel like slappin her maybe she will wake up

  • MelG

    One more lift and she’l have a beard #patsy

  • de Sascha

    She looks ok but her face is a bit puffed…

  • Tede

    is that a mask on her face ??? Please Madonna stop doing whatever you are doing to your face ! be more natural, be you, you are beautiful, you don’t need all that stuff.

    • KNA

      hmm yeah, her face ist becoming weird nowadays with all this fillers. very sad.

  • I got filler galore and more

    dramatic. all those fillers have changed her facial expressions. compare it with past interview videos. nowadays she is barely recognizable

  • Sebastien

    She is STUNNING in this picture !

    • sdr

      I agree. I wonder if everyone looked into a mirror before posting comments about her face. Beauty is within and out. She is both. How about you?

      • A right ole lark

        Look at twitter and those criticizing her. It’s either girls from 12 – 17, (often unattractive and dumb) pubescent boys who women have no interest in and ugly men.