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  • FxMx42

    whats with the drag queen? whoever did this “promo” certainty has no clue about beauty products marketing.

    • Nicky Prince of Pop

      it is only for japan..
      Japaneses are really now weird twisted fuck-minded (for me un-normal) people

      • Cummbottom

        Why so bias? Nicky your Gay, as myself. Those hating LGBTQ liberation call. Us abnormal besides
        your opinion. Regarding popularity Madonna always. Had large Asian market since 80’s honey. Don’t convey self hate when. LGBTQ are harass
        and segregated. America let the rainbow shine!

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        well Japanese are wired and mind-fucked by all the media and the obsession of technology. and they have no interest of sex or for a desire.

        bitte, do not use fucking gay card.
        marketing in Asia, sure.. but not in Japan that after 70 years from now all who left are old and few young to carry them and playing games with themselves alone

      • Cummbottom

        Disdainfulness, on your behalf Nicky your. Self induce bigot, not disputing you. Madonna fully, aware of her foreign market. It’s geographical economic success. Just assuming,first informer. Of LGBTQ rights fully aware of them. Not least up tight with. Delight Nicky, your contradicting your comments. Somewhat liberal instituting indirect. Cultural racism your incline not refine. Judgement this “Queen” not using heritage. Feel superior my actions. Speak with effort Japan society. Traditions “Pop” merchandise sells abundantly enough. Nicky is that someone Asian didn’t. Jack you off? Take anyway have nice day. Madonna perfume was appropriate wouldn’t sell. Main dept stores probably super markets. Being critical with logic Nicky. Running along your bigotry going. To limit you Japan never been dependent society. I’m Nordic we detest some European nations. Only political refuse use this as. Whole Japan going make Madonna. Perfume success, Nicky EU,UK and America is broke. Whom buying
        bank notes okay!. Learn to open your mind. Without being unkind! Rainbow is colorless!

      • aidan morris

        okay calm it down you two. for the record i lived in japan and agreed they are weird. they’re ideologies are different then us north americans and they are obsessed with vapid things.

      • Cummbottom

        Distribution of commercial popular thought. Hasen’t taught Americans lesson of cultural respect. Just neglect the facts, to be exact. Attacking those non western principles. Appropriates “coin” term, ugly American. Now generalizations see America has. False business motives remarks! Offensive I’m not the one to be. Political correct world order has basically. Accepted conformed mechanism__those people. Nationalism always the critical rendering. Of another society from dominate. Perception argument: Japanese are inhuman. Or racist slang “Yellow Monkeys or Dogs”? Asians didn’t force there cultural logical. On world order example. Formerly, nations reverted there national attire! Now to socially, accepted or so? Western expression
        myth “Geisha” biggest lie. From Americans prostitutes always,malevolent
        remarks. Of those inhibited didn’t say. All Americans those ignorant. Of traditions regarding Japan admire there.
        Society abstracting what need to retain.
        Traditions is personal envy you. Can’t dominate or infuriate Asian citizens. Have never gotten there success. Popular culture always racial undertones. Along stereotypes Japanese,Chinese,Koreans and Thai. Only consume rice diet. Oppose Americans obese least to use. Gyms lost the self denial. Of respect for others! Japan didn’t seek to become heterogenous. Nation rather preference
        homogenous! Lies, America is liberal if your. LGBTQ your experiencing segregation admire. Asians whom dominating banking,engineering and
        electronics. Were human refuse endure.
        So called European is right? Danish national were elated by. German and United Kingdom whom invade. Are nation hello! For those utterly,racist. We have self bigotry does. America assist economic blight of Whites. Living up tight not delight eastern Europe! Don’t go there with me majority. Record companies and films,once. Owned by
        Japanese behind the scenes odd. Asian
        Americans still haven’t gotten. Respect
        coming from educated nationalist. Viewing non Whites as inferior? Say, I’m
        bias expecting to visit. Another society as former nation. Laugh speak of Denmark is LEGO’s what ever! Japanese been detested for resistance.
        Imperial exploitations from the west. Denmark and Holland assist Japan during. Isolation period calling them absurd. Names whom economic power Japan! Madonna has always held loyal following! Critical of everyone reverted
        American. Society what ever notice movies. Depicting Russians and Japanese political. Nationalistic themes
        anyhow hope. Your enjoy reading a monologue.. Elated to provide it Pat Suzki (1930). Actress and singer never gotten. Acclaim reason Asian woman EU,UK and Asia. Admire Pat talents along Jack Soo (1917-1979). Whom singer no soul music sign to Motown! With frown whom the clowns? Kiss,Aerosmith and Eagles Icons in Japan. Not there bands rock stations. Don’t accept non White as gender! So don’t say Japanese are inferior! Musical and camera equipment. Whom exclusive manufactures Japanese! Now Koreans behind them hate written. Bigotry these nations accept LGBTQ rights! Conservative there allowing freedom presently. The Teahouse of The August
        Moon (1956) Ann and The King (1999),
        The Geisha Boy (1958),The King and I
        (1956),The Bararian and The Geisha
        (1958) Anna and the King of Siam (1946) and The World of Suzie Wong (1960). There so wrong in adaptions of
        cultures. Stereotypes many believe when visit. Nations movies and bigotry is apparent. Laughing always Asians naive or subversive. Highly unlikely,anyhow
        made my point. Allow the Rainbow to shine. Detest the vulgar remarks not. Of
        majority but self pity. When critics good olde cultured. America there treasonist
        everyone. Unable to see instituted conformed. Lies,Madonna go sell your.
        Perfume donate to LGBTQ cause bye.

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        Thanks for the long Not-understandable Not-straight to the point reply. I am German.
        i go directly to the point:

        -Asia, is great potential and market place. and have an amazing culture. different than mein.

        – Japan especially are wired, according to up to date evidence.. they have no interest in sex or (sexual ads) only some kind of wired Game related or supernatural stuff (i think this why this ad is so confusing and for me nothing sexy or catchy in it) it look like a horror movie great ad.

        – sex for me is great, i do not like with Japanese, i have my type.

        in the final point, do not ever accuse me in nationalism by loving my country.
        YES i love Germany and i am proud. and i am critical of other failure of other confusing to me nation. is it racy then to you SO be it.


    • Cummbottom

      Agree, Madonna did get influenced. Andy Warhol late
      Candi Darling…prefect Ms. Queen. Allure of beauty Ms.
      Work of Body. Exaggerated, cosmetics yes there laughing!