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Pictures: Madonna at the HC Toronto Opening

Madonna at the Hard Candy Fitness Opening in Toronto (February 11 2014)

Madonna at the Hard Candy Fitness Opening in Toronto (February 11 2014)Madonna at the Hard Candy Fitness Opening in Toronto (February 11 2014)Madonna at the Hard Candy Fitness Opening in Toronto (February 11 2014)Madonna at the Hard Candy Fitness Opening in Toronto (February 11 2014)Madonna at the Hard Candy Fitness Opening in Toronto (February 11 2014)Madonna at the Hard Candy Fitness Opening in Toronto (February 11 2014)

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
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    look great but the hair is a mess

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    Well, she abandoned the cane, but if you look closely you’re going to notice her left feet is all tied up in bandages, wich means that it may not have improved much…
    Get well soon, my queen !! We love you !!

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    your foot injury made progress