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Pictures: Madonna at The Great American Songbook event

Madonna attended The Great American Songbook event honoring Bryan Lourd at Alice Tully Hall, New York (February 10 2014)

Madonna with Bryan LourdMadonna with Bryan LourdMadonna with Bryan Lourd

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  • Cummbottom

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  • gh

    madonna i love the way you look here every body talking about how good you look the hair the face amazing but you totally gone wrong at tat hard candy opening the hair was bad

  • erick

    I really love her more natural face,edgy I mean. Those bloody fillers just spoils her face curves and she`s really gorgeous without all that crap.

  • Patrick

    She looks amazing. The all black and all leather is a bit much, but it’s a vast improvement over the Grammys. Leather is being featured in a many shows during fashion week.

  • day4night

    She looks good but her dress is like a halloween costume. She actually still has a Hollywood acting agent..interesting

  • Patrick

    She’s beautiful, but I’m worried she’s still using that cane ! Haven’t her foot injury healed yet ? Or is it just a fashion statement ?

  • ava

    I am sure the grillz were in her purse

  • aron

    Madonna u look great love the face love the hair you look lovely and youthful you get a a

  • Calin Vaquero

    Stunning!!!! Beautiful, que bella!!!

  • I got filler galore and more

    clearly see the chin fillers, and cheeks as well

    • Pera

      So what!

    • tom

      you clearly are a BS moron….that is life

  • S├ębastien

    She looks STUNNING in those pictures ! No grillz, the eye-liner is back and the red lipstick is off. That’s look of her that I love the most !! Absolutely gorgeous !

  • MajG

    Now THATS more like it – she looks fresh and has expression in her face….. Not that embalmed look …..breaks between the fillers babe – =)

  • Barneyy

    SHE LOOKS AMAZING. the fillers have worn off a little :)