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Instagram: Laughing at haters!

Laughing at all the haters out there who spend their energy trying to limit and label me with their prejudices and fears! Take your evil tongue and eye and turn them into birds that fly! Don’t waste precious time. Spend it on things you love! #rebelheart #artforfreedom


Madonna via Instagram

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  • tantuper

    i think that sometimes shes to sleep only few hour and cant stop to fight… find me one other woman who work , live , love, and cares her family like any other FIND !!!!who hate her for me is in wrong cause she is a wonderful human being LUV madonna

  • Andy

    This is a beautiful picture.
    What do I expect from Madonna?
    A great album, with great videos and singles released with proper and continuous but not over the top promotion strategy.
    Madonna’s biggest contribution to the society= happy, deep, sexy, thought provoking, storytelling records and videos.

  • a

    that name

  • Marianne

    OMG She is human. Why is it so difficult to accept? Of cause she cares, otherwise she would not be who she is. A person who cares and who sometimes makes great lyrics. No body is the same all their life. If you have nothing positive to write – then shut up. At least it could constructive critisism, instead of just hate and bad attitudes.

    • Andy


  • Laughter

    I am trying to push her to do music, not to let her down. If she feels hated than she probably is

    • Pony

      Mdna is only 2 years old, people used to take 10 years between albums. You don’t have to push her to do anything, pretty sure making music is what she WANTS to do naturally.

      So what are you exactly trying to push ?

  • ricardo

    Well if you waste time sending messages like this you might care after all. Go ahead lick the bathroom shower

    • Pony

      Where does it say she doesn’t care ?

  • ricardo

    Actually Madonna , commun society dont care what you think, do or look like. The only fans you have are the homos who cringe when they see acting like a fool but at the end you dont pay my electric bill, my food or anything so i dont really care. i just want a good record with good image , good photography, good appropriate lyrics and hoping you dont open your legs again, you know why? because your record is going to be so good that you will not need that distraccion

    • E

      Ricardo! I guess some people do care since she has 16.5 million likes on Facebook and 1450000 followers on instagram or are all these people homosexual? And why does that matter to you?

    • quitcherbichinn

      You have shown twice now in the same thread that you are ignorant and not a fan. You don’t get what Madonna is about so you should simply move on.

      As far as her only friends being homos….keep spouting your ignorance. Yes I am gay and I have been a fan since day ONE and I will be a fan until the day I drop dead…however you are incorrect that her only fans are gay. Try going to a concert or educating yourself on the fan base before you spout out your ignorance.

    • Pony

      ” The only fans you have are the homos who ”

      Erm, no. I’m female and not gay.

      And what do you mean by “open your legs” ? That sounds utterly idiotic.

    • de Sascha

      Learn to write english first. Homos>?… Absolute rubbish dude

  • 8nt

    looking forward to her next flop album

    • Pony

      Why not listen to the album of hers that sold 30 million ?
      Or all the other gems ?

  • ashkevron

    Very well said, Madonna… such a waste of time and energy to put people down. Love one another.

  • kiss me once

    whatever M…

  • quitcherbichinn

    Ava and Laughter are fools! First…how would she be wrong to stand up for herself against those who try to put her down? Why would that offend you as a fan, Ava? You are an idiot! You aren’t a fan and good riddance to ya!

    Chances are good that there are some lyrics for upcoming music in what she is posting and even if it isn’t from that…MORE POWER TO HER! She has NEVER been shy about speaking her mind.

    Any TRUE fan knows this is what Madonna is and has always been. If you don’t get it and you are offended by what she said then please exist stage left and don’t bother looking back.

    • ricardo

      we dont put her down, she put herself down by opening her legs, by licking the bathroom shower, by wearing grills or talking like someone who has no education even though has been exposed to the best of the world and yet, she acts like a fool. The UNIVERSE has given this woman everything! and yet ,she has no respect for anyone and she calls it expressing herself . it’s getting old and boring with her same profanity used, same vulgarity; she never really re invented herself . I dont hate her and i dont feel bad for her ; I just think she is not relevant anymore and she might be a fading star by her own choice.

      • Pony

        Dude, grills are oldschool hip hop, she comes from that oldschool scene, “opening her legs” is largely artistic and not repressed and village-y, how you come across, and what does “talking like someone who has no education” even MEAN when it comes to her ? You sound like you DON’T KNOW THE CULTURE she is from, you definately sound like from a different culture and don’t understand the contexts from her culture. Certain things you call vulgar and profane also make me think you come from a different culture, somewhere more conservative and backwards.

        And someone who is the blueprint of female pop will ALWAYS be relevant.


  • Laughter

    it’s funny how she pretends she is not reading this, she is not watching that but when it comes to haters she seems to be quite informed. #stickingtokylie

    • Dipaladino

      I don’t remember that she doesn’t read those things. Did she told you? So you know what she does all the time. #OMG

    • de Sascha

      U seem to forget that she was critizised since from the beginning of her career even before the advent of the internet. But tell me how can one avoid so much critizism when one doesn’t live under a rock? How would you avoid the newspapers, the internet, tv or all the people in general?
      When did she pretend not to be aware of her usual critics?
      We’ll see how she fares with her next album? Maybe top or flop?

    • Pony

      Doesn’t come across as if she is pretending, how do you come to that conclusion ?

      And why shouldn’t she be informed ?

      Kylie, you like nasally ? #lmao

    • Pony

      On Twitter she gets a lot of abuse, so maybe she has been aware of “haters” that respond to her tweets or tweet her.

      Fat pubescents, future soccermoms, chavs, bland mousey mean ordinary girls, rowdy arrogant black teenagers who wanna be tupac – who she dated etc.

      It’s quite an interesting study to see what super bland f*cks attack her.

  • Ava

    She is getting really low. Keep laughing M, till the last fan standing. I think I am done with you after 20 years I cannot take it anymore

    • Dipaladino

      I’m glad how you responded her message so fast. Next? #LaughingToo

      • Ava

        yeah… there is one more little thing. laugh doesn’t pay the rent #caesarspalace

      • Dipaladino

        kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…still laughing and you’re still “hating”. #HILARIOUS

      • OOOK lolz

        Because a millionaire, oops, billionaire needs that money ?

    • Pony

      And where is she low ?

    • Pony

      Some fan you are. No balls. boo hoo #bye !