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Video: Madonna 31 Years in 64 Seconds

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  • the rise&fall of a pop queen

    m is becoming the new cher. totally destroying her once characteristic face.

  • john

    Hey, what happens here. Why do you hate her for doing whatever she wants? Hate yourselfs for doing what you do in your ordinary lifes if you want, but stop dishing dirt to Madge whatever she is doing. She is free and we are free! Stop dishing dirt and respect everyone. REVOLUTION OF LOVE!! (Love you Madge unconditionally! Hope you’ll never stop)

    • ScottnNYC

      You’re probably the only person paying attention to that ridiculous revolution of love sh*t.

      • john

        And you’re life probably is just what you talk about.. sh*t.. that’s why you don’t respect others decission about doing whatever they want with their lifes.
        Madge is in her fifties and I find her very beautiful whatever the wrinkles. Because her heart is beautiful, she will always be pure and beautiful.. unconditional LOVE!

  • ed4

    Poor Madonna, instead of behaving like an icon she behaves like a lost person in time. She is destroying all the respect she gained all these years by acting and dressing like a fool.
    She must not have friends, someone who is real with her and make her understand that her role in pop culture is important and wear the crown with dignity and knowledge. She has met so many artistic interesting people all over the world and yet she is wearing grills, plastic surgery that probably she went to Walmart to have it done; she opens her mouth and she sticking out her tongue and she thinks is cool.
    Madonna, you need rehab or therapy, you seem lost and act stupid all the time ; it’s justified in Justin Bieber because he is young but you? you could be of any age and be beautiful,with respect and dignity and just be the QUEEN that you are! take the grills out, behave like a lady , use fashion in a beautiful way and profound language is not necessary to get the world’s attention. Please don’t embarrass your fans anymore, it’s painful to see you like this, you have showed no respect to us the fans.

    • enquiries

      Are you from Turkey or somewhere ?

  • ava

    all smooth until like the last 5 seconds where the puffiness came


    due to her, whatever she does with her face, she has different facial expressions now when on stage or talking in interview. she is like a total diffrent woman now, that has nothing to do with madonna anymore

  • nip & tuck

    the last pic, when the video ends, is quite shocking.

    • One of M’s Biggest Fan

      Oh Dear, how easily shocked you get. Please stay at home, take your medication and write negativity – people killing people, killing animals, bashing people – that’s shocking. What you meant to say was… gee, I am going to write something nasty just to stay relevant on this site and upset people, because I can and because I have nothing more important in my life, no love… I am nobody.

  • rabbitbunny

    That was brilliant!!! Madonna Forever!!!!

  • quitcherbichinn

    Ya know I LOVE Madonna but this…this is disturbing and downright scary in some places…especially the last picture. Watching this you can pretty much watch her facial procedures over the years and some of them are just…not good. LOVE Madonna until the end but please please please stop getting your face stretched and yanked, you are going to look like Joan Rivers in the end…like a cat being squished between 2 bars. Not good.

    • One of M’s Biggest Fan

      That said, does that give me the right to comment on your picture? Will it be ok to say that you three could use some procedures to remove the redness on your faces and a few lap-bands for the extra pounds? And afterwards, will it be ok for people to judge you for doing it?

      Why do you assume it’s alright to write such negativity about other people? Does it make you feel good? It just shows what kind of a person you are.
      I know your family LOVES you, but…. it all comes back right at you – sooner or later anyway.

      • quitcherbichinn

        I don’t have to assume anything. I’m a grown adult who has the same right as anyone else to comment.

        Really? The redness on my face? Yeah that happens when you are out drinking and partying and having fun. Feel free to critique…really don’t care. Yep I gained weight and I’m not a 120 lb anorexic twink and ya know what? I’m THRILLED I’m not! Scrawny anorexic bitches aren’t pretty. You can say whatever you want about me…it has zero bearing upon my life or how I feel about myself.

        Nothing I said about Madonna was bad and it isn’t anything that a million other fans haven’t said before. To say that she doesn’t need all the plastic surgery and that she looks better without it is not putting her down and if you think so then maybe your dime store psychoanalysis attempts should come to a rest.

        It’s sad little lame asses like you that think they are intellectually superior to others that always try to psychoanalyze others online and just come off looking like a dumbass so sir…to you I say…congratulations on winning the idiot of the day award. Come find me and analyze me once you have your medical degree.