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Video: Madonna confirms new album, secret collaboration

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    artistically (i am not refering to sales here…), erotica and ray of light are her best albums ever!

  • Ron

    I want a differnt album. A sound that is differnt from what we hear on the radio. ROL, LAP, Music, COADF are unique but I hope Madonna has plenty of new things to say and has found a new sound to inspire generations just like what her early albums and ROL and Music did.

    • :)

      She had better albums than those.

  • L

    well, according to madonna she gets sick from her own music. not only she…

    • Tall Hot Intelligent

      I saw this on twitter, and only dumb people posting it. Spam people. One has to laugh.

      I’m sure she was talking about hearing ones songs over and over again, at some point you need some distance from them, and when you get back to them, you hear them with refreshed ears.

      Glad you belong to the dumb folk. Must be fascinating to be one of the pig ignorant low IQ tw*ts.

  • ?

    I don’t know… Does a new album mean somethingg to be excited or worried about?

  • madOFFa

    if it’s like hard candy or mdna, please no new album…thankx

  • de Sascha

    When? In 2015 or 16? I hope for her she does something new & unique and not rushed.

    • Vit Ea

      unique? madonna? that’s long time ago…

      • de Sascha

        That’s I wrote “I hope”

    • Sticky & Sweet

      2015: New Album + World Tour

      2016: Tour DVD

      2017: New Album + World Tour + Tour DVD + Greatest Hits Collection

      Her contract with Live Nation expires in 2017. It is a 10 years contract (2007 to 2017)

  • urszula

    a new album. as if anybody really cares about it

    • Sticky & Sweet

      I care.
      I can’t wait for it to be released!!!!!!

    • Chicago’s guy

      We care and looking forward to it.. Dou$&Bag..

  • Jeff

    Excited to hear new music. MDNA was actually a solid album but that lead single was horrific. She looks much better here than the Grammy’s and Guy Oseary should be fired for probably talking her into that performance with Miley Cyrus. Lost some respect for her after that. JUST BE MADONNA it’s ok. All of those girls want the career you have but yet you continue to degrade your legacy.

    • Jawan Carson

      I disagree! Her performance with Miley Cyrus got her a bit more respect actually! People understood that she is not that uppity as they thought she was. Also, Milye’s fans began to like her. It was fun and harmless! Chill!

  • rabbitbunny

    It will be another sad, thoughtful and brilliant Masterpiece! More ballads please! Madonna is good when she lets the cry out!!!

  • dan

    People should stop trying to tell/teach Madonna how to create music, look etc. That’s her life. She has always been on top of it and has always done things regardless of what people had to say. Not doing something because that’s not what fans what to listen to/see would just compromise her artistic integrity as she would say. The game is simple: she delivers her music and people are left to like it or not. And if you think she is ruining her legacy, well it’s her legacy not yours so she should be the one sad and crying. She seems very happy, though.

    • michaeldal65

      “She has always been on top of it and has always done things regardless of what people had to say.” Yes its a shame that. Perhaps if she’d listened, MDNA would’ve actually been a great album instead of the patchy effort it was.

  • ScottnNYC

    All good things must come to an end. Madonna’s days as a music innovator are over. What’s worse, she has completely lost her edge, just spinning her wheels and trading on her once-hot career. Did any of us long-time fans think we’d see her at gym openings, puffed-up face and no musical direction? Does she live such an isolated existence that she doesn’t know that her last “secret project” was a total flop and no one is waiting to find out the secret? Her legacy is losing its brilliance and things are looking sad.

    • Nicky Prince of Pop

      very dramatic lol
      you gave me a laugh before i watch WE for my opening valentine… Gott bless you

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        W.E: is amazing movie … wow.. i really did like it.
        a bittersweet 2stories in good tell and vision.

    • Jawan Carson

      Where do you see a puffed-up face? What’s wrong with GYM openings? Obviously it’s being a great success for Madonna as more and more GYMs are opening throughout the world! What do you have against “secret project”? It was very creative and artistic! Just sit down!

  • bossip

    madge you looke great here but that hair style has to go

  • go for it

    as long as she is not willing to take risks, and put in creativity, the next album will be a forgettable one too…

  • EA

    Collaborator as in producer people




    seems like m’s last decades are going to totally suck. a woman that was in tune with her musical output, now musically struggling over the last years. it is shocking and sad to watch

    • ScottnNYC

      Very well-said.

  • hung candy

    not really looking forward to this one…

  • Sticky & Sweet

    She doesn’t need to collaborate with anybody.

    She has to release an album as good as the albums “Ray of light”, “Music” and “Confessions on a dance floor”.

    I don’t want any duet this time, I just want her to sing alone.

    This is an opportunity for her to be number one again and forget about the MDNA era which was the worst era ever.

  • erick

    The last really good album was COADF,afterwards just dissapointments and what about Madge`s collaboration with Drake … Oh C`mon,don`t! I miss her ballads.How long can I be a Madonna fan living with just Ray of light memories?

    • Sticky & Sweet

      I agree with you.

  • gh

    please madge nomore dance ablum madge make tis ablum be your personal ablum yet more ballards and slow love tones

  • Dont abuse ears

    New Album? Really….

  • artis

    hope for good composers in the album, not djs as produsers..i think its time for her to make the difference again. a strong album like ROL or AL.

  • at vit e

    I bet she releases more of this fluffy “not push the button” music stuff, just to play it as the perfect bubble gum soundtrack in her hard candy studios

  • ognaƶdnv

    after her last releases, I’m kind of unimpressed with the statement of a new album coming out

  • baby

    anything m labeled secret over the last month has been extremely lame when released to the public…

  • riame

    The last album I bought was American Life. Afterwards M just went cheap…

    • Sticky & Sweet

      That’s not true. what about the “Confessions” era? It was one of the best eras ever.
      What about the “Sticky & Sweet Tour”? it was one of her best tours ever.

  • Flop

    I don’t wann hear, I don’t wanna know. Collaboration ugghhh….

  • majo

    She looks amazing, cant wait for new album, whatever she choose it will be amazing

  • Jawan Carson

    she is so f**king beautiful!! Damn!! Amazing!! Stunning! She looks better than she did 20 years ago, I swear! She is just so magical! Madonna, I love her so much