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Videos: Madonna’s Speech at Amnesty International Concert

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
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    yeah right….

  • E

    She´s totally awesome!!! Haters always gonna hate… She´s a freedom fighter and a beutiful free spirit person!

  • Andy Gandy

    This whole thing is a bad joke( a one sided, shallow show and tell thing). I love Madonna and respect her gay fans. But this is blind propaganda with no respect for Russian point of view or cultural background. Hoe free is America really? Where does the patriot act come from? don’t people get arrested in America if they stage a protest without prior permission? How many political prisoners remain locked up in Guantanamo bay with having a trial? How often the gays get discriminated everywhere in America beyond that venue?
    Why doesn’t Madonna talk about human rights violations by the US and Israeli government????????????

    • andy

      I meant to say HOW FREE IS AMERICA?

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        i think you are absolutely right.
        there is a but ^^

        – She
        spoke about : America is not perfect and the American not having the
        banning and governmental force against a “freedom of individuality” yet

        Israel, is good marketing and promoting Government… but the fact is,
        they are the worst country and the filthiest people in the planet.
        by her study to Kabbalah been brained washed by her closes Jew-friends
        to her… showing her that the current Israel is a revive and the same
        as the “Holy old Israel” in Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David… and by
        the way the history show how this people kill and destroy in the name of
        religion and Gott..

        anyway (i think Gott have nothing to do with all this or any religion – but this is a big subject now)

        in my end point, i want to say, I like Putin. I am Gay.. i know how
        Russians are, my BF was from Russia… they are difficult. But at least

        – Good timing also before the Olympics.
        anyway Gott bless Madonna… she is good and the cause here is good. and what is good is good.

        Liebe Grüße von Deutschland.

    • Sticky & Sweet

      You’re right. There are two Americas: North America and South America. I’m from Argentina and our president is a dictator. Her name is “Cristina Kirchner” and she’s the worst president we have ever had. We want to get rid of her but it’s very difficult. We are not allowed to say what we think, she controls the media. We can’t vote because she always cheats. It’s a disaster. We want her to die!!!

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