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Instagram: Madonna working with Avicci

Doing some house work before heading to the studio with Avicci!#artforfreedom #clean


Madonna via Instagram

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • rabbitbunny

    There’s still hope yet for Madonna because once again she will cry to herself and amaze us again! She will be loved once more! Go for it Madge!

  • erotic playground

    the show is over say good-bye

  • TD

    how about some real electonic music producer. not that wannabee stuff from avicii

  • m doesn’t dare anymore

    bad taste in music = skrilexx, avicii, solveig etc…

  • Tede

    What can I say about people who judge album/song without even hear it !!! ??? That’s beyond stupidity. Get a life people. Don’t like it, don’t buy, but at least wait till it is recorded and released. Then if you don’t like it go spreading hate elsewhere. It’s not Madonna’s fault that you are ugly and nobody likes you …

  • niveer

    to produce some cheap dance music. seems like ages away when she really had good taste in electronic music and producers…

  • all about who?

    yeah right. duet with shakira, rihanna….oh i forgot pitbull LoL

  • geena

    just listen to avicis song “hey brother” and you know whats gonna be in store for m… dreadfull

    • gggg

      “Hey Brother” is a good song.

  • cumover

    ok. her next album already has flop written all over it

  • don the truth

    m already retired. retirement started 2006

    • The power of goodbye

      2006 was one of the best years for her and for us (her fans). The “Confessions” era was one of the best eras ever: A terrific album, an amazing tour, wonderful songs, a lot of promotion.

  • arrivederci

    aviciciii? she’s just not interested anymore to take risks, and try something new

  • patval

    Whaou !!!!! Avinci so original ! Thanks God she hasn’t chosen Pitbull ! She’s really damaging a career with those tasteless collaborations.

  • Nothing Fails

    Madonna is not the artist she used to be. She was so talented, she was the best, she was the biggest artist on earth!!!! She enjoyed making music, she really liked her job but now it seems that she is fed up with her job and she hates making music now. I think that the only reason why she goes on making music is because she has a contract with Live Nation and she has to fulfill it. I think she is tired and wants to retire. Her contract with Live Nation expires in 2017 and she has to release two more albums and two more tours.

    2015: New Album + World Tour

    2016: World Tour DVD

    2017: New Album + World Tour + World Tour DVD + Greatest Hits Collection

    2018: Retirement

    Honestly I don’t think she will go on another decade.

    • Miles Away

      I agree with you but I think it will be as follows:

      2015: New Album + World Tour

      2016: World Tour DVD

      2017: New Album + World Tour

      2018: World Tour DVD + Greatest Hits Collection + Retirement

  • You’ll See

    I hope her next album is as good as the albums “Ray Of Light” – “Music” and “Confessions On A Dance Floor”.

    I also hope her next tour is as good as the tours “The confessions Tour” and “Sticky & Sweet Tour”….

  • L4jo1e

    she needs to stop those selfies honestly. And Avicci.. come on, I thought she would learn from MDNA..

  • xxx

    shocking news

  • m queen of followers

    whats the name for the album? “confessions from inside the bathroom”?

  • A

    edm is “electronic” music for little kiddies who don’t know it any better…

  • Jason

    I cant wait for the avicii colab. This is a Madonna fan site, why so much hate???

    • michaeldal65

      Its not hate as such. I think its just this group-think/hope by her many, many fans that she’ll get back to being a trailblazer who knew how to source interesting producers and take unexpected new directions with her once fascinating music career. Remember when she used to reinvent herself? Seems so long ago now. Its not to say her last 2 albums were awful as such though HC was certainly more consistent than MDNA while CELEBRATION was finally a waste of time and little more than a plea (and contract-filler) to get some new votes (was I the only to notice that with a few additions, that compilation was IMMACULATE COLLECTION minus Rescue Me all over again?), its simply that she herself seems to have become part of the group-think too. Look at how she keeps collaborating with the latest “IT” kids. She can do it on her own. She’s proven that many times and now is definitely the time to do it again.

      Who finally gives a damn about her Instagram pics or which bloody gym she’s opening this week? The too-many arms of her empire are blindsiding what got it started in the first place. Madonna needs to bounce back in a BIG way on her next album. Everyone knows she rushed the last one. She needs to drop down a gear or two and really take her time with this next one.

  • longtermfan

    is it the divorce that did this?

    • yes

      it is!!!

      • longtermfan

        yes but at some point losing your integrity is not the way to go… honestly the filler and cheek implants need to come out and she needs to make an album about loss or something with a real musician. I really love her but find it really sad to be watching a car crash. Get over the divorce, the young men, the face and be in your body at 55

    • E

      I think 2008 was the hardest year in her whole life and that she will never be the same again after that… She lost her joy for life, the “innocent” joy that you can feel before something really tragic happens…It was just too much for her…
      First the divorce from the love of her life, then the argument with her brother and the release of his book about her+the HC flop+her 50th birthday and her not very sucessful facelift+the pressure from the press. Who can get through all of that without being deeply affected? There were also rumours about awful things that Guy Ritchie had called her… if they where true?
      And in 2009 it continued with the shock that she wasn´t allowed to adopt Mercy(before the retrial)…

  • longtermfan

    I think she has become crazy…. really the face, the music, the pictures, something is deeply wrong

    • paninaro

      I don’t know if it’s a first but it seems we’re all fans of exactly the same opinion these days.

  • Pieter

    no way! c’mon….avicci???
    ok shes now 100% commercial bullshit.

  • kaf

    avicci sounds like some re-hashed electronic music that didn’t make it to the clubs in the 90’s because it was just to bad to be played.

  • paninaro

    Oh fucking no.

  • Isis

    Just as I have predicted. More cheap music. She doesn’t give a…

  • ruth

    avicci = really bad news

  • next album, next flop

    avicci?? LoL gues she didn’t learn from the past….

  • artis

    not really happy.. a popular mainstream dj again? hope the result will justify her. but let’s be possitive, for sure other great and good and edgy musicians will be included. i so want something new, nor just a dance album again. i want to feel all the excitement i felt when ROL and AL went out….

  • cax

    I love Madonna, but what is up with all these shower selfies? It’s funny that she wants to give the impression that she’s spending copious amounts of time and energy in her bathrooms, “strike a pose” ing.

  • day4night

    who’s Avicci?