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Nile Rodgers wants to work with Madonna

Exclusive: Nile Rodgers wants to work with his best friend Madonna after revealing he’ll be making more music than ever after beating cancer.

The 61-year-old Chic star wants to team up with Madge again, having previously hit the studio with her on her Like A Virgin album.

‘I adore Madonna. If she ever wants to work, I am totally down,’ he said, adding that she had helped him kick drugs two decades ago.

‘For a gazillion years I have always said she is the hardest-working person I have ever worked with. She is the most dedicated. The most focused and I absolutely adore her.’


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  • Cummbottom

    Besides producing, Madonna’ including. Renowned, songs Diana Ross also. From Michigan yes, befriended the region. As Madonna, hit 1980 Diana title. I’m Coming Out well LGBTQ. Never anthem…of equality many.
    Distorted the lyrics basically admire. Niles acknowledgment, of LGBTQ society. Note: had idea in mind “Balling” culture. Specifically transvestism
    due, scene of NYC. Darling Madonna recommend Niles. Not because LGBTQ respect but. At time in 80’s top producer. Could Niles recapture again? Depends, if youth admires standard. Grooves Madonna, you need
    concept. Teenage theme’ no longer awaiting. Your new title 2014 Ms.Icon

    • Nicky Prince of Pop

      LGBTQ in your ass!!!

      shut up.. i am gay and now i hate LGBT because of you.. what that to-do with this subject your twisted FU-K
      and you try to right smart and NOONE understand you sick…

  • paninaro

    What’s quite apparent by now is that most of us fans are unhappy with her last… several records. Will she listen at last?


    if she puts out a lazy album, hopefully people will boycott her tour…

    • bimbo bongo

      actually that’s a good idea. but i think there are a lot of people out there that unfortunately go to see her anyway, despite her mediocre musical output

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  • isis

    If Madonna wants to be successful, she needs to be a lot more feminine in the next era. Im talking white silky dress, long curly hair, flowers, love letters and tears in her videos. People think she is a bi**h. Which is cool, but it’s not helping her when she is 55 years old. She needs to come across as vulnerable, to make people fall in love with her again. Write lyrics that people can f**king relate to. I wanna see women saying “that song by Madonna, omg I love it, it got me through a lot”. But you know what? None of this will ever happen. What we’ll get is some Avicci bs, MDNA 2. And yes I know she is not my b**ch, and I shouldn’t tell her what to do. But Im not her b**ch either and Im done settling for cheap music from her.

    • imo

      More like a strong woman in a feminine silk dress.

  • 2 million ARTPOP

    hello little old granny queen madonna fans. her new album already has flop written all over it!!!

    • lol

      The Kindergarden Krew has finally arrived, I see

      *sticks lollypop in your mouth*

  • ScottnNYC

    Why not? Nile is still a working and successful producer and Madonna could benefit from someone interested in artistic expression as well as commerce. I agree with others who say that she no longer seems interested in the quality of her music, as opposed to putting something out as an excuse to tour. At any rate, she is an unrivaled legend with nothing left to prove to the world, so I hope she is happy in her real life.


    the reason to throw a new album with weak songs on the market, is to go on tour. there will be a high polished tour, with crap songs, and some greatest hits.

  • isis

    Back in 2012 when she began working on MDNA, Madonna said to one interviewer that all she was doing was just putting her voice on some simple songs, that it doesn’t take much to sell, and that she just wanted to put something out there and tour. So obviously she doesn’t give a… on how her music sounds. At this point in her career she is tired and is not looking forward to anything. Ray of Light and American Life passion is long over. She used to say “I don’t repeat myself”, but the entire MDNA album is a failed copy of her previous work. Some say that people usually only have one peek in their lives when they achieve something truly inspirational and beautiful. Other times no matter how much they try they always fall short. Ray of Light was Madonna’s peek. She had 5 successful singles from that album with amazing videos. Now she really just don’t care. While we sit here in anticipation hoping she will be creative and reinventing, Madonna doesn’t even do her demos anymore. Some one else sings the demos and then all Madonna does is puts her flat, uninspiring voice over it and she’s done. Sorry as much as I hate to admit but Im giving up on current Madonna. She is supposed to release an album in 2014 and she is not even recording anything yet. I bet some girl is working on the demos while Madonna is too busy with GYMs and Pussy Riot.

    • Roadwork

      See ya!

    • fb

      more importantly, would you bother listening to a new album more than a few times, or would you just listen a bit and then just go back to your favourite madonna songs, the problem is that at this point we have so many great songs of many topics and music types that we might not have any interest to absorbe new material so we never apperciate it and we end-up under-rating it.

      • isis

        Not true. I’ve listened to MDNA nonstop to this point since 2012. I like it for what it is, but it falls short in comparison to what is out there. Madonna’s videos are terrible as well. GMAYL is the only video that looked great.

  • dj veronica

    how about dj white shadow?

    • durrrrr

      Doesn’t know how to write songs.

  • songs:

    Like a Granny
    Like a Surgery
    Like a Wrinkle
    Like a Botox

    • marcos

      like a slut would be good follow up to like a virgin

    • fb

      like a gaga

    • kindergarden

      Why don’t you waste time on a Jimmy the Red Engine messageboard ?

  • Love Gold

    nile rodgers & m, two living mummies…

    • Nicky Prince of Pop

      so funny loool

    • lmao

      Two icons, you’re more the living mummy, mate. ha ha
      Generic as f*ck with little to no talent, most likely, eh ?

      Oh how they wish to be you, I bet. :O)

  • hihiha

    m’s next album will be as shitty as mdna, hard candy

    • Vanessa

      Hard Candy was actually quite good. I think the newer Madonna fans are too stiff for such music.

  • melamwo

    Nile Rodgers, in his collaborations with Daft Punk, wins 3 Grammys at the 56th Grammy Awards show, held in Los Angeles on Sunday, January 26, 2014.

    Album of the Year :: Random Access Memories by Daft Punk
    Record of the Year :: Get Lucky by Daft Punk ft Pharrell and Nile Rodgers
    Best Pop Group/Duo Performance :: Get Lucky by Daft Punk ft Pharrell and Nile Rodgers

  • Nicky Prince of Pop

    the Worst bitchy drag queens fans ever are here in this set.
    what is going on1!! how things changed from 2008!! unglaublich Oo

    • Vanessa

      Most likely untalented pubescents from the Entitled Generation.

      Du bist Deutsch, nä ?

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        ich bin DDR kind süsser


    this is not 1984….see you at the ARTPOP Ball Tour

    • L4jo1e

      Gaga will work with RedOne… this is not 2008.

    • madonnamaniac

      Druggie FLOPGA’S Monsters.How delusional

    • madonnamaniac

      I wonder what kind of excuse Flopga’s gonna come up this time,when her parking lots’ tickets remain unsold forever.HASBEEN FLOPGA

    • Cave Folk

      Um. Art Rave. Decades OLD much ?

      l m f a o

      And now she’s even copying the 90’s generations styles l m f a o

      Cute that you’re getting into the blandly REHASHED version DECADES later

      he he he he Dumb as f*ck folk, her fans

      You are so up to date LOL

    • Cave Folk

      “this is not 1984….”

      Do you even know what your ICON rehashes, you dumb f*ck ?


      The audacity and arrogance totally unclued-up people of your generation expose is deeply creepy

  • eat my juicy pussy

    whatever I don’t really care about M’s forthcoming album…

    • Roadwork

      then why do you post the most comments constantly under different names. Go away

  • Artist/Designer

    I would absolutely love this. Used to dance to his music with my mother as a child, she should go back to oldschool. They are the true musicians.

  • Cummbottom

    Retrospective, basically repeating former tempo’s. Besides renowned,producers what actually. Captivates, Madonna audience innovative musical style. Fans, Madonna is majority40% visual artist. Undoubtedly,stereotyped
    admit this getting [monotonous__Ms.Sexy! What is next, besides statement. Been conveyed, time different theme. Other words, Madonna haven’t went,away just. Predictable concepts exaggerated sexual interludes. Gotten into,
    disfavor reason Madonna. Label much as detest this. From critics and media besides independence. Bring something new or fresh. Nile still great producers whom. Doesn’t live in pass funny Like Virgin (1984). Wow 30yrs.ago still popular title. Which Madonna thought going to be. Dismal received
    “title” apparently curious teen. Songs bought acclaim to Madonna. Anyhow,Madonna sexy, encounters consider! Annoying to fans why? Prior you made statement numerous times. Progress Madonna if release trends. Well another failure then label. LIVe NATION going make financial situation. Of the record signing eventually your. Next label be self indi Madonna. Send Mr.Orbit into “space” Grooves are disgrace!


    the only producers I would look forward to is pettibone and mirwais. and still, I know she is better off with a new unknown talent. but since m lost all her ambition, I’m pretty sure she’ll team up with some of her old producers for her new album. and the result will be just as bland as mdna. and for the tour, she seemed really bored with what she does…

    • Artist/Designer

      Nile Rodgers is not safe, he is on a totally different level, a true musician and producer. Absolutely no comparison to what you are talking about.

      Old does not mean bland, nor does it always mean old, in the sense that it isn’t “new”. Furtermore, real musicians are timeless. So again, doesn’t relate to what you say.

      • Cummbottom

        Concur, besides Niles has recording industry. In his “groove” why consecutive hits. Presently, generation is musical situation. Madonna, found out reason loyal fans. Enjoy the discography early selections. Digital groove and bland pop not Madonna. Anyhow if LiVeNation can make multi-platinum status. Patrick Leonard,Stephen Bray and Niles. Going have determination get music. Funky somewhat pop standard Madonna. Going have commit new appeal. No longer sexy siren Madonna. Awaiting new title 2014, Niles is horrible.
        Producer Niles is genius wrote Opera,Jazz and Rock. Besides former leader of defunct “Chic”. Bye

      • :)

        “Awaiting new title 2014, Niles is horrible.
        Producer Niles is genius”

        F*ck off.
        Troll someone else.

      • Cummbottom

        Apparent, your “Jack Ass! Find something? Do me favor wipe my
        ? Okay your remark is meaningless!

  • take risks

    as long as m plays it safe, the outcome of her music will be lukewarm.

  • de Sascha

    Like virgin pt.2 ?…. Na, I don’t think so… However, they should team.up for one new track on her new album. Maybe it’s a blast.
    Madonna used to release new music all the time… Now it’s a matter of lost years… She could if she really wanted to… Shame

    • Artist/Designer

      Dude, get a clue about music. Is that the only work you relate to him ?

      • de Sascha

        Oh gosh dude… U xpect me to answer ure wise question.
        Clueless Chique Freak.

      • lol

        You type like an idiot, “U” “ure”, what is this cheap speak ?

        It’s Chic, and no, I’m not a “Chic Freak”. I just know good music and a good produce, those people are timeless. Which obviously escapes “ure” observation, when you say b*llocks like “Like virgin pt.2 ?….”, get a f*ckin grip.

      • de Sascha

        First of all you don’t get my sarcasm and you can’t say for sure whether I’ve got a clue or not. Since ya usin ya swearing language all the time… Why don’t U piss off and let go U twatty twat

      • de Sascha

        Artist/Designer … So pretentious… You live in Shoreditch

  • isis

    I just saw Katy Perry’s Dark Horse video. That’s something Madonna should have done. Her videos are so not interesting. Her latest two albums sucked. She was amazing at the Halftime Show in 2012. Why can’t she make a video like that: her as some goddess, powerful, strong. She seems so bored with herself… I donno. I think secretly she knows her career is over…

    • de Sascha

      Yes, why can’t Madonna just do that? Shame it takes her years now… It’s like she can’t be bothered anymore to be real good at it

      • Weird

        “Yes, why can’t Madonna just do that?”

        Why should she do a flashy cookiecutter McDonald’s video ?

        You people are just too weird

      • de Sascha

        It’s not about doing another flashy video dude… Just releasing new music in general… It taked her ages now…weird isn’t it…
        And yeah… It would be nice if she was putting out great videos again… but that’s even weirder… Going to Mc D now.

      • ?

        Are you are pubescent ? You sound uncultured and unfunny.

      • de Sascha

        So do you

    • Roadwork

      stop projecting yourself onto Madonna

    • Weird

      “I just saw Katy Perry’s Dark Horse video. That’s something Madonna should have done.”

      Um, a flashy colourful Mcdonald’s video ?

      What are you exactly on ? That is just awkward

  • Roadwork

    That would be freaking Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • like a flop

    hey rodgers! you’re over, just as m. ohhh…two has beens teaming up to produce flop music. the flop-soundtrack of 2014/15

    • Embarrassing

      lol over. He’s a Classic, a milestone, a true musician. You really must have NO clue about music !

      Anyone using “flop” has got to be under 15 anyhow, so it’s evident you wouldn’t have much of a clue/knowledge.

      • madonnamaniac

        Or a fan of FLOPGAS

  • you must be joking

    really? i mean that formula didn’t work out well on mdna. catching up with an old producer of hers, to produce new music…. william orbits output with madonna on mdna is dreadful

    • God, get a clue

      How can you even compare Mdna to Nile Rodgers work ?
      Are you THAT musically uncultured ?
      You know, I think if one has no clue about the work of the people one is criticizing, then one really shouldn’t talk at all. They are completely different producers, so WHY ON EARTH would it equal producing something like Mdna ?
      That’s absolutely not his style of work. God, I hate all this mouthy, entitled unculturedness. Up the f*cking ante with research, knowledge and taste !

      And how does “old producer of hers” instantly equal producing “old music” ?

      Atleast make some f*ckin sense.

      • disco stick

        learn to read! nothing you mention is written in the comment above

      • CONTEXT

        It very well is. If you don’t see that, one wonders about your observational skills. What the f*ck, dude ! It’s clear as a fresh Spring day. *mindboggled*

      • Roadwork

        “God, I hate all this mouthy, entitled unculturedness. Up the f*cking ante with research, knowledge and taste !”

        Exactly! I second that motion. This dude is annoying and ignorant

      • A lot of people have opinions these days and when you scratch the thin surface, they often have no fuckin clue what they are talking about, as in, they have opnions on, say, a singer, and they know next to nothing about the singer, at best, only dumb hearsay etc. There is no quality with such people (until they learn to study what they are actually talking about, so one can take them serious), it’s crazy. And this is all over the net.

  • quitcherbichinn

    Bloody fantastic idea!!