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Pictures: Madonna with NYC Ballet (February 19 2014)

Madonna with JR, Lil Buck and the NYC Ballet (February 19 2014)

Madonna with JR, Lil Buck and the NYC Ballet (February 19 2014)

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  • Cummbottom

    Concept nothing new? Why during early 90’s, proposed Madonna. Modern dance choreography Madonna. Vanity prevented this Madonna never. Donated to dance companies as Prince! Whom wrote song for Joffrey ballet. Martha Graham studio during 1989-1992. Attended performance,they even inquire. Future videos use modern dance. Nothing came about yes Alvin Ailey dance company. Which Madonna audition this
    nothing new. Madonna your getting old innovation find. Concept and sell
    new groove. Or someone going displace with. Dance companies soon!

    • MJ

      You must think your writing is very unique. Seems illiterate to me. Learn how to write before your spit out some criticism.

      • Cummbottom

        Thank you for compliment wasn’t. Belittling nor critical do me favor. Before decide attempt judge me. Purchase a life? Your wasting my time I know. Resentful “JackAss”
        trying pass. Off as something? Lick my Crack!

      • MJ

        Hey… where u located? Lets meet up.

  • Nicky Prince of Pop

    she is back to her root..
    i think the next album will be BOOM Boom.. it will be great (if she have 14tracks “4Ballads” and “5 modern/collaboration Dance-songs” and “6back to basic of Madonna we adore-at 80s/90s).

    • Vanessa

      I think this is a good choice.

  • strike a wrinkle

    strike a pose? that’s long time ago. she lost it…

    • Tall, Hot, Intelligent

      She looks more interesting, than the people in those pics.


  • yoshi

    rehearsals for her next ballet-tour? *LOL*

  • Jeff

    i know she gets a lot of flack for going places not made up all of the time but i have to love that’s she confident enough to do that.

  • EA

    I want her Keith Haring shirt.. LOVE. Anyone know where to get it?