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Pictures: Madonna arriving at HC Toronto

Madonna arriving at the opening of Hard Candy fitness in Toronto (February 11 2014)

Madonna arriving at the opening of Hard Candy fitness in Toronto (February 11 2014)Madonna arriving at the opening of Hard Candy fitness in Toronto (February 11 2014)

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  • Cummbottom

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    founder! Could use as joke or advantage. Madonna your gyms tell us. What
    actually differentiating “Hard Candy” from. Others, notice media not running.
    Top stories reason not bemusing. Article for those incline just. Become members of gyms still doesn’t. Have media sponsor why? Royalties Madonna? Shall your friends get special. Discounts as “Crummy Crew”and
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  • Cummbottom

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  • Cummbottom

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  • james

    i love the dress and the face but i dont like the style of her hair