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Video: Madonna arriving at Hard Candy Toronto

Thanks to Josh

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  • Cummbottom

    Diva, has arrived Madonna status. Allow the brand to sell Richard Branson.
    Established Virgin Group wow! 44yrs.ago somewhat monopoly of interest.
    Became successful, your venturing. Many industries entertainment,fitness,
    book publishing and marketing. Madonna how about your musical career?
    Your wonder mom, Madonna shall. Hard Candy fitness catch on? Not dance
    trend when mention. To business sources they just. Balk without talk Madonna opening gyms. Allow the brand sell there efforts. Not glam which
    deter potential. Clients eager to sign up Madonna. Awaiting your San Francisco and NYC locations. Exempt from payroll taxes and property? Anyway, continue opening new locations. Gyms represent members not
    exclusively. Madonna concepts or personal vanity. Not baffled the attitude
    media. Going to conspired Madonna,notice. Didn’t make front page either!

  • fb

    hard candy or dry candy?! lol sorry that was a low blow

    • Vanessa

      What a witty one your are.